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We equipped with full set of chicken cages involves the technical field to meet your poultry breeding equipment in Zambia. Chicken breeding cages mesh mainly adopt the technology of electrostatic spraying on the surface of cage mesh.You can find the poultry farming equipment of different chicken breeds in Livi Machinery for your need.

Basic Construction of One Set of Chicken Cage

Then poultry farmers in Zambia poultry farming market should be familiar with the detailed constructions of our battery cages. The support columns are arranged at the bottom of the cage. Probe ports are respectively arranged on both sides of the cage to facilitate the feeding and drinking of the chicken and poultry probes. The poultry manure removal system are installed underneath each set of A type chicken battery cages and H type cages, and the top of the cage is provided with an ultraviolet germicidal lamp, which can kill most of flies in your poultry farming coop.

Chicken battery cages for sale in Zambia with feeding system and egg collection system.

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Modern chicken equipment includes poultry feeding equipment, water supply equipment, chicken coop heating equipment, environmental ventilation equipment, egg collection equipment, chicken waste disposal system, chicken coop’s lighting system. Among them, cages system are the basic equipment, which are necessary for local chicken breeding farmers in Zambia. At present, laying hens are basically caged equipment system, and Livi Machinery’s laying hen cages are mufti-functional, reasonable in design, clean and hygienic. These poultry equipment can greatly facilitate the farmers in Zambia and maximize the interests of farmers.

Our customers in our poultry farming equipment machinery.

Because the design of Livi chicken breeding equipment meets most requirements of the local Zambian poultry farms market, farmers can easily make money with minimal investment cost. You can find chicken cages in Livi Machinery to equip your chicken farms in Zambia.
Based on our huge poultry farming equipment market in Zambia, we have established the Zambia Poultry Equipment Research Group by collecting the experience of our customers using laying birds cages and other chicken breeds of cage system as well as the problems encountered during their use. Livi Machinery can deliver Zambia poultry equipment breeding market to the best service of free installation on-the-spot and fast delivery time.