Affordable chicken battery cage system price in Kenya

Chicken battery cage system price in Kenya

More and more Kenyan farmers are beginning to use poultry farming equipment to raise chickens, and chicken cages have many advantages. It can save farmers space and increase the utilization of the house area. And chickens are used in chicken cages, and the chickens are kept in cages for easy management. However, in the process of breeding, we must pay attention to some problems before we can achieve better results in chicken cages.

The chicken cages of the laying hens are stacked one on another, which can increase the amount of chickens raised by the farmers and reduce the occupation of the floor area. If it is a leased land, it can save a lot of money for the farmers. The bottom layer of the cage is a certain distance from the ground, so there is no need to worry about the chickens touching the surface of the feces, thus reducing the incidence of flock disease.


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The support below the cage adjusts its height from the ground, so the coop can be placed even if the ground is uneven. There are certain gaps between each layer of the cage, which is more conducive to the ventilation of the chickens. The chickens are separated by cage nets, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of mutual pecking.

Now breeding layers, it is popular to use layers cage for raising, feeding density is higher than other ways.So in the layer before opening, breeding should pay attention to the control of density, density should not be too high, each chicken should have about 10 cm slot.

In the feed that is usually fed, the farmer can choose to add 2% eggshell powder and a sufficient amount of vitamin D based on the normal daily food intake of the original laying hen.

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