Good Performance and Automatic Chicken Cage in Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturers

Automatic Chicken Cage Utilization in Poultry Farming Industry

Automatic chicken cage ayatem is conforming to the modern time in poultry rearing industry. In  most poultry farming equipment manufacturers, poultry farmers would like to look after theri chickens carefully, also the automatic chicken cage will undoubtedly have contributed to poultry farming system. By virtue of automatic chicken cage was adopted by poultry farming equipment manufactures, poultry farming industry have developped into a new era when most investors was intend to enter into. Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was equipped with layer cages, layer pullet cages, layer breeder cages, layer growing cages, broiler cages, broiler pullet cages, broiler breeder cages, broiler growing cages, and poultry equipment supplies. For example, poultry equipment supplies contains poultry feeding system, poultry drinking system, poutry climate control system, egg collection system, poultry manure removal system, and poultry management system, which all serve chicken cage automatically and make it a good performance.

automatic chicken cage
chicken cage system

Take Advantage of Automatic Chicken Cage

Let’s take automated chicken cage as example for give you better understanding. First of all, poultry farmers should know that Layer chicken cage feeding system consist of two types, A type and vertical stacked type(also called H type), which is applicable to various kinds of chicken house ( opened type, half-opened type, closed type ). A type chicken cage has features of simple structure, easy operation and good performance, high option of the automatic equipment system, lower input costs and obtain fast, also customer could choose the chicken cage only, cage with semi or high-automatic equipment according to your requirement. H type chicken cage has advantages  of high-automation, high-density, save the land and labor cost effectively , the separation of the chicken shed and people living zone avoids the disease spread, fully automatic manure removing system  decrease the environmental pollution, adding the feeding system of silo and feeding trolley, which is the best choice of the intensive and large scale poultry farm.

automatic chicekn cage

You may be interested in the feeding trolley, also called ladder type automatic feeding machine, which  can transmit materials to the next equipment evenly and continuously, it can regulate the amount of materials. This machine can transmit block, granular and powdered materials from silo to the machine evenly and continuously, and also suitable for the process of automatic batching, quantitative packaging and automatic control. The machine has features of reliable and long life, it can adjust the vibration force and control the flow conveniently in a state of stability and  low noise.Once you use it, you will feel that adjusting performance is good,  such as some outstanding advantages of  no rush, simple structure, reliable operation, convenient installation, light weight, small volume, convenient maintenance , small consumption, smooth operation, convenient maintenance, and save manpower.

automatic chicken cage
ladder type automatic feeding system

With so much advantages of  automatic chicken cage for feeding system, you must be can’t wait for knowing more about those equipment, we welcome you to inquiry us immediatelly and we can give you low cost of chicken cage equipment to meet your needs.