Automatic Chicken Feeder In Poultry Farming Manufactures

Automatic Chicken Feeder For Broilers

automatic chicken feeder
automatic broiler feeder

The good performance of automatic chicken feeder for broilers make the great profits for poultry farmers, and automatic chicken equipment material line, also known as automatic broiler tray feeding system, which is driven by the drive, hopper, feeding pipe, auger, tray, hanging lifting device, anti-plant and material level sensors and other components. The main function of  automatic broiler tray feeding system is to feed the material in the hopper to each tray, to ensure the normal consumption for broilers, and by the level sensor to control the motor transport opening and closing automatically and achieve the purpose of automatic feeding. This can reduce manpower costs and reduce the number of viruses that people bring in and out of their sheds.

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd have the world-class poultry feeding system, and our factory has a variety of specifications for automatic trays for broilers, we can recommend the most suitable broiler feeder according to your breeding situation. There are 14 branches of grilles and six kinds of gears to shift the amount of feed in your convenient. Each of chicken feeder pan can breed fourty-fifty chickens and about 150 kilos in weight. It’s made of PE material. The edge of the feeder pan is tilted to the center of it, hence avoid the waste caused by the feed spilling. Bottom suspension type can be disassembled and flushed easily. The installation mode of the automatic chicken feeder pan on the material tube is divided into two kinds: fixed type and swing type according to your requirement.



automatic chicken feeder
Manual chicken feeder barrel
automatic chicken feeder
different kinds of chicken feeder barrel

Automatic Chicken Feeder Barrel For Pullet

This manual chicken feeder barrel is widely used for free farm, cage farm chicken, duck, birds feeding.  Manual chicken feeder barrel uses a new PP material particles, with the features of compression, anti-fall, anti-aging, non-toxic, tasteless, and also more environmentally-friendly. The design of manual chicken feeder barrel is tower-style, the chassis and the barrel body can be nested together, making transportation very convenient, at the same time, it is also easy to clean, more environmentally friendly and beautiful. We have various specifications of these models for providing poultry farmers multiple-choices, and  Livi can customize it for your needs.

automatic chicken feeder
water nipple

Automatic drip cup nipple drinker is suitable for chicken, hen, duck, goose etc, which can supply clean water from 360 degree, and save water efficiently. We can offer you details of rearing methods. First of all, to ensure the system is functioning normally, enterpreneurs must control the pressure and effluent of the water pipe accurately. Chickens should be guaranteed that both the sufficient amount of water and the water can’t be sprinkled and dripped according to the situation of actual drinking water. Then, adjust the water pipe height in time according to the chicken’s age and environment. At the beginning of 2 days, the height of the nipple should be the same as the eyes’ height of the chicken, while the height of the nipple should be risen on the 3rd day, which can make sure that the chicken can drinkl water at an angle of 45°. Increase the angle of  drinking nipple from the 4th day, and adjust the  height of drinking nipple increasely until the chicks can drink warter normally.