Automatic Feeding System for Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturers

poultry feeding

Introduction of Poultry Feeding System

Feeds tower is a kind of dry powder feed or granular feed storage equipment which is suitable for large scale and medium-sized farms, and it can feed the feeding equipment at the discharging port. Under the condition of keeping hens in good breeding and management environment, the poultry feeding system is very important to the performance of laying hens, so the farmers should choose a good and moddern layer cage manufacturers. Fully automatic cage is now the latest cage equipment and a new type of automation equipment, you can install automatic cleaning feces, pick up eggs and other equipment to achieve integrated feeding.By applying automatic poultry pages equipment in Livi Industry of automatic feeding system, it doesn’t need to require anyone to operate during the feed conveying and feeding process, all the process is totally automatic and easy to operate.

Specifiction and Features of Poultry Feeding System

Chicken feeding tower has three kinds of material: galvanized material, FRP material and carbon steel tower.Feeding tower mainly consists of main body, Flip, ladder, column and other components, the material tower is equipped with cylindrical, the lower cone, which with perspective hole, can see the material position. The material tower has a tonnage of optional 1 to 20t. Feed can be transported through the gantry feeding automatic system in the feeder, and feeding machine with the features of complete automatic feeding farms, safe and rapid feed without quality loss. Different materials and processes of the storage tower have a certain different characteristics and performance  , the storage tower volume size is also different.
poultry farming feeding tower system

The Main Process of Automatic Poultry feeding

The gantry feeding system outside the chicken house transport the feed into feed silos, and then the conveying device transport the feed to the traveling hopper according to the set time. Gantry feeding machine is usually equipped with a-type ladder cages. Support one-machine multiple-row feeding, a hen house is usually equipped with a feeder to meet the normal requirements of automatic feeding.  It adopts remote control switch to make remote control come true and adjust walking speed. The track is made of 3mm×5mm square steel and it’s road wheel is made of No.45 round steel amke sure that feeding evenly, low noise and save energy. Customer can adjust itself according to rearing conditions, effectively improve the efficiency and reduce feed consumption.

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