Automatic Poultry Feeder System Fitted With Poultry Farming Cages

The automatic poultry feeder system contains automatic gantry feeder machine and automatic ladder type feeder machine in Livi Machinery. The automatic gantry feeder machine uses lifting material, hopper and rail hopper, which also greatly improve the productivity of labor and avoid cross-infection and spread of the epidemic viruscaused by manual feeding.

Automatic gantry feeding  machine consist of nine parts: horizontal auger screw conveyor, hopper, control panel, propel machinery ( running gear ), adjustable-speed motor and walking geared motor,  length-ways auger screw conveyor, motor for lifting fodder, frame and disinfection spray system. Each unit of automatic gantry feeder machine can guarantee the normal performance of automatic poultry feeder system. Customer can adjust itself according to breeding conditions, which effectively improve the efficiency and reduce feed consumption.

automatic poultry feeder machine
feeding machine (gantry type) for A type

Automatic ladder type feeder machine can also called automatic feeding trolley system, which is characterized by intensive management and  fully automatic electrostatic spraying process. Automatic ladder type feeding system is designed scientifically, with advantages of reasonable structure, durability, and easy to operate. Farmers can simply press the button on the display panel to complete the feeding operation, keeping down labour costs, centralized control, easy to disease prevention and control, and to extend the chicken laying period.

automatic poultry feeder system
automatic ladder type feeder machine

With the features of a high degree of automation, low noise, even feeding mode and long service life, the automatic poultry feeder system can greatly improve the productivity of chickens and avoid unnecessary waste caused by manual feeding. The automatic laddr type feeder machine is suitable for A-type chicken cages and H-type chicken cages.