Battery Cage Farming in Uganda | Chicken Cages for sale

How to start Your Poultry Framing Business in Uganda?

First of all, you should consider your chicken farms site and program your chicken house shed specification. Then, it is also the most important step for most poultry farmers, that is you should purchase the best and suitable battery cage farming equipment for your farms, which is more and more popular raising commodity chickens production mode for Ugandan’s poultry farms. Last, you should maintain your farms in a suitable poultry farming management according to your chicken battery farms condition in Uganda.

Poultry farming equipment for broiler and layer can satisfy your poultry farms needs.

Now, we would like to introduce some superior equipment of battery cage farming for you in Ugandan’s local poultry business market. The professional and reliance poultry manufacturer – Livi Poultry Equipment Machinery, which has been enjoyed a high prestige in the world for the reason that they can offer you automated poultry battery cage farming according to your specific chicken farms in Uganda.

Exquisite battery cages equipment are in available in reliable poultry farming manufacturer.

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LivI Machinery are able to supply the whole complete of chicken farming equipment of layer battery cage system and commercial broiler battery cage system or broiler floor raising equipment such as automated broiler feeding pan and automated water supply equipment, as well as baby chickens A type and H type of battery cage farming equipment. If you can want to raised your flocks in Uganda of  large scale chicken farms, you can tell me your specific chicken quantities.

For example, our poultry battery cages farming equipment of A type cage are suitable for about 5,000 – 15,000 chicken birds quantity in Uganda poultry farms. And our H type battery cage farming equipment are adopted for about 20,000 – 100,000 chicken birds or even more. Thus, you don’t have to worry about anything for your farms. Because we can give you the specific dimensions of chicken cages for sale and various kinds of useful chicken farming supplies for your farms.

A type layer chicken cages for Uganda poultry farms.

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Welcome to your visit to our poultry farming equipmnet base and once you decide to set up your battery cage farming in Uganda, we will offer you cage installation on-the-spot in Uganda, what’s more, we also accept to customized cage types and dimensions for your farms constructing.