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Battery Poultry Farming Bring Chicken Rearing Good Future

Battery poultry farming for chicken rearing is the common rearing mode for most poultry chicken farming farmers. Battery poultry farming battery hens can produce high productivity for battery eggs, which can promote the prosperity of battery poultry farming industry and economy. In China, Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd have the expertise to provide poultry farmers low cost and high quality hattery cages for layer cages, broiler cages, layer pullet cages, broiler pullet cages, and poultry equipment supplies. We have already exported our cages to more than 30 countries such as Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and Central Asia. Because all of our cages are adopted to International Q235 steel, U-shaped steel bar of cage frame, electrostatic spraying, aluminum-zinc alloy, hot-dip galvanized of anti-corrosion treatment process for skilky appearance of battery cage. Undoubtedly, there is a great deal reasons for poultry farmers to choose battery systems for this lucrative industry. And if you need it, please choose our products for the vast features.

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There are many associated poultry farming supplies improve the performance of battery cages such as poultry feeding system, poultry drinking system, poultry climate control system, poultry manure removal system, poultry management system, and egg collection system, which are all have the advantages of automatic and advanced for saving manpower and increasing efficiency and productivity.

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For instance, feeding system involves the hopper which plays an vital role in the whole feeding system. It was made from galvanized steel sheet with thickness of 2.2 mm. And all the hoppers are fixed on the feeding machine and disperse fodder to the feeding trough equally. Poultry drinking system refers to the nipple drinker system which equipped with advanced filter, pressure regulator, doser and drinker. With the aid of poultry drinking system, a lot of problems will be removed. And Livi also provide virous kinds of nipple drinkers for layer, broiler, and other breeder cages. Notably, Livi nipple drinker can save water more than 75 percent, also because of its raw material, we can promise you the lowest leakage to keep the poultry house dry and reduce the risk of disease infection.  Egg collection system can promise you the quality of our product. Now we have a complete egg collection system and our battery cages are connected to the collection system where the eggs are collected and then dispersed into the egg tray manually. Conveyor belts are made by special material, so we can promise you the lowest rate of breakage. Egg Grading machine is used to classify eggs into different grade according to weight. They mainly comprises  eggs conveying belts, eggs groove, eggs grader and filtrating floor. And egg washing maching Can be fully automatic cleaning with features of  fast, clean, convenient, accurate, and electronic quality grading. Egg washing machine can arrange translucent test egg and spray  detergent  and warm water automatically.