How to Check Your Chicken Cage for Your Poultry Farm?

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery is an experienced poultry farm industry Manufactured with whole poultry cage system that are suitable for your local poultry farms, our poultry farming equipment has been exported to many countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Tanzania,Philippines, Bengal, Somalia and South African contries. We can give you some measures of poultry farming maintenance in your need.

A good chicken farm requires careful and regular inspections of whole poultry farm environment.You should realize the possible issues and solve them as soon as possible. We can provide you good quality poultry equipments and some effective solutions on poultry farm. As we all know, chicken farm should be a pleasant enough place for chickens to grow up. While there are may occur some rats inevitably, and the rats can cause damage for the whole conditions of poultry farm. For example, they may bite or kill baby chicken, steal food and destory poultry equipment, spread disease and disturb chickens. Livi will provide you solutions in the following tips.


  • Keep the internal environment of poultry farm dryYou should keep twice tour in your chicken farm strictly. For example, the hamful gas of ammonia gas and hydrothion gas should be controlled in a safe level.
  • The temperature should be suitable for chickens health. What’s more, with sound ventilation environment,chicken will be alive. On the contrary,chicken will be in low spirits.Especially during the winter,you should keep proper ventilating.
  • You should be careful about chicken faeces whether it is wet with blood.
  •  Appropriate humidity will promote chickens’ health. It is known to all that high humidity is good for  microorganism, while low humidity is bad for chicken respiratory.
  •  Control the the number of dead chickens strictly. For that some dead chicken can be accepted. Under normal condition,dead rate of baby chicken is no more than 0.005%, broiler chicken is no more than 0.01% and layer chicken is no more than 0.03%. If large quantity of death occurs, dead chicken must be dissected and pinpoint the cause.
  •  Layer chicken need replenishing illumination.
  •  Reasonable amount of drinking and feeding for chickens. Chicken cage Feeding should be stable. If feed less and drink more,chicken may be sick.

When you can deal with the above troubles in your poultry farms, you may think about the suitable equipment for your poultry farms. Livi Machinery accept your customized poultry farms plan and we supply you best laying hens and other chicken breeds cage equipment for you.

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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