Chicken Coop Cage for Poultry Chicken Farm

Chicken coop cage in China poultry chicken manufacturing is developing in a rapid way. Farmers choose chicken coop cage should always think carefully before purchasing it. Chicken coop cage in Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd can greatly satisfy poultry farmers needs. Chicken coop cage in Livi Machinery where consists of broiler cages, layer cages, layer pullet cages, broiler pullet cages, layer breeder cages and broiler breeder cages. And all the cages in Livi Machinery also can be devided into types-A type and H-type, which  can improve the housing, land utilization, the lower investment of  chicken coop cage cost and the labor productivity. Combining with the fully automatic  poultry climate control system, poultry drinking system, poultry feeding system, egg collection system, poultry manure removal system and poultry management system in automatic chicken coop cage, Livi can help you to form the intensive feeding and high efficiency management mode.

chicken coop cage
full set chciken coop cage

The structure of Livi chicken cage is reasonable, which directly affects the egg production performance of the chickens. The density of the mesh grid, the strength and elasticity of the bottom net, and the angle of the roll should be reasonable and suitable. The bottom network can also be made of high strength and high elastic quality materials of International Q235 steel to meet the technical requirements. With our good poultry egg collection system, we can guarantee the broken egg rate is less than 1%, low breaking egg rate and low dirty egg rate. Because our egg collection system has the function of preventing fallen and breaken eggs from it, you will always can get the high efficiency for your layer farming. The chicken coop cage is equipped with poultry manure removal system has the features of creating the ideal conditions for chickens growth and saving manpower cost.

chicken coop cage
full complete chicken cage

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