Components for Poultry Farm Equipment For Sale

You can order them on our poultry farm equipment website. Among our regular customers, most are agro-industrial companies and poultry farms. As a poultry farm equipment manufacturer, and so we can keep competitively low prices in consumer markets.

Components for Livi poultry farm equipment for Sale

Our company is the leading manufacturer of  equipment for poultry farms in China! For 20 years, we continuously supply great quality poultry farm equipment for sale to our customers all over the world, and sincerely welcomed guests from different countries to visit our factory in China.

Our products include two sections: poultry battery cage system(in this section for layer cages, broiler cages and baby chickens cages) and automatic poultry equipment supplies(in this section the egg collection system, poultry feeding system,poultry nipple drinking system, manure removal system, etc.) . Generally speaking, our poultry farm equipment for saleincludes all above equipment, but is not limited to. We sell many components for the poultry farm, including nipple drinkers for different breeds of chickens, automatic feeders for broilers, special feeders and drinking bowls for chickens, polypropylene tape for land removal, incubator, cages for growing chickens of the parent flock, lighting for the poultry house and others.

Livi chicken cage equipment are popular in chicken farming equipment.

Automatic Equipment for a Poultry Farm for Sale

You need to look at our automatic poultry farming equipment that will help farmers in many cases, for example, when collecting eggs, dropping litter, feeding and drinking, our automatic equipment for the poultry farm allows not only to save labor, but also save wages of hired workers, although the cost money for these equipment is not small, but compare with the continuous wages of workers, buy equipment for the poultry farm more will be economical.

Poultry farming cages for battey hens are the feature equipment for modern poultry farm.

Attention to dear friends! We often make a discount on our website Poultry farming battery cage equipment. From March19 until the April, if you buy equipment for poultry farming on our website at a discount! In addition, to buy cage equipment is a gift of a set of spare nipple drinkers! For more information please contact us! We are waiting for you among our clients!