Chicken Farming Cages in Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturers

Chicken farming cages are widely used in poultry farm industry, for the reason of its easy management, high density and low mortality. The common capacity of chicken breeding cages are 3 tiers 4 cells 96 birds, 4 tiers 4 cells 128 birds. Chicken farming cages can be divided into A-type and H-type poultry battery cage system. Chicken farming cages usually consists of cage mesh, cage door, trough, sink and dung board. The cage can be divided into three parts, a set of electric heating cage, a set of insulated cage, and four groups of exercise cages. At present, four layers of structure are used widely, which is equipped with stacked cage. In the cage, there is a 10cm space to put in the manure removal board, and the dung plate can be moved, and the manure can be cleaned out every day or every other day.

chicken breeding cages in poultry farming equipment manufacturers
H type 3-tier chicken farming cage

chicken breeding cages in poultry farming equipment manufacturers
chicken farming cage suppliers

There are distinguished features on the automation equipment of chicken farming cages, low input cost and quick gains. Taking many factors into consideration like cost and earning, buyers can choose chicken cages in different configuration including non-automation, semi-automation, and low-level and high configuration automation.The automatic poultry farming battery cage equipment have accessory system such as poultry feeding system, poultry drinking system, poultry climate control system, egg collection system, poultry manure removal system and poultry management system.

Chicken farming cages are one of the most recognized poultry farming equipment in caged chicken farming. Before buying a perfect chicken farming cages for your poultry industry, you can tell us your requirements. Also the cost depends on what equipment with the battery cage of the poultry and the associated poultry accessories equipment.

If you want to know more about our chicken farming cages, please take a look at our poultry farming cages and poultry supplies.


Automatic Poultry Feeder System Fitted With Poultry Farming Cages

The automatic poultry feeder system contains automatic gantry feeder machine and automatic ladder type feeder machine in Livi Machinery. The automatic gantry feeder machine uses lifting material, hopper and rail hopper, which also greatly improve the productivity of labor and avoid cross-infection and spread of the epidemic viruscaused by manual feeding.

Automatic gantry feeding  machine consist of nine parts: horizontal auger screw conveyor, hopper, control panel, propel machinery ( running gear ), adjustable-speed motor and walking geared motor,  length-ways auger screw conveyor, motor for lifting fodder, frame and disinfection spray system. Each unit of automatic gantry feeder machine can guarantee the normal performance of automatic poultry feeder system. Customer can adjust itself according to breeding conditions, which effectively improve the efficiency and reduce feed consumption.

automatic poultry feeder machine
feeding machine (gantry type) for A type

Automatic ladder type feeder machine can also called automatic feeding trolley system, which is characterized by intensive management and  fully automatic electrostatic spraying process. Automatic ladder type feeding system is designed scientifically, with advantages of reasonable structure, durability, and easy to operate. Farmers can simply press the button on the display panel to complete the feeding operation, keeping down labour costs, centralized control, easy to disease prevention and control, and to extend the chicken laying period.

automatic poultry feeder system
automatic ladder type feeder machine

With the features of a high degree of automation, low noise, even feeding mode and long service life, the automatic poultry feeder system can greatly improve the productivity of chickens and avoid unnecessary waste caused by manual feeding. The automatic laddr type feeder machine is suitable for A-type chicken cages and H-type chicken cages.

Hot-dip Galvanized of Battery Chicken Cages For Sale

Three or four levels of battery chicken cages for sale with the advanced metal process technology of hot-dip galvanized plating process. Adopted by Q235 internatioal standard steel cage, white PVC trough, ball valve automatic drinking water equipment, white PVC water pipes, 3MMu galvanized steel shelf, closed-loop regulator.
Advantage of chicken cage mesh: Q235 internatioal standard steel cage is good elasticity, no distortion, life does not sag. Coupled with the perfect double-layer galvanized, so that the cage is not raw embroidered within a few years, the service life of up to 12 years. Scientific cage design, effectively reduce the chicken in the cage of the degree of fatigue and improve egg production. Reasonable spatial layout, so that chicken in the cage accidental fatality has the rate of 0 percent, the egg damage rate can decrease by 0 percent. High quality cages divided into three-tier and four-level chicken cage for sale.

4-tier chicken cage for sale

 Battery Chicken Cage for Sale Specifications:
Three-level chicken cage: 195 * 230 * 156cm
Four-level chicken cage: 195 * 265 * 170cm

Accessories of Poultry Farming quipment Supplies:

1. White PVC trough new PVC material, compression, heat, no distortion, not broken. Life of 15 years. Withstands pressure resistance: Adults can walk freely above them.
2.3MM U-beam Galvanized Shelf: GB 3MM thick steel plate, U shape design. Can withstand 350 kilograms of pressure. With double galvanized, the service life of 15 years.
3. Ball valve automatic drinking water equipment: 360-degree rotation design, flow, water enough. Not leaks. It is easy to meet the chicken’s drinking water needs. Imported stainless steel ball. The useful life of 14 years. 3 years of damage or leakage, free replacement. (Except for man-made damage)
4. White PVC pipe new PVC material, no deformation, high temperature, not easily damaged. Not with the water
Impurities produce chemical reactions, thus ensuring that chickens can drink clean, healthy water. The useful life of 15 years.
5. Enclosed regulator: fully enclosed design, pressure regulator and filter combination, you can adjust any length of the shed pressure.

Advantages of Battery Chicken Cages for sale :

1. Cages can be used for about 15 years
2. Chicken in the growth process without mortality
3. Eggs will not be damaged or fall out of the cage with the application of egg collection system.
4. It can increase the egg production rate.

If you want to know more about chicken cage, please inquiry us!

Cages for Laying Hens in Poultry Farming Equipment Industry

For the sustainable development of laying hen industry, cages for laying hens have been an important factor for laying hens environment. With the improvement of living standards, people’s demand for the consumption of eggs and chickens is getting higher and higher, and no matter the changes for the price of eggs and chickens. Choose a full set of automatic layer battery cages is an  necessity for laying hens in poultry farming equipment industry. Livi Machinery is proud of its poultry battery cage system with many features to meet your requirements.

While there are also have the problems of the increase costs of feedstuff, raw material and labor, shortage of talented poultry equipment workers and technicians. Combined with market and epidemic situation, laying hens are at the edge of margins or losses. Livi Machinery equip with the full autoamtic poultry farming  equipment including of layer cages, broiler cages, layer baby chick cages and broiler baby chick cages as well as poultry accessories equipment. All those poultry equpment can solve the ordinary problems of short working life of cages, manpower waste and large time consumption.

laying hens cages in poultry farming  equipment industry
Complete sets of laying hens cages

Moreover, two types of layer battery cages can bring you more convinence in your need in any situations. For example, A-type layer cages have advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and operation, lower input costs and fast earnings. At the same time, this kind of chicken house has high selectivity for its automatic equipment. According to different demands, you can choose different cages like semi-automatic cage, lower configuration cage or higher configuration chicken layer cage. Customers also could choose the poultry layer cages only for their needs. H-type layer cages for sale has features of high automation and density. This chicken cages could increase the usage of house and land effectively, reduce feeding costs and improve labor productivity. Compared to A type ladder layer chicken cage, the H-type cage has high costs in its device hardware and possesses higher cost benefit ration in the long term.

Cages for laying hens in Livi Poultry Machinery will give you more interests and profit in the long poultry farming period. Please inquiry us for more information of poultry battery cage system.


Baby Chick Farming Equipment–A Perfect Starting Poultry Equipment for Layer Baby Chicken

H-Type Layer Baby Chick Poultry Farming Cage

1. H-type layer baby chick poultry farming equipment also known as stacked nesting cage equipment;

2. Adopting Q235 material production, flexibility, not easy to bend; carbon moderate, better overall performance, strength, plasticity and welding performance are better with;

3. It’s easy to assemble, easy feeding, easy to manage, save space, effectively prevent infectious diseases and improve chicken survival rate.

4. Brood cage cage mesh combination, hot dip galvanized production, cold-rolled steel plate bracket forming galvanized production.

5. H-type layer baby chick poultry farming equipment cage network smooth, prevent chicken injury foot infection. Interlocking network and the bottom of the network encryption, can effectively prevent pecking feathers and egg laying chicken fatigue syndrome. Mesh zinc, improve service life. Unique door reinforcement design, cage door increases, to facilitate a variety of chicken operations. High-density feeding saves land, is conducive to epidemic prevention, reduce the incidence of poultry diseases.

6. Specific design science, chicken easy to eat, anti-corrosion, easy to install.

7. H-type layer baby chick poultry farming equipment investment in the province, the same scale of breeding using cascading farming equipment, feeding density, land conservation, high degree of intensive.

H-type baby chick cage
H-type baby chick cage

A-Type Layer Baby Chick Poultry Farming Cage

1.A-Type Layer Baby Chick Poultry Farming cage mesh combination, hot-dip galvanizing production, cold-rolled steel plate bracket forming galvanized production.

2. Q235 material, flexible, easy bending.

3. Easy to assemble, easy feeding, easy to manage, save space, effectively prevent infectious diseases and improve chicken survival rate.

4. Reduce labor costs, to achieve feeding, feeding, drinking water, cleaning manure, the environment fully automated control, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, saving labor costs.

5. Investment in the province, the same scale of breeding using cascading farming equipment, breeding density, land conservation, high degree of intensive.

6. Ladder-type brood cage equipment mesh size smooth, to prevent chicken injury foot infections. Interlocking network and the bottom of the network encryption, can effectively prevent pecking feathers and egg laying chicken fatigue syndrome. Mesh zinc, improve service life. Unique door reinforcement design, cage door increases, to facilitate a variety of chicken operations. High-density feeding saves land, is conducive to epidemic prevention, reduce the incidence of poultry diseases.



Choose Optimal Poultry Farming Equipment to Start Your Poultry Farming

The application of various types of poultry farming equipment for chicken farming is now a common choice of the chicken industry.The use of poultry farming equipment for raising chickens can improve a lot of work efficiency and effectiveness, save manpower and reduce labor intensity. What types of poultry farming equipment should to be prepared? Livi Machinery can give you some advice.

Learn feeding techniques: the past farming method is different from farming chickens with the modern autoamtic poultry farming equipment. Feeding techniques are very important, and only mastered the scientific and rational feeding techniques in order to be able to raise flocks better, flocks To play good growth and production performance for farmers to improve their efficiency, so whether it is novice farmers or farmers who have just used breeding equipment to raise their own chickens, we must learn about the use of breeding equipment, raising chicken feeding techniques.

Choose optimal poultry farming equipment. There are various types of poultry equipment, and each poultry device can help farmers to complete different jobs. So poultry farmers can choose a reasonable breeding equipment according to their actual situation and needs to in order to improve the efficiency of the farm, Reduce the labor intensity of poultry farmers. There are some necessary poultry farming equipment for you to choose.

poultry farming equipment
poultry farming equipment
  1. Chicken Cages: Chicken cages is now most vital equipment for the farmers to choose especially the poultry battery cages system, which cages using multi-layer cage approach, farmers can increase the number of chickens and chicken house utilization.
  2. Poultry Feeding Equipment: Multi-layer artificial hatching laboriously and cause time-consuming, so many farmers will choose autoamtic poultry feeding equipment.Feeding equipment can     ensure each feeding trough feeding evenly. It is beneficial to keep the flocks uniformity, and can adjust the amount of feeding conveniently.
  3. Poultry manural removal equipment: the use of cleaning equipment to deal with the dung’s house manure, unmanned management can be achieved, automatic dredging time, any time set to   move temporary dung, simple and quick operation, and the chicken dung with manure run to the end of the fall into the manure belt to the truck pulled away, can improve the environment     within the homes to reduce the incidence of disease.
  4. Poultry drinking equipment: drinking water equipment is off a chicken farm essential equipment, because flocks indispensable to the type of drinking water equipment, nipple, cup, tower,       trough several, from water conservation and prevention Bacterial contamination point of view, nipple drinker is the ideal water supply equipment.
  5. Poultry climate control system: Fan wet curtain fan two devices known as the shed ventilation and cooling equipment, as long as it is the use of chicken coop chicken house, ventilation and     cooling this work, have to use fan equipment and wet curtain equipment For mechanical ventilation, good ventilation, and rapid cooling, can create a comfortable environment for chickens.

    poultry farming amchine
    poultry farming amchine

All above poultry farming equipment is available, if you are interested in our poultry farming equipment, please inquiry us in your convenience.

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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Broiler Battery Chicken Cage System Make Poultry Farming Successful

Broiler Battery Chicken Cage‘s Type and Technical Parameter

Livi Machinery give you our broiler battery cage’s detail for you. Broiler battery cages attached to automatic poultry farming battery cage equipment, with many features of automatic, effecttive and convenient for poultry farming industry. Our poultry farming equipment can also solve many problems that you have confronted. We can provide you battery cage of broilers and broiler chicken coop accessories equipment. You can refer to our broiler cage technical parameter in th following.

The specification of broiler battery cage is 1687*1440*422mm. The size of broiler chicken shed is 122M*15.2M*2.86M. And this is three tiers and six columns battery chicken layout. The inerval of each cage column is 661-662mm. Each row can hold 80 broilers, thus 480 sets of broiler chickens will be held in total. The everage works out roundly at 77760 sets. And we equip with feed silo for broiler battery chicken coop and also poultry feeding machicne to match the broiler battery cages. The more complete of poultry equipment you equip, the more higher efficiency of your poultry industry will be.

broiler battery cage make poultry farming successful
drawings of broiler chicken coop and chicken cage

This is very important information for poultry farming enterprise. And poultry farmers should think carefully to decide what types of broiler cages to purchase and how many sets of broilers you will farm. The following is our broiler cages type for you to choose.

Parameters of broiler chicken cage-farming system

Type Model Birds Qty / Door Birds Qty / Set Specification
A-Type 3-Tier 3-Door 7 pcs 126 pcs 1950mm*500mm*400mm
4-Tier 3-Door 7 pcs 168 pcs 1950mm*500mm*400mm
H-Type 3-Tier 2-Door 18 pcs 216 pcs 2000mm*1800mm*450mm
4-Tier 2-Door 19 pcs 304 pcs 2412mm*1600mm*500mm
For example:
Type, Model, Specification Birds Qty/Set Sets/Row Birds Qty/Row Length/Row
A-Type 3-Tier 3-Door
126 pcs 30 Set 3780 pcs 60m
50 Set 6300 pcs 100m
A-Type 4-Tier 3-Door
168 pcs 30 Set 5040 pcs 60m
50 Set 8400 pcs 100m
H-Type 3-Tier 2-Door
216 pcs 30 Set 6480 pcs 60m
50 Set 10800 pcs 100m
H-Type 4-Tier 2-Door
304 pcs 30 Set 9120 pcs 72.5m
45 Set 13680 pcs 108.5m

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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Layer Baby Chick Cages of Layer Poultry Farming Equipment

The purpose of the layer chicken is to laying eggs for the direct merchandises on the poultry market. Enterprisers venture on this lucrative poultry farming enterprise may reap much benefit in the process of farming layer chickens. The layer baby chick cages is the key part for layer growth, thus the pattern of large-scale baby layer cages has rapidly popularized of poultry farming equipment. As an experienced layer poultry farming manufacturer, Livi make our effort to design the layer baby chick cages more effectively and perfectly. All the cages also can be devided into A-Frame layer baby chick cages and H-Frame layer baby chick cages.

battery layer baby chick cage
battery layer baby chick cage

More importantly, you need to know baby chicken farming is the important point of the layer growth, the breeding of layer baby chick chickens is related to the healthy development of the whole industry, thus the farm environment and the health standard is higher till they reach maturity. In view of this factor of different layer chcken farming period of layer needs different cage dimension. We can give you different sizes cages according to your special need. So we believe if you plan your layer baby chick cages according to our advice, and you will gain more interest.

layer baby chick cages
chicken battery cage drawing design

Layer baby chick cages have special design, equiping with dung board that under each floor of cages to avoid dung leak. Also Equipped with suitable supplies for different days of layer chicken to drink: automatic poultry drinking system like nipple drinker hanging cup and water pipe lifting system, both of which can meet the layer baby chick’s drinking needs and plastic bottom net-it’s laid flat on the bottom chicken cage mesh to avoid baby chick drop down in the first ten days.

Livi is professional poultry farming equipment supplier especially in baby chick layer cages, if you have any questions, please tell us quickly.

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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Commercial Poultry Battery Cages Give Poultry Farmers More Profit

Commercial poultry cages consists of layer cages, broiler cages and poultry battery cage system. Commercial poultry battery cage system for sale in Livi will create more poultry farming profit for you poultry farmers if poultry farmers adhere to poultry farming market changes. For example, the battery eggs and broiler meat price have an important impact on your poultry farming equipment investment income. Thus, except for keeping an eye on the battery eggs and broiler meat price, poultry manufacturers should also keep a close watch on your commercial poultry battery cages. Pay close attention to the price of your layer battery cages for sale and battery broiler cage system for sale as well as the lifespan of using these battery cages and the maintenance of your poultry farming battery cages.

commercial poultry battery cage system for sale
poultry battery cage system

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd will provide automatic poultry feeding system for the poultry farming system to make your poultry battery cages a good performance. The poultry feeding system adopt the automatic control system, which can control the feed rate and walking speed of the feeding trolley. The feeding trolley with the the uniform material device can keep feed be sown evenly in the feed trough. Therefore,the poultry feeding system can prevent the waste of feed. Livi industry can help you to provide and design the commercial cost-effective feeding system to match your poultry battery cage system. If you are interested in our automatic poultry feeding system, please inquiry us in your convenient.

commercial poultry farming cages
poultry feeding trolley

Livi  also can provide automatic environment control system in your poultry chicken coop. For the reason that the right climate environment can solve the problems of higher and lower chicken coop temperature. In order to remain high efficiency and great productivity, it is essential to provide the excellent poultry climate control system for your chicken coop. Livi industry will help you to provide after -sale service. If you are interested in our automatic commercial poultry cages system, please inquiry us in your convenient.

Chicken Cages For Sale

Good poultry chicken cages for sale in Livi poultry industry contains poultry business of poultry cage system, layer cages, broiler cages and baby chicken cages of layer pullet cages and broiler pullet cages. The poultry cage system are full of much more types of chicken cages that you can choose any one to fit for your chicken coop. And we have the excellent poultry farming equipment beyond what you have already mastered, because our company have the rich experience in designing your poultry coop raising the quantity of more than 5 thousand and we can also customize the most appropriate cages for layers that produce more eggs and broilers that can make great chicken meat. What we can beyond your imagination are characteristics of chicken cages for sale in our company.

 chicken cage for sale
layer chicken cage for sale

With the best performance of low cost and nearly automatic of our chicken cges for sale, we have deserved the trust and support of our customers from Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and Central Asia. Our chicken cages for sale also have many traits in the following.

  • Chicken cages for sale have the advanced processing technology of poultry cages-electrostatic spraying.
  • Save feed. Feeding layer chickens in the layer cage system have less exercise, less energy consumption, thus reducing fodder waste. The implementation of artificial insemination,it can reduce the proportion of cock breeding
  • Eggs are nearly clean, for the application of automatic egg collection machine.
  • Full set of accessories such as automatic egg-collecting system, automatic poultry feeding system, automatic manure-removing system, climate control system and poultry management system raise the chicken cage performance.
broiler chciekn cage for sale
broiler chciekn cage for sale

Zhengzhou Livi industry can give you good experiense for your poultry farming industry. If you choose us, we would like to give you many designs of poultry chicken farming. Please contact us in your convenient.

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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