Layer Baby Chick Cages of Layer Poultry Farming Equipment

The purpose of the layer chicken is to laying eggs for the direct merchandises on the poultry market. Enterprisers venture on this lucrative poultry farming enterprise may reap much benefit in the process of farming layer chickens. The layer baby chick cages is the key part for layer growth, thus the pattern of large-scale baby layer cages has rapidly popularized of poultry farming equipment. As an experienced layer poultry farming manufacturer, Livi make our effort to design the layer baby chick cages more effectively and perfectly. All the cages also can be devided into A-Frame layer baby chick cages and H-Frame layer baby chick cages.

battery layer baby chick cage
battery layer baby chick cage

More importantly, you need to know baby chicken farming is the important point of the layer growth, the breeding of layer baby chick chickens is related to the healthy development of the whole industry, thus the farm environment and the health standard is higher till they reach maturity. In view of this factor of different layer chcken farming period of layer needs different cage dimension. We can give you different sizes cages according to your special need. So we believe if you plan your layer baby chick cages according to our advice, and you will gain more interest.

layer baby chick cages
chicken battery cage drawing design

Layer baby chick cages have special design, equiping with dung board that under each floor of cages to avoid dung leak. Also Equipped with suitable supplies for different days of layer chicken to drink: automatic poultry drinking system like nipple drinker hanging cup and water pipe lifting system, both of which can meet the layer baby chick’s drinking needs and plastic bottom net-it’s laid flat on the bottom chicken cage mesh to avoid baby chick drop down in the first ten days.

Livi is professional poultry farming equipment supplier especially in baby chick layer cages, if you have any questions, please tell us quickly.

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