Necessary for Nigerian farms-automated egg collection equipment

Automatic egg collection equipment is an indispensable breeding equipment. Especially in the farms where laying hens are raised. Automatic egg collection equipment can collect eggs well. Avoid manual collection. This improves work efficiency and ensures that the egg breakage rate is reduced. Essential for large farms.


The automatic egg collection equipment transports the eggs from the cage net egg trough to the head end of the chicken house through the conveyor belt transmission device or transfers the eggs to the egg storage through the central egg collection system. It has a high degree of automation, saves manpower, and greatly improves labor productivity. With automatic egg picking troughs, high-quality cage nets and egg blocking lines, the rate of broken eggs is greatly reduced, and the phenomenon of broken eggs caused by equipment can be almost eliminated.


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The egg collection system is divided into automatic vertical egg collection series and horizontal egg collection series. Its structure is scientific and reasonable, and the quality is superior. The equipment materials are all high-quality materials, sturdy and durable, and stable in operation. The signs on the distribution box are concise and easy to understand, and the operation is simple. Just start the equipment to start the egg collection operation of the whole chicken house. The egg collection is smooth, the egg breakage rate is extremely low, and the speed of manual egg collection is faster.

It can reduce labor intensity and labor costs. It greatly improves the efficiency of breeding and is an ideal equipment choice for upgrading and upgrading of the layer breeding industry. The egg picker system can be installed in the front section of stepped chicken cages and stacked chicken cages, which greatly improves labor efficiency and saves cost and time.