Poultry Cage Manufacturers of Battery Cages System in Ghana

Livi Machinery poultry cage manufacturer have the ability to provide you great and low cost battery cage system in Ghana poultry farming machine business market, if you are going to raise laying birds with the quantity of 20,000 birds, we are glad to supply you battery cage manufacturer’s advice and the whole battery cage dimensions for you in Ghana. The followings are the specific information.
We have a rich experience on the pro-phase of poultry farming construction, battery cage system and poultry shed planning are also give you as a conference.

Ghana poultry farming industry can raise the chicken quantity for about 20,000 as a conference.

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The Characteristics for Bttery cage system in Ghana Poultry Manufacturer

All battery cage wires supplied by poultry cage manufacturer (including door nets, bottom nets and partition nets) are sprayed in the technology of electrostatic process, and the corrosion resistance is 3-4 times than that of ordinary galvanized spraying process for cage surface in Ghana poultry farming region.
The entire door net in Livi poultry cage manufacturer is a sliding grille that can be easily opened. The roll-in and roll-out of laying birds has become simpler and more humane in Ghana poultry farming business. The bottom net is installed on the tight mesh, which is very flexible, so the quality of the eggs is very high. The flat-shaped egg protection track will make the hen’s egg produce in the trough position, the egg rolling distance is short, almost no broken eggs, it can also prevent the hen from eating eggs. The deep trough with the inner edge can avoid waste of the feed, which reduced to a minimum.
The trough-shaped poultry manure removal conveyor belt will not cause the contamination and avoid falling onto the equipment. This decontamination equipment has the characteristics of automation, so that the chicken house will not cause pollution such as flies due to the chicken manure.

The battery cage wire equipment for sale in Ghana poultry farming industry.

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We can provide Ghana poultry farming equipment the chicken supplies. Battery cage system is equipped with a V-shaped nipple poultry drinker, and each hen can easily reach the drinking nipple and drink water.
Livi poultry cage manufacturer of battery cage system adopt automatic feeding trolley system, which is the most reliable and cost-effective feeding system in the area of Ghana. It delivers the laying birds feed smoothly and without separation to the poultry flocks. This feed machine is galvanized as a whole, making it a longer application life and lower maintenance requirements that are suitable for Ghana market. Moreover, the automatic poultry feeding trolley type loading system saves space and is easy to clean.