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Mainly to be used for farming chickens, poultry battery cage system is the most characteristic product of poultry farming equipment manufacturers in China. Our poultry battery cages system for sale are available to different types like layer battery cages and broiler battery cages with A-type and H-type. Each type with the purpose of poultry chicken meat and poultry battery eggs for delicious food. Livi Industry in China puts quality and service as the most important point to meet our clients’ requirements.

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Features of poultry farming battery cages system:

*A type and H type cages personalize the chickens’ rooms;
*Fully automated system reduces the labor and makes the operation easy;
*Cold & hot galvanized surface treatment makes the anti-corruption performance;
*Welding mesh keeps the air in circulation and makes manure easily to fall;
*Low carbon steel wire makes sure the environmental protection;
*3-6 chickens in one net avoids the infection for the overcrowding;
*Timely after-service solves your various worries.

With advanced poultry battery cage mesh treatment, every series of battery cages are made of galvanized iron sheet and anti-corrosive material. It’s beneficial to make sure durability and safety for poultry farming environment. All kinds of poultry battery cages for sale are available in our own production line according to clients’ requirements. We can also help you to design the cages suitable to your chicken coop because we have rich experiences on poultry chicken farming especially on battery chicken cages for about 25 years for poultry marketing both at home and abroad.

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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