poultry water drinking system

Poultry Drinking System

The Necessary Equipment For Chicken Waterer

Poultry drinking system is one of the most essential equipment equipped with poultry farming battery cages in the whole poultry farming industry, which have advantages of scientific design and convenient operation. Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd produces a series of automatic drinking system in spirit of “customer first” and “creating high efficiency products for our clients”.

poultry water drinking system

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In a complete set of rearing system, poultry drinking system is necessary. Timely water supply influence the quality of the poultry. Our drinking system mainly refers to the nipple drinker system which equipped with advanced filter, pressure regulator, doser and drinker. With the aid of these equipment, a lot of worries will be removed. For example, water supply, quality of the poultry, etc.

Livi provide different kinds of nipple drinkers for layer, broiler, and other breeder cages. With the special design of our R & D team, Livi nipple drinker can save water more than 75 percent, also because of its raw material, we can promise you the lowest leakage to keep the poultry house dry and then to reduce the risk of disease infection.

poultry drinking equipment

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The poultry drinking system in our own production line consists of the filter, the doser, pressure-regulator and drinker with standard level for different kinds of chickens. We have specialized water storage equipment to ensure the enough water for chickens even in the emergency situation. The filter makes water clean all the time and the nipple drinker is very convenient and suitable for chicken’s mouth structure in more and more chicken farms.

poultry drinking system

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Features of poultry drinking system:

1. Fully-equipped system accords with standard of the trend of modernization;
2. Automatic operation is more efficiency to reduce labors and time;
3. The water storage machine ensure the stabilization of water;
4. The filter equipment makes chickens drink safe and clean water;
5. The advanced automatic nipple drinking system with no leakage to keep the poultry house dry, and to reduce the risk of disease infection.

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