Poultry production system in Zambia

What is the direction of the Zambian poultry industry?-Poultry breeding equipment

In Zambia, the meat production rate of factory chicken farming is already very high. In fact, it is not surprising that its meat production rate is as high as 90%. Because almost all parts of the chicken body can be sold except blood and feathers being discarded.


For the commercialized Zambian poultry farms, there are now various development opportunities. The main ones are:

1. Production of deep-processed products, such as semi-cooked meat products and licensed products.

2. Expand broiler breeding facilities to meet the demand for breeding eggs on the African continent.

3. Build a large-scale poultry production base. Provide opportunities for the local poultry industry and neighboring countries to develop export trade.

4. Improve production efficiency, such as feed conversion rate and energy-saving feeding methods.

The realization of the above 4 points requires the help of modern poultry farming equipment. Let’s introduce the advantages of using cage equipment to raise chickens.


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Intensive and large-scale farming can be realized:

Farmers who use closed chicken shed to raise layers and broilers can raise chickens in poultry farming equipment. Centralized breeding, rational use of the chicken coop area, increase the number of chickens, and high land utilization. The growth and production of chickens can be controlled according to chicken standards. The use of modern poultry breeding equipment to raise chickens can realize a large-scale poultry breeding model.

Normal production in extreme environments:

Like the open chicken coop in the past, if it encounters high temperature, high cold, and high humidity, the flock will be severely affected. Because the closed chicken house is controlled by completely man-made conditions, no matter what kind of extreme environment it encounters, it can use the energy consumption for man-made control. Therefore, in extreme environments, normal production can still be organized.

High degree of automation:

Automatic feeding, automatic drinking, automatic manure removal system, etc., and can also use a wet curtain to cool down. Can centrally manage and automatically control the chicken house. Save energy and improve labor productivity. Reduce the cost of artificial feeding and greatly improve the breeding efficiency of farmers.

Effectively prevent infectious diseases:

The chicken does not touch the feces, which can make the chicken grow healthier. Poultry breeding equipment provides a clean and comfortable environment for chicken growth. And the slaughter equipment also greatly reduces the slaughter time. This is the benefit of modern poultry farming equipment.


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