Precautions for purchasing broiler cages in Nigeria

Many Nigerian broiler cages do not know some precautions when purchasing. So how should broiler cages be selected?

The main advantages of broiler cages are: high degree of automation: automatic feeding, drinking water, cleaning manure, wet curtain cooling, centralized management, automatic control, saving energy, improving labor productivity, reducing artificial feeding costs, and greatly improving the breeding of farmers efficient.


broiler farming

2. The chicken flock is well-prevented and effectively prevents infectious diseases: the chicken does not touch the feces, which can make the chicken grow healthier, provide a clean and comfortable growth environment for the chicken, and greatly advance the time of slaughter.

3. Save space and increase the stocking density: the cage density is more than 3 times higher than the flat stocking density.

4. Save farming feed: caged chickens can save a lot of farming feed. The chickens are kept in cages, so the amount of exercise is reduced, the energy consumption is less, and the waste of materials is reduced. Data show that cage breeding can effectively save more than 25% of breeding costs.

5. Rugged and durable: The complete set of caged broiler equipment uses hot-dip galvanizing technology, which is corrosion-resistant and aging-resistant, and its service life can be as long as 15-20 years.

In the daily management of chickens, the flock must be carefully observed. Discover and prevent diseases in time. Strengthen management and reduce economic losses.