Poultry Cage Manufacturers of Battery Cages System in Ghana

Livi Machinery poultry cage manufacturer have the ability to provide you great and low cost battery cage system in Ghana poultry farming machine business market, if you are going to raise laying birds with the quantity of 20,000 birds, we are glad to supply you battery cage manufacturer’s advice and the whole battery cage dimensions for you in Ghana. The followings are the specific information.
We have a rich experience on the pro-phase of poultry farming construction, battery cage system and poultry shed planning are also give you as a conference.

Ghana poultry farming industry can raise the chicken quantity for about 20,000 as a conference.

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The Characteristics for Bttery cage system in Ghana Poultry Manufacturer

All battery cage wires supplied by poultry cage manufacturer (including door nets, bottom nets and partition nets) are sprayed in the technology of electrostatic process, and the corrosion resistance is 3-4 times than that of ordinary galvanized spraying process for cage surface in Ghana poultry farming region.
The entire door net in Livi poultry cage manufacturer is a sliding grille that can be easily opened. The roll-in and roll-out of laying birds has become simpler and more humane in Ghana poultry farming business. The bottom net is installed on the tight mesh, which is very flexible, so the quality of the eggs is very high. The flat-shaped egg protection track will make the hen’s egg produce in the trough position, the egg rolling distance is short, almost no broken eggs, it can also prevent the hen from eating eggs. The deep trough with the inner edge can avoid waste of the feed, which reduced to a minimum.
The trough-shaped poultry manure removal conveyor belt will not cause the contamination and avoid falling onto the equipment. This decontamination equipment has the characteristics of automation, so that the chicken house will not cause pollution such as flies due to the chicken manure.

The battery cage wire equipment for sale in Ghana poultry farming industry.

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We can provide Ghana poultry farming equipment the chicken supplies. Battery cage system is equipped with a V-shaped nipple poultry drinker, and each hen can easily reach the drinking nipple and drink water.
Livi poultry cage manufacturer of battery cage system adopt automatic feeding trolley system, which is the most reliable and cost-effective feeding system in the area of Ghana. It delivers the laying birds feed smoothly and without separation to the poultry flocks. This feed machine is galvanized as a whole, making it a longer application life and lower maintenance requirements that are suitable for Ghana market. Moreover, the automatic poultry feeding trolley type loading system saves space and is easy to clean.

Battery Cage Farming in Uganda | Chicken Cages for sale

How to start Your Poultry Framing Business in Uganda?

First of all, you should consider your chicken farms site and program your chicken house shed specification. Then, it is also the most important step for most poultry farmers, that is you should purchase the best and suitable battery cage farming equipment for your farms, which is more and more popular raising commodity chickens production mode for Ugandan’s poultry farms. Last, you should maintain your farms in a suitable poultry farming management according to your chicken battery farms condition in Uganda.

Poultry farming equipment for broiler and layer can satisfy your poultry farms needs.

Now, we would like to introduce some superior equipment of battery cage farming for you in Ugandan’s local poultry business market. The professional and reliance poultry manufacturer – Livi Poultry Equipment Machinery, which has been enjoyed a high prestige in the world for the reason that they can offer you automated poultry battery cage farming according to your specific chicken farms in Uganda.

Exquisite battery cages equipment are in available in reliable poultry farming manufacturer.

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LivI Machinery are able to supply the whole complete of chicken farming equipment of layer battery cage system and commercial broiler battery cage system or broiler floor raising equipment such as automated broiler feeding pan and automated water supply equipment, as well as baby chickens A type and H type of battery cage farming equipment. If you can want to raised your flocks in Uganda of  large scale chicken farms, you can tell me your specific chicken quantities.

For example, our poultry battery cages farming equipment of A type cage are suitable for about 5,000 – 15,000 chicken birds quantity in Uganda poultry farms. And our H type battery cage farming equipment are adopted for about 20,000 – 100,000 chicken birds or even more. Thus, you don’t have to worry about anything for your farms. Because we can give you the specific dimensions of chicken cages for sale and various kinds of useful chicken farming supplies for your farms.

A type layer chicken cages for Uganda poultry farms.

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Welcome to your visit to our poultry farming equipmnet base and once you decide to set up your battery cage farming in Uganda, we will offer you cage installation on-the-spot in Uganda, what’s more, we also accept to customized cage types and dimensions for your farms constructing.

Components for Poultry Farm Equipment For Sale

You can order them on our poultry farm equipment website. Among our regular customers, most are agro-industrial companies and poultry farms. As a poultry farm equipment manufacturer, and so we can keep competitively low prices in consumer markets.

Components for Livi poultry farm equipment for Sale

Our company is the leading manufacturer of  equipment for poultry farms in China! For 20 years, we continuously supply great quality poultry farm equipment for sale to our customers all over the world, and sincerely welcomed guests from different countries to visit our factory in China.

Our products include two sections: poultry battery cage system(in this section for layer cages, broiler cages and baby chickens cages) and automatic poultry equipment supplies(in this section the egg collection system, poultry feeding system,poultry nipple drinking system, manure removal system, etc.) . Generally speaking, our poultry farm equipment for saleincludes all above equipment, but is not limited to. We sell many components for the poultry farm, including nipple drinkers for different breeds of chickens, automatic feeders for broilers, special feeders and drinking bowls for chickens, polypropylene tape for land removal, incubator, cages for growing chickens of the parent flock, lighting for the poultry house and others.

Livi chicken cage equipment are popular in chicken farming equipment.

Automatic Equipment for a Poultry Farm for Sale

You need to look at our automatic poultry farming equipment that will help farmers in many cases, for example, when collecting eggs, dropping litter, feeding and drinking, our automatic equipment for the poultry farm allows not only to save labor, but also save wages of hired workers, although the cost money for these equipment is not small, but compare with the continuous wages of workers, buy equipment for the poultry farm more will be economical.

Poultry farming cages for battey hens are the feature equipment for modern poultry farm.

Attention to dear friends! We often make a discount on our website Poultry farming battery cage equipment. From March19 until the April, if you buy equipment for poultry farming on our website at a discount! In addition, to buy cage equipment is a gift of a set of spare nipple drinkers! For more information please contact us! We are waiting for you among our clients!

Caged Chicken Farms in Cage System for Poultry

Caged chicken farms in poultry caged systems is considered as meeting the requirements of the modern poultry farming times. Caged chicken farms can increase the poultry farming manufacturers’ development. Poultry farmers may also be conscious about the advanced and automatic caged chicken farms, which is more necessary for battery chicken cage farming mode. Livi Machinery can provide you the best battery chicken cage farming equipment for poultry farmers.

caged chicken farms
good chiken cages

The A type chicken cages and H-type battery chicken cages with scientific design, solid structure and simple installation are very popular with open house in tropics countries in Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia. While the H type chicken cage system is more popular with closed house in South America, CIS countries, and China (Mainland). The layer cages and broiler cages as well as the layer baby chicken cages and broiler baby chicken cages can meet most poultry farmers’ requirements. And for the specific requirements of poultry farmers of our customers, we can also customize the chicken cages for meeting the caged chicken farms.

The battery chicken cages in Livi Machinery will Refurbish the ordinary and normal chicken cages in caged chicken farms. For the reason that poultry farming equipment in our industry can really get the best reputation from our customers. And our chicken cages can also be low cost and automatic. Zhengzhou Livi Machinery takes the “producing the highly efficient poultry equipment and excellent service” as our development center principle in the spirit of “seeking truth from fact” since it was established in 1989.

caged chicken farms
Pullet chicken cage

Now our factory’s output more than 50 million sets annually of the caged chiken farms equipment quantity and we have completed many successful huge projects around the world. Our company develops environment friendly poultry equipment used non polluting metal surface treatment technology which is the preferred equipment for large caged chiken farms in domestic at present.

Therefore, if you want to increase your poultry farming equipment performance of your caged chiken farms, please inquiry us and let’s be partners.

Chicken Equipment and Supplies in Poultry Farming Battery Cage System

Chicken Cage Equipment for Poultry Farming

Chicken equipment and supplies for poultry farming cage system is very important for poultry farmers, especially for the maintenance of chicken cages. As poultry farmers to know that the cheaper feed cost allowing poultry farmers to rake in huge profits. The chicken equipment and supplies may be the main large investment on chicken supplies. Chicken prices have also soared, with broiler prices ranging between $ 2.58-$ 1.87 per kilo though they have slackened to around $ 1.40.  Therefore, choose the low cost and modern automatic chicken cage equipment seem to be very essential. Livi Machinery also fitted with the chicken equipment in poultry farming battery cage system, which have been recognized by the customers from most countries.

We believe we have the best quality and advanced technology for the whole set of poultry farming battery cage system. A-type and H-type battery cages can bring you multiple poultry farming mode which was suitable for modern poultry breeding.

chicken equipment and supplies
poultry farming battery cage system

Chicken Supplies in Poultry Farming Battery Cage System

The chicken supplies is as important as chicken cage equipment for poultry farm. Chicken equipment and supplies in Livi Machinery have the good reputation for our customers. They choose us not only for our perfect chicken equipment and supplies, but also for our continuing after-service as well as exact customization service. For instance, we can customize the specific chicken equipment and supplies, for we have 60 senior experts, engineers, technicians of the technical development team, for the purpose of meeting the special requirements of customers products. Our chicken equipment and supplies are also characterized by hard-wearing and never go out of style. Our outstanding chicken supplies is poultry feeding system.

Excellent chicken equipent and poultry equipment supplies can match up to poultry farming battery cage equipment. And also help to increase poultry farming industry’s profit.

chicken equipment and supplies
chicken feeding supplies

New Types of Chicken Shed Design For Poultry Farming Equipment Farmers

How to build the new chicken shed planning? Many chicken shed are very old and small in size, resulting in a high density of chickens and frequent outbreaks of disease. Therefore, building a new type of chicken shed is both economical and practical and can well solve the problems in some farms. Livi Machicnery is a professional poultry farming equipment industry and we have rich experience on various kinds of battery poultry farming cages as well as the chicken shed construction design. And the common chicken shed design consists of laying hens chicken coop design and broiler chicken shed design with good broiler battery cage system. The following will provide you the new types of modern chicken shed and features.

new types of chicken design
chicken battery cage in chicken shed

Farmers should consider the factors of topography, traffic, water and the power supply. The topography of chicken shed should be flat terrain and with good ventilation. The traffic should be conducive to the transportation of chicken equipment and feed. Poultry farmers should know that water is the basic elements of chicken survival, not only to ensure good water quality, but also to ensure the sufficient water supply. The power must be ensured safe and  smooth in order to avoid the loss caused by a sudden power outages, and farmer should know that the best battery chicken farming equipment can bring to many convience for the emergency condition.

new types of chicken design
chicken farming equipment in chicken shed

How much of building a large area of the chicken shed depends on the numbers of raising chickens, for example, if the breeding capacity of 6000 ~ 9000 feathers, then chicken shed area may be around 750 square meters. There are many kinds of materials for building chicken shed, which are of different materials and different prices. Therefore, there are two types of chicken sheds.

new types of chicken design
chicken shed airscape

1, The economic chicken shed

In the construction of economic chicken shed, the main framework include bamboo, with brick walls, windows, cement floor (the bottom layer of nylon cloth, pouring 3 ~ 5cm cement). The roof from the inside out are nylon cloth, straw (3 ~ 4cm), asbestos (or felt).

2, The simple chicken shed

In the construction of simple chicken shed, applying bamboo frame, soil, nylon cloth or shading for the wall, the roof from the inside out were nylon cloth, straw and shade net (or nylon cloth).

If you have any questions, please inquiry us in your convience.

Suggestions on the Types of Chicken Coop Construction

The construction of the chicken coop relates to the chicken breeding work behind. The scientific and reasonable chicken coop can play the important role of improving breeding work efficiently and conveniently. Therefore, when building the chicken coop, we should consider the types of chicken that we breed, and then take into account the chicken house ventilation of poultry climate control system, poultry manural removal system, poultry feeding system and poultry drinking system in Livi Machinery. There are seval suggestions on thr types of chicken coop contruction due to chicken farm system of chicken coop as follows.

  • Ordinary chicken coop with windows

    There are windows in the henhouse, windows can be used for natural light and natural ventilation to save the production cost. Generally, no mechanical ventilation is used, and the use of brick-wood structure is more. The building form is basically the same as the bungalow of common civil buildings. To the windows and roof ventilation cap, the universe before and after the symmetry. Consider the cold insulation, north of the chicken coop north window is generally smaller than the South.

    This artisanal building T Art is simple, medium cost, environmental control efficiency in general, the implementation of people Ah control light, it is difficult to make the light time shorter. Complete disinfection more difficult, suitable for small-scale professional use.

    types of chicken coop contructions
    Ordinary chicken coop with windows
  • Open chicken coop frame structure

    Only with the roof, around (or front and rear side walls) is open, the installation of roller blinds, winter put down (or put on) roller blinds to semi-enclosed shelter from the wind, the other season, Housing temperature, weatherproof.

    This chicken coop construction process is simple, low cost, easy to clean and disinfect, you can control the environment to a certain extent (in the case of cold to strengthen the confinement). The implementation of manual control of light, it is difficult to control the light time. Open chicken suitable climate more temperate areas and more hot areas.

    types of chicken coop contructions
    Open chicken coop frame structure
  • Enclosed chicken coop also called windowless chicken coop

    This kind of hen house can be manually controlled chicken coop environment, which will help create the best environment for chicken growth and production. Can be high-density feeding, the use of energy consumption, water, electricity, equipment, dependence, once the power shortage, the consequences could be disastrous. This chicken is suitable for all climatic conditions. From the perspective of sustainable development that is conducive to the production of laying hens, fully enclosed house is the focus of promotion in the future. This house, although more expensive to operate and produce than an open house, has a high level of production. Egg quality is high, raising the economic benefits than the open house, worth promoting.

    types of chicken coop contructions
    enclosed chicken coop

    Those three types of chicken coop construction have their own advantages, such as ordinary chicken coop is suitable for breeding hens, and open chicken coop is suitable for breeding chicken, enclosed chicken coop is suitable for battery cage chicken farming, so you can choose a chicken coop constructions based on your own breeding category.

Poultry Battery Chicken Equipment–One-Stop Chicken Equipment Program

Chickens on commercial should be farmed in poultry farming battery chicken cages, but what kind of battery chicken equipment is good quality and what kind of cages are cheaper are often the biggest hurdles for poultry farmers. Since both low-cost cages are not durable and durable prices are accepted no, so hovering between price and quality. In fact, the chicken cage price is not to just think about price, but to consider the future can be seen after the price of the whole.
Look at the price need to see the surface price and durability, what is the durability it, to be blunt is to be counted as depreciation, with five years of cage selling 500, one year depreciation is 100, with 20 years of cage to sell 600, one year depreciation Is 30, the price is expensive and cheap at a glance, the cage is the key to raising chickens, reducing costs is the most important, chicken is not a highly profitable industry, in the choice of cages without reducing the cost of more harm than good.
Production of “spray cages,” the surface smooth, flexible, effective guarantee that the damage rate of eggs within 0.5 per thousand than similar galvanized class of broken eggs reduced by 6 times! And pick up eggs, Qing dung machine, feeding machine and a series of automated battery chicken equipment.


Three or four layers of battery-cage system
The characteristics of the ladder-type cages: A-type cages, specifications 195 × 35 × 38, three raised 90-96 chickens, four raised 120-128 chickens. The upper and lower two cage completely staggered, there will be no upper chicken fell to the lower body of the chicken phenomenon, the common three and four, according to customer requirements custom cage and layers. Qing dung convenient, three need to leave 1.8 meters wide dung, four need to stay 2 meters ditch ditch. Can be used with ladder-type feeders and gantry material machine, clear manure can be used scraper-type manure cleaner and belt-type manure cleaner, save a lot of labor.

H- Type layer cage equipment
H- Type layer cage equipment

Three or four layers of stacked battery cages
Stacked cages features: H-type cages, specifications are 165 × 50 × 40, three raised 160-180 chickens, four raised 180-220 chickens. Common three and four, according to customer requirements custom cage and layers. There is no need for ditching ditch in the chicken coop. This type of cascading cages can only be used with the dunnage and flat belt dredger system, which can be used with cascading lane feeders and gantry millers. The 50,000 poultry houses can be operated by one person Management, saving a lot of labor.
Our company specializes in manufacturing and processing supply:
Automatic chicken farming equipment, automatic feeding system, automatic egg collection system, automatic manure ramoval machine, pre-professional planning and design of chicken coops of Livi Machinery provide you with one-stop chicken equipment program.

Basic Requirements of Layer Equipment Chicken Coops Design

1. Chicken coop area

The size of the chicken coop should be based on the feeding method and density. The span of the house should not be too large, open chicken coop within 9.5 meters, natural ventilation can achieve good results. Simple chicken coop span of about 6 meters, height (house lift to the ground) at 2.4 meters below.

2. Insulation and thermal insulation properties

Chickens are warm-blooded animals that regulate their own body temperature when the ambient temperature is 7-30 ° C. When the ambient temperature is above 30 ° C or below 7 ° C, the body temperature can not be adjusted by itself. Therefore, the chicken coop should be warm in summer and cool in summer, no matter what kind of chicken coop should be insulated, good insulation properties of the roof and walls, especially the roof. House insulation, insulation performance is good or bad, will have a long-term impact on flock production.

chicken equipment
chicken equipment

3. Lighting and ventilation

It must be ensured that the house has a suitable light and a good air environment.

4. Easy to epidemic prevention

After all the flocks are turned out, they can be thoroughly washed and disinfected.

5.Firm and tight

Laying equipment Chicken coop roofs or walls, requiring no gaps and loopholes, the ground and cement dado to be firm, all the mouths, holes are fitted with a solid metal mesh, to prevent wild birds, rats flying or tunneling.

6. Door and aisle structure to be compact

General single door 2 meters high, 1 meter wide, 2.1 meters high and 2.1 meters wide, 1.6 meters wide (2 meters x 0.8 meters), the window should take into account ventilation and lighting coefficient (the ratio of windows and ground area), the general lighting Coefficient of 0.1 a 0.07, the cold area can be lower, about 0.04. Aisle width must take into account the pedestrian and ease of operation. Small span of the flat chicken coop design on the north side of the road, about 1.2 meters wide, spanning more than 9 meters of chicken coop, located in the middle aisle, about 1.5 meters wide. Cage chicken aisle wide enough not less than 1 meter is appropriate. In short, doors and aisles are constructed to be easy to work, transport, and cold-proof.

livi chicken equipment
livi chicken equipment

7. Ground and playground

Floor should be watered with cement and sewer for flushing and disinfection. Moisture barriers (linoleum or plastic film) should be laid under the ground in areas with high or wet groundwater levels. Open henhouse equipment Chicken coop, should be equipped with playgrounds, generally as long as the house, the width of about 2 times the span of the house. The playground is set to the south, the ground is flat and slightly sloped to facilitate drainage and the playground should have fences or fences.

Chicken Coop and Chicken Cages for Laying Hens

Chicken Coop For Laying Hens

chicken coop an dchicken cages for laying hens
Chicken Coop With Dimensions For 500 Layers

Livi poultry farming equipement can provide you chicken coop design and chicken farming proposal. Because we are not only a professional poultry farming equipment supplier manufacturer, also have many successful poultry customers cases to give their poultry farming suitable design. The poultry farmer must consider the chicken coop’s location and some details factors such as the distance of each chicken coop and the capacity of chicken coop in the whole layout. When you start the poultry farming business, apart from considering above factors, you should also think over the quantity of chickens you can farm in your acceptable range. For example, you can start your poultry farming with 500 layers or broilers and also can raise more larger quantity of over 5ooo chickens. We are professional poultry farming manufacturer supplier that can provide you good schemes for your poultry farming.

Chicken Cages For Laying Hens

chicken coop and chicken cages for laying hens
poultry laying hens cages

As for chicken cages for laying hens, we are confident that if you choose us, we won’t let you down. Poultry cages of laying hens also called layer battery cages has the standard and special layout which is similar to shape of the layer. The main purpose of the layer battery cage design is to provide a comfortable environment for the layer, and during the poultry layer farming process, major advantages of the layer battery cage design mainly expressed in the front net, cage door, farming density and the angle of the eggs. Layer cages equipment with poultry chicken feeding system, automatic poultry egg collection system that save you much time and manpower and poultry manure removal system greatly improve the performance of chicken cages, you can also chooes the poultry environment control system or not attach to your poultry chicken coop.

Chicken coop and chicken cages for laying hens in Livi industry has won much more good reputation within our customers. If you have any question, please inquiry us.

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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