Suggestions on the Types of Chicken Coop Construction

The construction of the chicken coop relates to the chicken breeding work behind. The scientific and reasonable chicken coop can play the important role of improving breeding work efficiently and conveniently. Therefore, when building the chicken coop, we should consider the types of chicken that we breed, and then take into account the chicken house ventilation of poultry climate control system, poultry manural removal system, poultry feeding system and poultry drinking system in Livi Machinery. There are seval suggestions on thr types of chicken coop contruction due to chicken farm system of chicken coop as follows.

  • Ordinary chicken coop with windows

    There are windows in the henhouse, windows can be used for natural light and natural ventilation to save the production cost. Generally, no mechanical ventilation is used, and the use of brick-wood structure is more. The building form is basically the same as the bungalow of common civil buildings. To the windows and roof ventilation cap, the universe before and after the symmetry. Consider the cold insulation, north of the chicken coop north window is generally smaller than the South.

    This artisanal building T Art is simple, medium cost, environmental control efficiency in general, the implementation of people Ah control light, it is difficult to make the light time shorter. Complete disinfection more difficult, suitable for small-scale professional use.

    types of chicken coop contructions
    Ordinary chicken coop with windows
  • Open chicken coop frame structure

    Only with the roof, around (or front and rear side walls) is open, the installation of roller blinds, winter put down (or put on) roller blinds to semi-enclosed shelter from the wind, the other season, Housing temperature, weatherproof.

    This chicken coop construction process is simple, low cost, easy to clean and disinfect, you can control the environment to a certain extent (in the case of cold to strengthen the confinement). The implementation of manual control of light, it is difficult to control the light time. Open chicken suitable climate more temperate areas and more hot areas.

    types of chicken coop contructions
    Open chicken coop frame structure
  • Enclosed chicken coop also called windowless chicken coop

    This kind of hen house can be manually controlled chicken coop environment, which will help create the best environment for chicken growth and production. Can be high-density feeding, the use of energy consumption, water, electricity, equipment, dependence, once the power shortage, the consequences could be disastrous. This chicken is suitable for all climatic conditions. From the perspective of sustainable development that is conducive to the production of laying hens, fully enclosed house is the focus of promotion in the future. This house, although more expensive to operate and produce than an open house, has a high level of production. Egg quality is high, raising the economic benefits than the open house, worth promoting.

    types of chicken coop contructions
    enclosed chicken coop

    Those three types of chicken coop construction have their own advantages, such as ordinary chicken coop is suitable for breeding hens, and open chicken coop is suitable for breeding chicken, enclosed chicken coop is suitable for battery cage chicken farming, so you can choose a chicken coop constructions based on your own breeding category.

Poultry Battery Chicken Equipment–One-Stop Chicken Equipment Program

Chickens on commercial should be farmed in poultry farming battery chicken cages, but what kind of battery chicken equipment is good quality and what kind of cages are cheaper are often the biggest hurdles for poultry farmers. Since both low-cost cages are not durable and durable prices are accepted no, so hovering between price and quality. In fact, the chicken cage price is not to just think about price, but to consider the future can be seen after the price of the whole.
Look at the price need to see the surface price and durability, what is the durability it, to be blunt is to be counted as depreciation, with five years of cage selling 500, one year depreciation is 100, with 20 years of cage to sell 600, one year depreciation Is 30, the price is expensive and cheap at a glance, the cage is the key to raising chickens, reducing costs is the most important, chicken is not a highly profitable industry, in the choice of cages without reducing the cost of more harm than good.
Production of “spray cages,” the surface smooth, flexible, effective guarantee that the damage rate of eggs within 0.5 per thousand than similar galvanized class of broken eggs reduced by 6 times! And pick up eggs, Qing dung machine, feeding machine and a series of automated battery chicken equipment.


Three or four layers of battery-cage system
The characteristics of the ladder-type cages: A-type cages, specifications 195 × 35 × 38, three raised 90-96 chickens, four raised 120-128 chickens. The upper and lower two cage completely staggered, there will be no upper chicken fell to the lower body of the chicken phenomenon, the common three and four, according to customer requirements custom cage and layers. Qing dung convenient, three need to leave 1.8 meters wide dung, four need to stay 2 meters ditch ditch. Can be used with ladder-type feeders and gantry material machine, clear manure can be used scraper-type manure cleaner and belt-type manure cleaner, save a lot of labor.

H- Type layer cage equipment
H- Type layer cage equipment

Three or four layers of stacked battery cages
Stacked cages features: H-type cages, specifications are 165 × 50 × 40, three raised 160-180 chickens, four raised 180-220 chickens. Common three and four, according to customer requirements custom cage and layers. There is no need for ditching ditch in the chicken coop. This type of cascading cages can only be used with the dunnage and flat belt dredger system, which can be used with cascading lane feeders and gantry millers. The 50,000 poultry houses can be operated by one person Management, saving a lot of labor.
Our company specializes in manufacturing and processing supply:
Automatic chicken farming equipment, automatic feeding system, automatic egg collection system, automatic manure ramoval machine, pre-professional planning and design of chicken coops of Livi Machinery provide you with one-stop chicken equipment program.

Basic Requirements of Layer Equipment Chicken Coops Design

1. Chicken coop area

The size of the chicken coop should be based on the feeding method and density. The span of the house should not be too large, open chicken coop within 9.5 meters, natural ventilation can achieve good results. Simple chicken coop span of about 6 meters, height (house lift to the ground) at 2.4 meters below.

2. Insulation and thermal insulation properties

Chickens are warm-blooded animals that regulate their own body temperature when the ambient temperature is 7-30 ° C. When the ambient temperature is above 30 ° C or below 7 ° C, the body temperature can not be adjusted by itself. Therefore, the chicken coop should be warm in summer and cool in summer, no matter what kind of chicken coop should be insulated, good insulation properties of the roof and walls, especially the roof. House insulation, insulation performance is good or bad, will have a long-term impact on flock production.

chicken equipment
chicken equipment

3. Lighting and ventilation

It must be ensured that the house has a suitable light and a good air environment.

4. Easy to epidemic prevention

After all the flocks are turned out, they can be thoroughly washed and disinfected.

5.Firm and tight

Laying equipment Chicken coop roofs or walls, requiring no gaps and loopholes, the ground and cement dado to be firm, all the mouths, holes are fitted with a solid metal mesh, to prevent wild birds, rats flying or tunneling.

6. Door and aisle structure to be compact

General single door 2 meters high, 1 meter wide, 2.1 meters high and 2.1 meters wide, 1.6 meters wide (2 meters x 0.8 meters), the window should take into account ventilation and lighting coefficient (the ratio of windows and ground area), the general lighting Coefficient of 0.1 a 0.07, the cold area can be lower, about 0.04. Aisle width must take into account the pedestrian and ease of operation. Small span of the flat chicken coop design on the north side of the road, about 1.2 meters wide, spanning more than 9 meters of chicken coop, located in the middle aisle, about 1.5 meters wide. Cage chicken aisle wide enough not less than 1 meter is appropriate. In short, doors and aisles are constructed to be easy to work, transport, and cold-proof.

livi chicken equipment
livi chicken equipment

7. Ground and playground

Floor should be watered with cement and sewer for flushing and disinfection. Moisture barriers (linoleum or plastic film) should be laid under the ground in areas with high or wet groundwater levels. Open henhouse equipment Chicken coop, should be equipped with playgrounds, generally as long as the house, the width of about 2 times the span of the house. The playground is set to the south, the ground is flat and slightly sloped to facilitate drainage and the playground should have fences or fences.

Chicken Coop and Chicken Cages for Laying Hens

Chicken Coop For Laying Hens

chicken coop an dchicken cages for laying hens
Chicken Coop With Dimensions For 500 Layers

Livi poultry farming equipement can provide you chicken coop design and chicken farming proposal. Because we are not only a professional poultry farming equipment supplier manufacturer, also have many successful poultry customers cases to give their poultry farming suitable design. The poultry farmer must consider the chicken coop’s location and some details factors such as the distance of each chicken coop and the capacity of chicken coop in the whole layout. When you start the poultry farming business, apart from considering above factors, you should also think over the quantity of chickens you can farm in your acceptable range. For example, you can start your poultry farming with 500 layers or broilers and also can raise more larger quantity of over 5ooo chickens. We are professional poultry farming manufacturer supplier that can provide you good schemes for your poultry farming.

Chicken Cages For Laying Hens

chicken coop and chicken cages for laying hens
poultry laying hens cages

As for chicken cages for laying hens, we are confident that if you choose us, we won’t let you down. Poultry cages of laying hens also called layer battery cages has the standard and special layout which is similar to shape of the layer. The main purpose of the layer battery cage design is to provide a comfortable environment for the layer, and during the poultry layer farming process, major advantages of the layer battery cage design mainly expressed in the front net, cage door, farming density and the angle of the eggs. Layer cages equipment with poultry chicken feeding system, automatic poultry egg collection system that save you much time and manpower and poultry manure removal system greatly improve the performance of chicken cages, you can also chooes the poultry environment control system or not attach to your poultry chicken coop.

Chicken coop and chicken cages for laying hens in Livi industry has won much more good reputation within our customers. If you have any question, please inquiry us.

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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Automatic Chicken Waterer and Feeder in Poultry Farming Equipment

automatic chicken waterer and chicken feeder

automatic chicken waterer and chicken feeder
automatic chicken feeder

The automatic chicken waterer and automatic chicken feeder of poultry feeding system in poultry farming equipment plays an important part in the process of poultry farming. Chicken feeding on these automatic feeder and waterer equipment can definitely got a better growth in their farming time, which can also keep a clean and dry environment. Poultry farmers need to know our automatic chicken waterer in Livi Machinery have the functions of that chicken waterer can hold more than 3 gallons of water and have continual access to clean drinking water, so you won’t need to refill as often, which makes chicken farming very easy.

The automatic chicken waterer of our poultry drinking system have the benefits of large capacity of the automatic poultry waterer, vacuum-sealing cap creates automatic water flow and using the material of heavy duty plastic resin, which is easy to clean and removable tray. Including handles so it’s easy to transport around the farming yard. This plastic waterer equipment fountain can be hung from a hook or fastened anywhere inside the chicken coop above the ground. The waterer equipment fountain must be suspended where the baby birds can get it instead stepping in it. This arrangement keeps the birds from fouling the water, and also keeps mice and other pests out of the water. It should be placed inside the coop so the chickens have access even when shut in the coop.

Livi can supply many specifications of plastic automatic chicken waterer and feeder for poultry farmers to choose.The large water reservoir means you don’t need to refill it as often. Depending on how many chickens you farm, you may need to add fresh water only once or twice a week.

automatic chicken waterer and chicken feeder
plastic automatic chicken waterer and feeder

The automatic plastic chicken feeder can guarantee the suitable amount of clean fresh feed neither leading to waste or fouling of feed or starving out more passive chickens. Livi can make sure that all of your chicken birds have access to chicken feeder. We will make our great effort to get your satisfaction.

Cage System in Poultry Equipment Manufacturer

Cage system in poultry equipment of Livi Machinery consists of layer cage, which are also known as battery cage or poultry cage and used for raising egg-laying chickens after the pullet has grown for 12 to 16 weeks, broiler cages which can save space and feed and reduce the spread of disease for broilers. In the past few years, Livi has Kept the spirit of innovation,  produced multi-layer poultry farming and feeding equipment, which can promote the chicken’s growth. The cage system in poultry is more suitable for poultry growth, so it can not only control the disease of flocks effectively, but also reduce the manpower waste.

cage system in poultry equipment
cage system in poultry

Our Cage system in poultry equipment has good performance. No matter the low temperature or high temperature in outside weather, our equipment is still running well and can create a suitable temperature and humidity conditions for the poultry feeding benefit. The sale of high-quality cage system in poultry equipment has brought more wider prospects to the poultry market and benefits to farmers.Also, it can save more cost for farmers, and the equipment is made of International Q235 steel materials and have long service life, so that customers can be reassured of  our poultry products.What’s more, it is easy for customers to delivery, install and maintain. If you own our poultry farm equipment, you will find that breeding hen house per unit area is much more than the number of traditional way of breeding.

cage system in poultry equipment
cage system in poultry

Cage system in poultry equipment in Livi Machinery also equip with an excellent set of poultry feeding system, which are mainly designed to supply sufficient clean water for chickens. With the faetures of easy to clean and needs little maintenance for poultry drinking system and spirit of “customer first” and “creating high efficient products for our clients”, Livi’s best poultry drinking system including automatic layer drinking system, automatic broiler drinking system and automatic pullet drinking system are widely used by customers.

All in all, we are experienced poultry cage equipment in China, if you fond of our cage system in poultry equipment, please inquiry us in your convient.


Battery Cages For Sale in China Poultry Farming Equipment

Battery cages for sale in China Zhengzhou Livi Machinery are the popular system in poultry farming equipment industry. These poultry cage system are automatic and low cost, each one housing between three to eight chickens. Battery cages for sale can be made of high quality mesh metal, and can guarantee the eggs to roll and drop through to a conveyor belt to egg collection system. Also the accessories equipment such as manure removal system can allows feces be cleared up. The water is offerer through the automatic poultry drinking system, and food is supplied called poultry feeding system through a long trough that runs along the front of each cage. These poultry cage system in Livi Machinery are typically arranged back to back, allowing for an increased number of chickens by the development of poultry farming.

battery cages for sale in Livi Machinery
battery cages for sale

Battery cages for sale in Livi may be arrayed in some different constitutions. The big difference of configuration is the stack, where each cage is placed on top of another in several long rows. In the A-Type of chicken cage system, which is less space conservative while stimulate air flow greatly. Battery cages for sale are designed specially so that the front and the top of the cage faces the air. Finally, in a floor installation, these poultry battery cages for cale are simply spread out on the floor. While this installation of the battery cage is the least space conservative of all, it promotes the health of chickens extremely.

Livi Machinery is an excellent poultry equipment for battery cages for sale supplier in China. Livi poultry farming equipment mainly includes poultry cage system, poultry feeding system, poultry drinking system, poultry manure removal system, egg collection system, poultry climate control system, poultry management system and so on. When it comes to the chicken cages, Livi equip with broiler cages and layer cages. We will try our best to satisfy your needs!

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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Chicken Cages Manufacturers Sell Good Poultry Farming Cages

Be based on the philosophy of pioneering and innovative, honest and trustworthy quality business , service first, Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd for the purpose of the  first credibility, and to provide our clients with good products of our chicken cages manufacturers . Respect customers, understand the customer, continue to provide products and services beyond customer expectations, then customers will always be our partners. This is the service conception that we have always insisted on and advocated. Over the past few years, the company with advanced product performance, improve the quality assurance, quality after-sales service, by domestic and foreign customers alike. Poultry cage system not only sold in the domestic market increased year by year, but also exported to Europe, East Asia, Central Asia, Russia, Africa and other countries in the world.As a successful chicken cages manufacturers, we have many great cases. For instance, our layer chicken cages was  installed successfully in Kazakhstan,  in March, 2017, 10,000 layers cage systems,  and he purchased 56 sets H-type 4-tire 4-door layer cages for 10752 birds, automatic egg collection system, ladder type automatic feeding machine, conveyor type manure removal system and environmental control system, cage diameter is 180cm*60cm*43cm, one set can accommodate 192 layers. Installation projects in Burma,the chicken house is 84 meter long, 14 meter for depth, and the height of the house is 3.6 meter, we had also provided the customized cages system for him. Installation projects in West karma of Kazakhstan, what he purchased is the equipment for 10,000 layers and 10,000 pullets. The equipment for 10,000 layers includes 80 sets of the chicken cage, one set trolley feeding machine, 2 sets belt manure removing, egg collecting and ventilation system. The dismeter of the chicken cage is 1950mm*350mm*380mm, one set could place 128 layers. There are 2 rows in one chicken shed, and each row places 40 sets, size of the chicken shed is 88M*7.5M*3.5M. And there are so many successful on-live installation cases, those customers choose us as the trusted chicken cages manufactures for the long term reliance on our chicken equipment.

Chicken Equipment Suppliers About Poultry Farming Systems

Chicken Equipment Suppliers For Poultry Cages

Automated stacked chicken farming equipment and chicken equipment suppliers are the essential part for starting chicken rearing systems. Stacked automatic chicken farming equipment is one of the main breeding equipment for poultry farmers. The design of the corresponding chicken cage should be adapted to the henhouse and the management mode. The reasonable structure of chicken cage should be selected to effectively utilize the inside of the chicken house of the breeding space, which can be able to provide a comfortable place to adapt to the growth environment conditions, ensure the healthy growth of chickens and egg production rate, and improve the efficiency of hen farming. In China,  Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a new type of automatic chicken production equipment R & D base, which is a industry leader of automatic breeding chicken equipment suppliers. After many years of research and production practices, our high-tech R & D team has developed a series of fully automatic chicken equipment carefully, including automatic poultry feeding system, automatic poultry drinking system, automatic poultry manure removal system, automatic poultry climate control system and egg collection system. After many years of hard exploration, the company has established a complete and effective service system, created an experienced service team, not only for customers planning sites free of charge, the design and installation of basic drawings and flow charts, to provide the most professional technical training, andchicken equipment suppliers

Technical parameters about automatic stacked chicken equipment is complex and comprehensive. Our products adopt advanced welding technology, automated and  convenientone-click  operation,  has won a good reputation of farmers, won the nationwide favor of customers . At the same time, our company also accumulated a wealth of professional and technical knowledge and practical experience.

Through many years of hard exploration, Livi has established a complete and effective service system, created an experienced service team, providing the most professional technical training for customers planning sites free of charge, the design and installation of basic drawings and flow charts, and we can also send technical staff on-site for installation.Compared with the traditional step-by-step laying hen equipment, stacked automatic chicken raising equipment in technology is more excellent in the feeding system, egg collection  system and cleaning system.  Removing manure by people spends much manpower, costs and management for the poor working environment, high intensity of labor.

chicken equipment suppliers
manure removal system

Livi is a trusted and reputable chicken equipment suppliers offering different range of poultry removal system which offers high resistance to corrosion and easy to operate according to the clients’ special request. In conclusion, chicken equipment suppliers should be standard and can be trusted for most poultry farmers, we believe we have the power to help you choose good poultry equipment.

Automatic Chicken Feeder In Poultry Farming Manufactures

Automatic Chicken Feeder For Broilers

automatic chicken feeder
automatic broiler feeder

The good performance of automatic chicken feeder for broilers make the great profits for poultry farmers, and automatic chicken equipment material line, also known as automatic broiler tray feeding system, which is driven by the drive, hopper, feeding pipe, auger, tray, hanging lifting device, anti-plant and material level sensors and other components. The main function of  automatic broiler tray feeding system is to feed the material in the hopper to each tray, to ensure the normal consumption for broilers, and by the level sensor to control the motor transport opening and closing automatically and achieve the purpose of automatic feeding. This can reduce manpower costs and reduce the number of viruses that people bring in and out of their sheds.

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd have the world-class poultry feeding system, and our factory has a variety of specifications for automatic trays for broilers, we can recommend the most suitable broiler feeder according to your breeding situation. There are 14 branches of grilles and six kinds of gears to shift the amount of feed in your convenient. Each of chicken feeder pan can breed fourty-fifty chickens and about 150 kilos in weight. It’s made of PE material. The edge of the feeder pan is tilted to the center of it, hence avoid the waste caused by the feed spilling. Bottom suspension type can be disassembled and flushed easily. The installation mode of the automatic chicken feeder pan on the material tube is divided into two kinds: fixed type and swing type according to your requirement.



automatic chicken feeder
Manual chicken feeder barrel
automatic chicken feeder
different kinds of chicken feeder barrel

Automatic Chicken Feeder Barrel For Pullet

This manual chicken feeder barrel is widely used for free farm, cage farm chicken, duck, birds feeding.  Manual chicken feeder barrel uses a new PP material particles, with the features of compression, anti-fall, anti-aging, non-toxic, tasteless, and also more environmentally-friendly. The design of manual chicken feeder barrel is tower-style, the chassis and the barrel body can be nested together, making transportation very convenient, at the same time, it is also easy to clean, more environmentally friendly and beautiful. We have various specifications of these models for providing poultry farmers multiple-choices, and  Livi can customize it for your needs.

automatic chicken feeder
water nipple

Automatic drip cup nipple drinker is suitable for chicken, hen, duck, goose etc, which can supply clean water from 360 degree, and save water efficiently. We can offer you details of rearing methods. First of all, to ensure the system is functioning normally, enterpreneurs must control the pressure and effluent of the water pipe accurately. Chickens should be guaranteed that both the sufficient amount of water and the water can’t be sprinkled and dripped according to the situation of actual drinking water. Then, adjust the water pipe height in time according to the chicken’s age and environment. At the beginning of 2 days, the height of the nipple should be the same as the eyes’ height of the chicken, while the height of the nipple should be risen on the 3rd day, which can make sure that the chicken can drinkl water at an angle of 45°. Increase the angle of  drinking nipple from the 4th day, and adjust the  height of drinking nipple increasely until the chicks can drink warter normally.