Automatic and Advanced Equipment Needed for Poultry Farming Cage System

Needed for Layer Poultry Farming Equipment

As for poultry farming equipment, some good features cannot be ignored, that is high efficiency, good quality, long lifespan, and long-term after-sale service provided by poultry cage system equipment manufactures.Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd meets all that demands can meet your poultry farming equipment system. Because our cages employ the processing of  automatic and advanced full set of layer equipment cages using electrostatic spraying process, corrosion resistance, service life of up to 15-20 years.

Layer cages equipment is divided into ladder rearing equipment type and stacked rearing equipment type: intensive managememt and automatic control can guarantee the normal working of automatic feeding,drinking water, manure removing, egg collection increasing labor productivity, saving labor costs and energy consumption. Using the conveyor belt can clean manure making chicken manure dried granular, improve the utilization rate of chicken manure, and we believe the full set of poultry farming of layer cages will give you a better experience.

H- Type layer cage equipment
H- Type layer cage equipment

Needed for Broiler Poultry Farming Equipment

Employ the same mental spraying process for broiler cages system and also the extra material quality of using PP bottom net,which can reduce the incidence of infection disease rate durably and effectively. The LED lamp belt is added at the top of the cage body on each floor can ensure the adequate of light for pullet broilers growing efficiently. For broilers, stacked layer cages is much suitable for their growth. Because the  H type chicken cage has the feature of high-automation, high-density, effectively save the land and labor cost, the separation of the chicken shed and people living zone avoids the disease spread, fully automatic manure removing system effectively decrease the environmental pollution, adding the intelligent environmental controlling system, which is the best choice of the intensive & large scale poultry farm.

wholesale poultry supplies
stacked layer cages

Needed for Pullet Poultry Farming Equipment

The perfect  pullet cage will provide chicks a warm house where they live from birth to sold in the market. We can provide you the proper and multiple-choice cages consisting of A-Frame type and H-Frame type cages. All the cages have special design, equipping with dung board: there are dung boards under each floor of cages to avoid dung leak, suitable for different days old chicken to drink: automatic drinking system like hanging cups and water pipe lifting system, both of which can meet the chicken’s drinking needs in different growth phases, and plastic bottom net: it’s laid flat on the bottom chicken cage mesh to avoid baby chick drop down in the first ten days.

chicken pullet cage
chicken pullet cage

All in all, if you decide to start a chicken farm business, all above various kinds of cages with advantages of advanced and automatic may be the best choice for you, and Livi can meet your needs in any time.

The Importance of Commmercial Poultry Farming and Automatic Poultry farming Cages

Why Poultry Farming is Impotant?

Poultry provide humans delicious meat, eggs, feather, and necessary supply for our llives. Therefore poultry farming is always a hot industry for most entrepreneurs who would like to invest even if there are many financial risks to confront. And they must be aware of the importance of proper automatic poultry farming equipment for chicken cages, effective poultry farming management, and lucrative commercial poultry rarming for them. Zheng zhou Livi machinery has the professional and reputable technology for most farmers home and abroad, and our poultry farming cages have great virtue of hard-wearing quality with international Q235 steel. A-type cages and H-type cages are the excellent representatives.

A type chiken layer cages for sale

The Management of Commercial Layer and  Broiler Tips

When it comes to the commercial layer chickens, we have to recognize the importance of pullet growing condition. Because the life time of pullet is key moment of the whole life of layer chickens, which can lead a healthy layer and lay good quality eggs. Besides the high quality of  layer pullet cages and broiler pullet cages that are all equipped with automatic performance you need to choose, and for the management of it, the first thing on your to-do list should be the matter of temperature of pullet, for it is the key meatures to take. The right temperature for the pullet can strenghten chicks’ body constitution, which lay down a strong foundation for chicks’ life and make sure layer growing’s productity.

The suitable humidity is 60% in their environment, and the water supply should keep constantly offering. At the same time, you should deal with the good relationship between temperature and ventilation, which can benefit a lot for layer chicken. When pullet grow up into layer, reasonable lighting, ventilation, water supply, cages, and good management should not be ignored. Likewise, commercial broiler also take a vital part in poultry farming system.

First of all, in the period of broiler pullet, the selection of cage broiler chicken equipment should follow the general requirements of its “pear-shaped”, because such a convenient design for us through the adjustment of the middle baffle can meet the whole feeding needs for broiler. Secondly, when using cages to rear broiler chickens, it is best to choose those that have no windows and airtight. Artificial lighting is generally used in farms. In summer, the chicken coop needs to take measures to  install wet curtain to reduce the temperature , while the chicken house generally needs to carry on the artificial heating in  winter. In the management, we also need to improve the bottom structure and materials of cage broiler culture in time to facilitate the growth and development of broilers.

Livi believes that if you choose our poultry farming equipment, we would like to offer you the perfect commercial profit with the lowest financial risks bringing back you great return.

The Professional Poultry Farming Cages for Sales in China

Are you still farming chickens in an old coop without any standard and automatic equipment? if so , you are absoletely out of date. In modern society, Having a set of poultry cage system is an essential part of poultry farming. Therefore, the layer cages with high-tech quality and hot galvanized and non-toxicmetal plating process must be your choice. Manufacturer in China- Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd can exactly provide the professional poultry farming cages for you.

We can offer you at least eight equipment for a standand poultry farming technology. Because advanced machinery and equipment can create an ideal living environment for chickens, and greatly improve the production efficiency of chickens.

  • Advanced Poultry Farming Equipment

    poultry feeding system
    poultry feeding system
  • Heating Equipment
  • Poultry Climate Control System

    ventilation system

  • Poultry Drinking System

  • Feeding Equipment
  • Egg Collection System

  • Poultry Manure Removal System

  • Lighting Equipment
    broiler chicken cages for sale
    broiler chicken cages for sale

    From the above detailed and comprehensive introduction about Livi poultry farming equipment, why not take a fast action to choose us.We are looking forward to your visit and buy our products.

Poultry farming cage system applications and sales

In the past, the technology was underdeveloped and poultry farming was very dirty and messy. It was also an important reason that most people did not want to engage in poultry farming. But now all the problems that poultry farming equipment can help you solve are perfect, poultry farming has become very easy for you to get rich.
Previous traditional poultry farming required sufficient space, and now, automated poultry breeding cage systems use stacked structures to provide cages that have gained widespread use. Because it allows farmers to effectively use the limited space, greatly reducing farm costs and labor issues.
Poultry breeding system is mainly reflected in the far distance from the ground of high-density farming, this method reduces contact with livestock manure, is conducive to disease prevention and control, but also improve the feeding density, reducing the footprint, so get the farmer favor.
Poultry cage system combined with the modern science and technology, in the production of fine quality, high efficiency and safety, the establishment of a large-scale ecological farm technical system and production system.
In terms of technology, we have excellent technical team, has formed a set of mature modern technology, let the customer for the application of poultry breeding cage system more handy.
With the continuous development of society and the improvement of human needs, the poultry farming equipment is moving toward high-tech development, and these are mainly reflected in the direction of automation and energy saving. Nowadays people are stricter about farming and need more than just quantity, but more about improvement in quality. Therefore, the development of modern poultry farming equipment is mainly automated improvement, energy-saving development and welfare facilities equipment development and innovation.

Poultry feeding system specific tools

In recent years, with the continuous development of the world economy and the continuous improvement of people’s consumption of poultry products is from quantitative to quailty, which poultry industry has brought great opportunities and challenges,  poultry breeding equipment constantly updated, poultry farming consumer market is bound to further expand.
If you want to have a systemmatic understanding of poultry rearing equipment or want to invest in poultry farming, this article is an indispensable tool for you.
Enterprises in order to give customers a better service, and actively study the mode of operation and philosophy to ensure that poultry equipment updates, which has become an important direction to enhance market competitiveness.
Poultry feeding tools are divided into seven categories, in the previous article we introduced the cage system, egg collection system, feeding system, drinking water system and environmental control system, today we talk about the fecal system and epidemic prevention disinfection system.

The fecal system mainly includes scraper type and conveyor type.

poultry manure removal system
poultry fecal system

Scraper-type fecal machine using the most advanced national standard cycloid reducer, to ensure the rationality of the output transmission ratio, scraper by the high-precision CNC machine tool production, never deformation.
Conveyor belt fecal machine is specially designed for ladder, cascading broiler or laying hens farms developed equipment, clear fecal belt width can be customized to ensure that the customer needs different.
Disinfection and disinfection system is divided into two kinds of indoor disinfection and outdoor disinfection.
Indoor disinfection equipment is mainly sprayer, disinfection should be cleaned before the dirly, because the presence of organic substances, especially the protein can reduce the role of disinfectant.
Outdoor disinfection is mainly ultraviolet disinfection, need to pay attention to the UV eye damage to people, disinfection should pay attention to protection.
Today’s article is over here, and if you need to know more about it, you can contact us and we will give you the best service.

Poultry farming environment control system

In the previous article we know that the environmental control system is divided into: negative pressure fan, water curtain, side fan and heating equipment, these four devices are the main components of environmental control system.ventilation system

Environment control system introduction of specific parts

The negative air press is mainly composed of wide blades, pulleys,bearings, shutters, frame and motor. The perfect cooperation between these parts makes the flow of air in the poultry house relatively good, which solves the situation of indoor and outdoor air conversion.
The water curtain is the use of a new generation of molecular materials and space linking technology and become, with high water absorption, high water, mildew resistance and long service life of the advantages, if used with negative air press, can make indoor cooling and humidifying function.
Side wide window equipment, the opening and closing of the wind window with a plastic ferry, reducing its resistance, the spring is stainless steel, durable and long service life. This equipment suitable for large-scale chicken farms, as a ventilatory equipment within the house, effectively reduce the temperature inside the house, relieve the hot room inside the house to prevent the occurrence of various diseases.
The heating device is composed of main engine and auxiliary equipment. The host is based on coal, diesel,  straw briquettes and other combustible materials, equipped with axial fans and humidifier, safe and reliable operation. The mian function of the auxiliary machine is through the host hot water circulation to the heat through the cooling fan and radiator let is distributed to the room, so that the room temperature increased rapidly.
In most cases, the heating equipment needs to be installed according to the size of the space inside the house.

The article is about to end here, if you need further understanding, please contact us, we will give you the best quality service.

The benefits of ueing an automatic poultry feeding system

This paper mainly introduces a kind of automatic poultry feeding machine of the utility model, the machine is used by the automatic feeding system, automatic feeding system and transverse oblique feeding device matching, so as to solve the problems of labor and poor fowlery environment.
The use for the breeding equipment, not only reduces the cost, but also save time and labor, to avoid unnecessary waste, easy maintenance, to ensure that the poultry house environmental health, improve economic efficiency.

poultry farming machinery

Poultry breeding feeding system of the trough material is divided into:iron sheet, hot galvanized sheet, PVC three types.
The feeding device can effectively prevent poultry from throwing feed, and saves feed, sanitation and cleanness, meanwhile, the feeding cost is reduced, and the breeding benefit is improved.
Automatic poultry feed system using the tray is divided into automatic tray and manual barrels, this device avoids the waste caused by the spill of the feed, and prevents the chicken crop from being injured, ensuring safe and comfortable eating.

poultry feeding system
poultry feeding system

Automatic feeding system under the feeding system is divided into gantry loading machine, driving feeder and chain feeder, this type of equipment is conducive to saving manpower, easy to manage, characterized by less waste of feed, long life, greatly improving the efficiency of large-scale farming.
The main function of the transverse infeed device in the automatic feeding system is to transfer the feed in the tower or hopper to the automatic feeder, which facilitates manual management.

Automatic feeding system in the tower device, is suitable for large-scale large or medium-sized farms of a feed storage equipment, in the discharge port with the feeding equipment, can be sent within the feed from time to time. The upper part of the tower is the cylinder, the lower part of the cone, mainly galvanized, glass steel,carbon steel composed of three materials. Different materials and processes of the storage tower, its characteristics and performance of a certain difference, the volume size is also different.

Market situation

In today’s world, the rapid economic development, poultry farming industry requirements for poultry feeding equipment is also increasing, which requires poultry farming machinery company’s technology to become more mature, more sophisticated equipment, closely follow the development trend.

Under the Dome What Can We Do for Chickens in Cages?

chicken cage material

How to Prevent Pollution in Poultry Cages?

On February 28, 2015, former China Central Television anchor, Chai Jing, released a powerful, self-funded documentary about smog. The 104-minute video, “Under the Dome,” has swept the Chinese Internet in the last 48 hours.

This is a documentary on China’s pollution, especially the air pollution. We believe that nobody was not surprised to see the fearful data on the big screen. Chai put forward the solutions for air pollution to call for everyone to do anything we can do.

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Commercial Chicken Cage Meet Your Demands

Chicken cages for sale in China

Livi Industry Creates Innovative Home Solutions for Poultry – Commercial Chicken Cages

As the demand for poultry meat and eggs production continuously grow in world, more and more people are encouraged to raise poultry livestock on their own. An increase number in chicken farming also demands for more chicken shelters. To solve this problem, Livi Industry provides enough poultry commercial cages for them.

Some people may say that chickens in cages will lose the nature freedom and they can not grow up. Livi Industry can set your mind at rest. Because chickens in our cages grows naturally and healthily for the enough space. Cage is not prison, on the contrary, it is a place to “teach” chickens to develop in a healthy direction.

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