Ways for Zambian farmers to reduce breeding costs

What are the ways for Zambian farmers to reduce breeding costs? Among them is the use of automated breeding equipment. Automated equipment reduces labor costs. Complete breeding work more efficiently.

There is also the issue of feed. Reducing feed waste can also reduce costs. The use of automatic feeding equipment can control the feeding of feed. Improve the utilization rate of feed. So how to reach a higher level?

It can be due to an automatic timing and fixed-point release of the equipment. Realize precise feeding. It is also good for the growth and development of chickens. At the same time, it will not cause a large area of ​​waste. Reduce manual intervention. Better experience automation.


poultry equipment of A-type


When making feed, the farmers should make adjustments according to the growth of the chickens. Because many farmers encountered in most artificial breeding plants produce a large amount of feed. In this way, the chicken fry will not finish eating and it will deteriorate if it is left for a long time, which will result in waste of feed. Therefore, when making feed, farmers must increase or decrease feed according to the growth of the chickens. Avoid causing a lot of waste.


The equipment should be maintained frequently. Avoid the aging of the equipment causing the feed to not be delivered regularly. Cause a waste of feed. It is also a problem for the storage of feed. It should be placed in a rain-proof place. Avoid waste of feed due to rain. There is also the arrival of the rainy season. Cause a waste of chicken feed.

The above are some suggestions. Hope to help farmers.