What equipment is needed to raise 10,000 laying hens in Nigeria besides layer cages

In addition to layer cages, what equipment is needed to raise 10,000 laying hens in Nigeria? Presumably many farmers have such confusion. Only a layer cage is not enough. So what else do you need to prepare?


Regarding layer cage breeding equipment. We all know that layer cages are reared in multiple layers. Make full use of the chicken coop area. The number of chickens raised can be increased three or four times than usual, greatly increasing the benefits of farmers. In addition, raising chickens in layer cages is more convenient for the management of the flock.



Livi Machinery focuses on chicken farming equipment, constantly updating chicken farming equipment solutions, and building modern and fully automatic chicken farming equipment from many aspects such as feeding, egg collection, manure cleaning, and chicken coops.

Feeding equipment: the first is the feed tower, which prevents pests from entering, and ensures the fresh and high-quality feed; second, the automatic feeder, which is different from the traditional long trough, which is narrow and easy to cause food waste. The structure of the automatic feeding system of the chicken raising equipment is reasonable, and the height of the homogenizer can be adjusted according to the feed intake of the chicken, and the feeding amount can be adjusted. It can realize one-key automatic feeding, the plastic trough has a reasonable structure, saves feed, and is economical and durable.


broiler cages for poultry farming are advanced equipment in Livi Machinery.


Egg collection equipment: The automatic egg collection system uses wear-resistant, durable, and long-life egg collection belts to improve efficiency, save labor, and reduce the rate of broken eggs.

Manure removal equipment: A good chicken environment requires regular cleaning of chicken manure. Manual cleaning or scraper can be used to clean up the feces. However, the scraper is easily damaged and inconvenient to maintain. The developed chicken raising equipment adopts scraper-type manure removal, which does not require labor, is clean and efficient, and reduces environmental pollution.

However, it is recommended to use fully automatic equipment for raising 10,000 laying hens. Because this is more efficient, it is more suitable for large-scale farms. If you have any questions, contact us 24 hours.