Zambian farmers use the skill of laying hen cages

Many Zambian farmers now use layer cage equipment to raise layer hens. So what are some of the tips for using layer cages for breeding? Next, I will talk about some techniques for everyone.


Because the use of cage breeding can greatly save the area of ​​the chicken coop, increase the number of breeding, and can also prevent the spread of diseases. So many farmers choose chicken coops in this way. Want to reduce the death of chickens in the chicken coop. To do the following. High-quality chicks, suitable temperature and humidity, and high-quality medicine.



Because the laying hens are raised in the layer cages. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the nutrition of chicken feed. The selected weak chickens are raised separately, and light can be appropriately supplemented to promote breeding.


The laying hens are raised for about 80 days. If the hygiene of the chicken house is not up to standard. It is easy to cause the emergence and infection of some diseases. Pay attention when the egg production rate is 5%: At this time, the chickens have just started laying eggs, and they are most likely to have endocrine disorders and spleen and stomach disorders, which are characterized by sparseness, no defecation, slow feeding, and low resistance. This is the period of high-speed follicle development and fallopian tube formation, so it is necessary to regulate the spleen, stomach and endocrine, supplement nutrients and increase the body’s resistance.

Know the above chicken raising skills. Hope to help farmers.