The Automatic Poultry Farming Battery Cage Equipment

Livi engages in providing different types of equipment for chicken cage system for poultry equipment manufacturers. Poultry chicken cage system is designed for farming work in poultry factory at a large number of chickens. Using advanced hot-dip galvanizing technology, it is strong and durable, and the life of the chicken cages can be as long as 20 years. Livi cage mesh of poultry farming equipment has strict quality control and achieved good results in improving breeding efficiency, reducing labor costs, and improving work efficiency.

automatic battery chicken cages for sale

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Hot Battery Cage System

Livi industry offers layer battery cage, broiler battery cage and chick cage. Also, the automatic poultry farming battery cage can be divided into A-type chicken battery cage and H-type chicken battery cage. Customers can choose those cages with automatic poultry equipment according to their chicken farms’  plan. All of the battery cages are made of automatic electrostatic spraying craft material to make sure the long time usage.

poultry equipment of layer chicken cage for sale

Layer Cages

Automatic Poultry Chicken Farm Layer Battery Cages for Sale Poultry battery cages are used to raise various breeds of chickens, ...
broiler cage for sale

Broiler Cages

Poultry Farming Automatic Broiler Chicken Cage for Sale Broiler chicken cages are mainly used in commercial poultry broiler farming. The ...
poultry equipment supplies

Poultry Equipment Supplies

Chicken battery cages Supplies-For layer and broiler Livi provides excellent poultry equipment supplies to farmers all over the world. For ...
layer pullet cages

Layer Baby Chick Cages

Layer Baby Chick Cages for Sale - Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturers The baby chicken cage is also called the pullet ...
chick brooder cage

Broiler Baby Chick Cages

Broiler baby chick cages are the professional chicken farming equipment for baby broiler. Baby chick is an important role in broiler’s growing ...
H type chicken layer cage system for poultry

Poultry Battery Cage System

Poultry Cage System Manufacturer in China | Province Industry Mainly to be used for farming chickens, poultry battery cage system ...

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Automatic Chicken Farming Equipment For Sale

We also have other supplies equipment used in chicken farms for sale like chicken feeding system, chicken watering system, poultry climate control system or environmental control machine, egg collection system,  chicken waste disposal system and central management systems, etc. Our products of chicken farming equipment supplies are not only with high quality, but also with low cost, which can be suitable for large and medium scale chicken farming mode and bring about you more profit.

automatic chicken farm equipment

Poultry Feeding System

Equipment of Chicken Feeders For Sale Catering to the specific expectations of poultry farming users, the poultry farm feeding system ...
poultry farm drinking system

Poultry Drinking System

The Necessary Equipment For Chicken Waterer The automatic poultry drinking system, also known as the chicken nipple drinker, is an ...
egg collecting machine

Egg Collection System

Egg Collection System of LIVI poultry cage supplier Livi egg collection machine is dual-use, suitable for both the A-type battery ...
poultry manure cleaning for A type battery cage

Poultry Manure Removal System

poultry manure removal system of LIVI poultry equipment manufacturers The poultry manure removal system, drinking water system, feeding system, manure cleaning ...
poultry farm climate control system

Poultry Climate Control System

Perfect Environmental Control Equipment Now if poultry farmers wants to farming chickens in a large-scale, the poultry climate control system ...
poultry management system

Poultry Management System

You Should Know More About The Central Control System The poultry management system for sale in Livi is full-automatic and ...

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Livi Trustable Poultry Equipment Manufacturer

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Zhengzhou LIVI Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of poultry farming equipment. With more than 30 years of experience, we can provide the best solutions from chicken house design, chicken cage production, poultry cage sales, poultry equipment installation, after-sales service, etc.

We produce chicken cage system products for poultry farms, including automatic cages for layer cages, broiler cages, and chick cages, equipped with automatic feeding, drinking water, egg collection, manure cleaning, and ventilation equipment.

With good quality and service, our poultry cage products are exported to many foreign markets, and have won the trust of customers in 80 countries including Africa, Eastern Europe, South America, and the Middle East. Because we are professional, we understand your needs for poultry farming better.

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Successful Poultry Farming Project

LIVI has the most advanced poultry farming battery cage and excellent engineer technology to provide you with the best quality poultry cages. Thanks to customers’ determination in poultry farming and our services, LIVI has established friendly cooperative relations with farmers in more than 80 countries including Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, the United States, and the Philippines, and has been well received.

Nigeria A Type Poultry Cage With Manure Removal Belt System

  • Chicken Cage Type: A type poultry cage
  • Breeding Volume: Total 8,000 birds in on building
  • Size Of Chicken Farm Dimensions: 54M(L)*8M(W)*3M(H)
  • Customer Reviews: When I wanted to start a poultry project, I came across LIVI Machinery, a poultry equipment manufacturer. They provided me with a very comprehensive solution and helped me solve many problems such as chicken house design, chicken cage installation, etc.
Ghana Project layer chicken cage for 20,000 birds

Ghana Project layer chicken cage for 20,000 birds

  • Chicken Cage Type: H type layer cage
  • Breeding Volume: Total 20,000 birds in on building
  • Size Of Chicken Farm Dimensions: 80M(L)*11M(W)*4.5M(H)
  • Customer Reviews: I met Harry from LIVI Machinery, when they visited Ghana, they introduced the product to me and showed the quality of the product, which convinced me and we started to cooperate. After two years of operation, our farm capacity has expanded to 20,000 birds.
15,000 Birds broiler Chicken Cage Project in Zambia

15,000 Birds Broiler Chicken Cage Project in Zambia

  • Chicken Cage Type: H type broiler cage
  • Breeding Volume: Total 15,000 birds in on building
  • Size Of Chicken Farm Dimensions: 85M(L)*9M(W)*4.5M(H)
  • Customer Reviews: After coming into contact with LIVI Machinery, I decided to cooperate with them. Their project manager kept telling me about their product information and poultry farming information. After visiting their factory, I am satisfied with the quality and service.

We Provide High Quality Poultry Cages And Professional Solutions.

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