Battery layer cages in Ghana are recommended for large-scale farms 

Why is it said that battery cage in Ghana is suitable for large scale farms?

With the development of industrial technology, battery cages for sale in Ghana has also been upgraded. They become more convenient and more suitable for farming users. More widely used are automatic layer cages in Ghana. It has been used by many users in Ghana and around the world and has received critical acclaim.

Now the living standard of the Ghanaian people is gradually improving, and people’s pursuit of nutrients such as poultry meat, eggs and milk is getting higher and higher. Although there is a huge market demand, it cannot supply. It is necessary to choose battery chicken cages for large-scale poultry farming, and it is also profitable for farmers.

battery layer cages for sale in Ghana

There are good prospects for the development of large-scale poultry farming in Ghana. Coupled with the use of battery chicken cages on farms, it helps farmers better manage poultry. This is an opportunity for farmers who want to develop large-scale poultry farming projects.

Battery cages in Ghana are also commonly used in laying hen farming. Its structure is relatively simple, easy to maintain, and has a high degree of automation. When raising chickens in layer cages, the ventilation performance of the flock is better, and the light intensity is relatively uniform, so it is deeply loved by farmers in Ghana.

Battery layer cages in Ghana enable unified management of poultry. Farmers don’t need to worry about poultry drinking water, feeding, manure cleaning, egg collection and the temperature and humidity of the chicken house. Because there are automated devices that do this kind of work. This is unmatched by employing personnel to raise poultry. So it is necessary to use battery cages in large farms.

How to choose the right layer cages for large farms in Ghana?

battery cage system in poultry

The frame of the layer chicken cage is usually welded from Angle iron by hot-dip galvanizing process. It uses a special welding tooling, do not worry about the size of the inconsistent. Additional support can be added to the bottom of the frame to ensure that the overall cage has a high straightness. At the same time, the stability of the equipment has been greatly improved.

Livi machinery poultry equipment manufacturers for the majority of farmers to choose PVC plastic steel trough. The material is corrosion-resistant, and the height of the trough can be adjusted according to the size and height of laying hens. The characteristics of the trough is made of bevel design, no residual material, nor waste, layer eating is convenient.

The layer cages for sale in Ghana is zinc-aluminum alloy wire produced using automatic welding. The cages is smooth and will not scratch the laying hens. And made of net type, can effectively prevent the injury of chicken feet. And the separate network and the bottom network are encrypted. Prevent pecking feathers between layers from pecking the anus. It can reduce the broken egg rate and fatigue syndrome of laying hens.

Other equipments needed to carry out large-scale farming projects

To start large-scale poultry farming in Ghana, it is not enough to just buy battery cages. Because many people need to be hired to work on other projects. At this time, it is necessary to equip with automatic auxiliary equipment.

Automatic Poultry Chicken Farm Layer Battery Cages For Sale

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  1. The automatic feeding system has mobile hopper type and chain type feeding system to choose from. The feeding trolley connected with the silo by the horizontal feeding auger is suitable for large farms. In this system, the feed is automatically distributed to the feed in the silo through an auger located in a pipe with a diameter of 90-150 mm. With the automatic feeding system, a chicken house with 20,000 birds can be fed in half an hour.
  2. The drinking water system consists of square pipe (thickness 2.5mm) or round pipe (thickness 2.0mm), nipple drinker with 360-degree flow, drip cup and water pressure regulator, terminal, diverter, water filter to ensure water clean and harmless to layers. Two drinking water equipment are installe in a chicken coop, which can supply sufficient water source.
  3. The automatic egg collection system consists of an egg collection machine, an egg collection belt and an egg collection belt hook. Machines can be from 2 floors to 8 floors. Frame cages can also be equipped with an egg delivery system that can transport all the eggs from the different houses to the egg storage room.
  4. The automatic manure cleaning system can realize unmanned management through continuous improvement, automatic timed manure cleaning, time can be set arbitrarily, automatic temporary manure cleaning, simple and fast operation. There is a manure cleaning belt at the bottom of each layer of cages, which is clean and hygienic to ensure the health of the chickens. The chicken manure is clean in layers, which is easy to collect and then processed in a centralized manner. The utilization rate of chicken manure is high and the pollution to the environment is minimal.

Farmers praise poultry cages for sale in Ghana

Frimpong, 30, and his wife Efia have been running a chicken farm in a town in Kumasi, Ghana for five years. The chicken farm currently has about 40,000 laying hens in stock, and the farm delivers tens of thousands of eggs to the capital market every week.

poultry battery cage for sale

Today, the size of the chicken farm has doubled compared to the initial period. Frimpong pointed to a long row of bungalows in front of her, and said proudly: “This is a newly built chicken house this year, and I still plan to install layer cages in it.” Full of confidence, Frimpong went on to say: “poultry cages are precious. one’s gift.”

There are many farmers like Frimpong in Ghana, who have expanded their poultry farming projects step by step by purchasing and installing poultry cages. Choosing poultry cages requires farmers to choose carefully, and don’t buy low-quality poultry cages for cheap prices. This is not good for poultry farming.

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