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Be based on the philosophy of pioneering and innovative, honest and trustworthy quality business , service first, Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd for the purpose of the  first credibility.  We provide our clients with good products of our chicken cages manufacturers . Respect customers, understand the customer, continue to provide products and services beyond customer expectations.  Then customers will always be our partners. This is the service conception that we have always insisted on and advocated.

As an outstanding chicken cage manufacturer in China, we are committed to transforming customer needs into intelligent solutions, helping customers bring sustainable income and modern farms, and improving the efficiency of poultry farming on farms.

Poultry farming cages for layers farming are in large supply in Tanzania poultry market.

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We specialize in the manufacture of automated layer, broiler and chick rearing equipment. In the production process, we only use high-quality materials and continuously monitor the quality of each component to ensure safety, sturdiness and a 20-year service life.

Over the past few years, the company with advanced product performance, improve the quality assurance, quality after-sales service, by domestic and foreign customers alike. Poultry cage system not only sold in the domestic market increased year by year, but also exported to Europe, East Asia, Central Asia, Russia, Africa and other countries in the world.

Poultry farming cages for sale near your chicken farming

Poultry cages are one of the necessary equipment in modern chicken farms. Zhengzhou livi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. can provide various types of poultry chicken cages for our customers. In this range, our layering hen cages for sale, broiler chicken cages for sale, layer baby chick cages for sale, broiler baby chick cages as well as automatic drinking water equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, automatic feeding equipment, automatic climate control equipment, etc. Our poultry cage equipment is manufactured with high-quality raw materials and top-notch technology. The poultry cage system has a variety of sizes and shapes for farmers to choose from, and can also be customized according to needs.

Our poultry cage equipment is used in poultry farms, suitable for laying hens, broilers, chicks, etc. The number of breeding can reach 1,000 birds, 2,000 birds, 5,000 birds, or even more than 10,000, and large-scale farms can reach 100,000 birds.

The difference is the type of poultry cage system used. For example, poultry farmers with less than 15,000 birds choose semi-automatic cage systems, and poultry farmers with more than 20,000 birds choose fully automatic cage systems. As many as 60,000 laying hens are fully automated from the feed mill to feeding, one chicken drinking water to the whole house chicken drinking water, egg picking to packaging, and manure collection to drying.

Automatic Poultry Chicken Farm Layer Battery Cages For Sale

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Our range of poultry farming cages for sale are appreciated and trusted by farmers for their unique design, proper ventilation, corrosion resistance, excellent footrest and longer lifespan, as well as the ability to provide enough space for poultry and ensure their health.

Poultry chicken cages have great advantages in improving the utilization rate of chicken houses, and have the advantages of simple operation and easy installation. Compared with flat rearing, eggs laid in layer cages are cleaner and hygienic because they do not need to touch feces. A good environment can also lead to more profitable egg production performance.

The poultry cage system provided by Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Co., Ltd. has factory-like prices. The cage is made of international steel wire Q235, which is strong and durable. During the 30 years since its establishment, we have already had 3000+ customers from all over the world, and our poultry cage system is very popular among customers.

Successful installation of poultry farming cages

As a successful chicken cages manufacturers, we have many great cases. And we maintain a good cooperative relationship with our customers to help farmers solve the problems encountered in poultry farming. For more than 30 years, we have been deeply loved by farmers.

For instance, our layer chicken cages was  installed successfully in Kazakhstan,  in March, 2017, 10,000 layers cage systems,  and he purchased 56 sets H-type 4-tire 4-door layer cages for 10752 birds, automatic egg collection system, ladder type automatic feeding machine, conveyor type manure removal system and environmental control system, cage diameter is 180cm*60cm*43cm, one set can accommodate 192 layers.

For the installation project in Myanmar, the chicken house is 84 meters long, 14 meters deep, and 3.6 meters high. We also provided him with a customized cage system that can breed 25,000 birds. The customer is very satisfied when they receive the cage.

automatic feeding equipment in poultry farm

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Installation projects in West karma of Kazakhstan, what he purchased is the equipment for 10,000 layers and 10,000 pullets. The equipment for 10,000 layers includes 80 sets of the chicken cage, one set trolley feeding machine, 2 sets belt manure removing, egg collecting and ventilation system. The dismeter of the chicken cage is 1950mm*350mm*380mm, one set could place 128 layers. There are 2 rows in one chicken shed, and each row places 40 sets, size of the chicken shed is 88M*7.5M*3.5M.

The poultry equipment layer cage installed in Ghana has been in operation for 8 years. And the customer said that the cage and other automation equipment are still running very well. When Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. reproduces chicken raising equipment, it uses high-quality raw materials to ensure that the equipment can be used for about 15-20 years.

And there are so many successful on-live installation cases, those customers choose us as the trusted chicken cages manufactures for the long term reliance on our chicken equipment.  The most important thing is the series of poultry egg cages. We offer can be easily and conveniently used by users. Poultry breeding cages are specially designed according to our customers’ needs. We never compromise on product quality and use the best technology to process our products. Our product range is highly appreciated by our clients for their superior quality.