battery chicken cage for 10000 birds

Cost of Rearing 10000 Layers in Uganda

A full understanding of the investment and return of the laying hen and egg poultry farming project will make poultry breeding friends who are hesitating. Poultry farming business plans are indeed hugely profitable. Owning a chicken farm of 10,000 birds is an exciting and lucrative adventure.

Preparation for laying hen project

Poultry farming in Uganda has a large market and not a secret objective profit point. The success of a laying hen farming project is inseparable from a detailed business plan, purchasing land to build a chicken farm, purchasing poultry farming equipment, purchasing chickens, and choosing nutritious feeds. Next we will learn more about it.

battery chicken layer cage for 10000 birds

Poultry Egg Farming Business Plan for 10000 Layers

A detailed business plan for 10,000 laying hens can be developed before starting poultry farming. This already shows that you are more than half successful in your poultry farming project. He can give you firm knowledge when you are lost and want to give up. Please do not ignore the important role of a plan.

Chicken House Dimensions for 10000 layers

A land with a length of 70m and a width of 8m can be placed in A-type 4-tier layer cages to breed 10,240 laying hens. The land rent is about 165USD. This size is just an example, you can also design based on your existing land, but the length of the land should not be less than 50 meters.

Cost of Poultry Equipment for Chicken Farming

With the popularity of modern poultry farming equipment, it has become a trend for equipment to be used on farms. It can not only save labor costs, but also improve the efficiency of poultry farming. So what poultry farming equipment is needed to raise 10,000 birds in Uganda?

chicken layer cage system for 10000 birds in Uganda

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Battery layer cages in Uganda are very suitable for developing poultry farming. We recommend that you use layer cage equipment for use in open houses. If you prefer automatic equipment, it can be equipped with automatic drinking water, feeding, cleaning manure, collecting eggs, etc. However, automated cage breeding is a trend, which not only saves labor costs, but also avoids uneven artificial feeding and improves the egg production rate of poultry. 

Buy Chicken

The period from newly hatched chicks to the start of laying eggs is generally 0-17 weeks (with pullets). The laying period is generally 18 to 100 weeks (battery laying cages are required). Each bird is about 0.3USD, so 10,000 birds need about 3,000USD.

In poultry farming equipment, the chicken coop and auxiliary equipment reach the chicken house. You can let laying hens around 15 weeks into the battery cage. Poultry farmers must pay attention to the quality of chickens when purchasing chickens. Don’t be greedy for cheap sick chickens. Not worth the loss.

Choose Nutritious Feed

For laying hens living in battery cages, feed plays an important role as the only source of nutrition. If the laying hens in the laying period need 65 kg each and the feed is 0.4 USD per kg, then 10,000 birds need 256,000 USD

Profit from 10,000 Birds Poultry Farming Project

The laying rate of laying hens for eggs depends on the care and management of the farm. If the birds are well cared for and properly managed, yields and profits are high.

automatic chicken farm for 10000 birds

Laying time of laying hens. Hens start laying eggs at 20 weeks of age. The egg production rate doubles every week: 5%→10%→20%→40%, after rising to 40%, it doubles: 40%→60%→80%, and it rises to more than 90% after 6~7 weeks of egg production. If it is 160 days (22.85 weeks old), the egg production rate is only 60%, which is a normal phenomenon. 189~203 days (27~29 weeks of age) enter the peak period, and the average egg production rate can reach more than 90% (that is, the peak period is reached about 6~7 weeks after the start of egg production), and the peak period should last for more than two weeks.

Then the income that eggs can bring to you is 10,000 (chicken) * 700 (day egg laying period) * 85% (egg production rate) * 0.09 (USD/chicken) = USD 535,500. The chickens are culled after the laying period. If 10000 laying hens*1.5(/KG)*2(KG/bird)= USD 300,000. So, raising 10,000 birds can set you back USD 835,500.

Of course this is without deducting investment costs. Now do the calculations. The initial investment in purchasing land, building houses, buying poultry equipment, buying chickens, and preparing feed is estimated to cost USD400,000. In this way, if 100,000 birds are raised, the final profit will be 835,500-400,000= USD435,500.

To be precise, raising chickens can lift you out of poverty. With the assistance of automated poultry equipment, this is the easiest agricultural investment project. As a poultry farmer, you can be successful in your chicken project.

If you are looking for an affordable and high-quality battery cage system of poultry farming (layer battery cage, broiler cage, chick cage) and other poultry equipment for poultry farming projects, you can leave a message. We not only have a professional team to design the chicken farm for you, but also provide customized services. Looking forward to hearing from you.