How much land is needed to build poultry farm for 30,000 birds?

With the growth of the population and the continuous expansion of food demand, the scale and method of raising chickens are also facing new challenges. Among them, a core issue attracts attention: how much land is needed to raise 30,000 chickens?

Poultry Breed Selection: Layers, Broilers?

When discussing the land area required to raise 30,000 chickens, the first consideration is the choice of poultry species. Layers and broilers are the two main breeding species, and their breeding goals and characteristics have significant differences in determining the way of raising chickens and the space required.

For layers, the main production goal is to lay eggs. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the supply of feed and the control of the environment in feeding to promote high egg production rate. In order to achieve this goal, layer chickens are usually raised in stacked chicken cages, using multi-layer cages to accommodate chickens. This method allows chickens to live in a limited space, and complete tasks such as feeding and excrement cleaning through automated equipment. Relatively small rearing areas require technically fine control to maximize laying hen production efficiency.

For broiler chickens, their rapid growth is one of the main characteristics. The goal of broiler farming is to reach the appropriate slaughter weight as soon as possible. So sufficient feeding and management are required in a short period of time. For this reason, the cage method also has a place in broiler farming to ensure the control of stocking density and feeding environment. At the same time, the flat rearing method has also been applied in broiler chicken farming, providing chickens with more free movement space and improving the quality of life of broiler chickens.

Different chicken breeds have different requirements for automatic chicken farm equipment and feeding environment, so the chicken house space required for raising laying hens and broilers will also be different. When considering the land area required to raise 30,000 chickens, we must consider these factors comprehensively to find the best chicken raising method and land use plan.

battery cage system for layers

Choice of farming form

When discussing the land area required to raise 30,000 chickens, the choice of farming form is a crucial factor. The different culture forms, i.e. floor and cage culture, have different effects on rearing efficiency, environmental control and land use.

Hot-dip galvanized battery cages are widely used in modern chicken farming because of their efficient management and intensive features. Make the most of space by placing birds in multiple tiers. Battery chicken cages are able to accommodate a large number of chickens on a relatively small land area. For raising 30,000 laying hens or broilers, hot-dip galvanized battery cages can effectively improve production efficiency and are suitable for farms pursuing large-scale production capacity.

The flat rearing system emphasizes the free movement of chickens and a more natural ecological environment. Birds are able to forage and rest freely in a larger movement area, which helps to reduce stress and improve the quality of life of the birds. However, flat farming requires a larger land area. Therefore, the land required to raise 30,000 chickens will be relatively large.

Factors such as production goals, environmental conditions, and resource use efficiency need to be considered when deciding on the form of farming. The high efficiency of cascading cages and the nature of flat farming provide a variety of choices for the chicken industry.

How much land is needed to 30,000 in hot-dip galvanized layer cages?

Hot-dip galvanized battery layer cages are a high-efficiency chicken house facility, usually used for intensive egg production. Raising 30,000 laying hens in this way requires consideration of many factors, including cage design, stocking density and space utilization.

Hot-dip galvanized layer cages farming has advantages in efficient use of space, allowing chickens to live in multi-layer cages, thus saving floor area. In practice, the stocking density of layers may vary according to breed and management strategy. Let’s take the customer’s 30,000 farm as an example.

Number of chickens: 30,000

Hot-dip galvanized layer cage type: A Type layer cage/160birds

Required land area = 130*12*3.5 meters

Therefore, raising 30,000 birds using hot-dip galvanized layer cages requires approximately 7,500 square meters of land area. It should be noted that the actual situation may vary due to factors such as cage design, facility layout and management mode, so the actual situation should be fully considered during planning and operation.

Automatic broiler chicken cage

How much land is needed to 30,000 in hot-dip galvanized broiler cages?

The amount of land required to raise 30,000 broilers in hot-dip galvanized broiler cages depends on a variety of factors, including cage design, stocking density and facility layout. However, as a general estimate, I can give you a rough calculation based on convention.

Hot-dip galvanized broiler cages are designed to maximize space utilization and efficiency. Broiler stocking densities may vary. But for calculation purposes we assume an average stocking density of 10 broilers per square meter.

Number of chickens on hand: 30,000

Chicken cage type: 8-layer H-type broiler chicken cage

Chicken house size = 118*8*9 meters

  Keep in mind that actual requirements may vary depending on cage design, management practices, and local regulations. It is therefore important to consider these factors when planning and operating a broiler farming facility.

How much land does it take to raise 30,000 broilers?

The land area required to raise 30,000 broilers will vary according to the density of the chickens and the space requirements for activities. In floor rearing, broiler chickens are able to move freely, which is crucial for their quality of life and health. Here is a rough estimate based on general assumptions:

Average stocking density: 30 broilers/1 square meter

Number of chickens: 30,000

Required land area: 30,000 / 1 = 1,000 square meters

Therefore, raising 30,000 broilers requires approximately 1,000 square meters of land. This estimate is based on providing 1 square meter of movement space per broiler. However, in practice, stocking density and activity space configuration will vary due to many factors, such as broiler breed, rearing strategy, and farm size.


In our discussion of the amount of land needed to raise 30,000 chickens, we delved into the breed of poultry, the type of farming and their impact on land use. From layers to broilers, from cages to flats, the different options provide variety in farming. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a suitable method to ensure efficient output and sustainability.

To know more about hot-dip galvanized battery cages and its application in farming, we sincerely invite you to contact us.

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Intensive farming using automatic chicken cages in Nigeria

The poultry farming industry in Nigeria is undergoing rapid development, benefiting from the growing demand for eggs and poultry products. With a growing population and increasing demand for protein-rich foods, poultry farming is an industry with great potential.

With its vast farmland and suitable climatic conditions, Nigeria has gradually become an ideal place for poultry farming. Chicken farming not only provides income generating opportunities for farmers, but also contributes to the growth of the local economy. At the same time, the government and private companies are constantly promoting the modernization and sustainable development of the poultry farming industry to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets.

At present, most chicken farmers in Nigeria mainly use free-range farming. This means all their chickens can go outside and have access to food and water at all times, as it is cheaper and easier to set up.

Free-range chickens have the following disadvantages:

Space Requirements and Costs: Free-range farms require more space, and land is expensive to purchase and maintain.

Sanitation challenges: Environmental sanitation is difficult to maintain, chickens are susceptible to diseases and parasites, and it is difficult to ensure fresh and clean food.

High cost: The cost of free-range chickens is relatively high, especially under the current high feed price, the waste of feed is serious.

Difficulties in temperature control: The temperature is not easy to control. Extreme weather such as extreme heat or severe cold may cause a large number of chickens to die, causing heavy losses to farmers.

So free-range chickens are actually not very efficient. In order to solve this problem, the Nigerian government is trying to promote a new method of raising chickens called “automatic chicken cages to raising chickens”, which will help chicken farmers reduce costs and increase productivity.

battery cages for layer

Compared with free-range farms, chickien cage systems have many advantages:

1) It allows farmers to raise more chickens in the same space. That means they use less land, which means they can expand their business and make more money.

2) Farmers can produce eggs or meat faster. This means they can increase capital turnover and make this business more profitable.

3) It can help reduce feeding costs because it is easy to manage feeding allocation and control waste.

4) It allows chickens to lay eggs in automatic chicken cages without having to walk over dirty ground, which eliminates potential contamination of ground feces and collects eggs in a cleaner and more efficient manner.

5) Easy to clean and disinfect poultry farms. This is important because it reduces the risk of disease outbreaks such as bird flu or salmonella, and reduces costs associated with cleaning and disinfection efforts.

6) The temperature and humidity in the chicken house can be monitored and controlled to keep constant throughout the day. This means that the chickens are warm in winter and cool in summer, which improves the survival rate and reduces the mortality rate.

So if you want to start a poultry farm or expand your farm and want to take your chicken farming business to the next level, I highly recommend you to try this new way of raising chickens in automatic chicken cages in Nigeria. We are more than happy to share more information about this battery cage system with you.

chicken cage for sale

Poultry equipment suppliers provide chicken cage system in Nigercia

After years of continuous exploration and in-depth research, Livi Machinery poultry equipment suppliers has established a solid foundation in the Nigerian poultry market. Our in-depth knowledge of the local market allows us to precisely meet the needs of our customers. We have worked with numerous chicken farmers to assist them with complete farm remodeling and equipment upgrades, with remarkable success in these efforts.

Backed by over 30 years of production experience, we know the poultry farming industry inside and out. This means that we are not only aware of the latest technologies and trends, but also able to provide efficient solutions according to the specific situation of our customers. According to your needs and requirements, our professional team can carefully design and manufacture chicken houses and cages that meet your requirements.

Our product line covers various types of automatic layer cages, broiler cages, and pullet cages. These cages are not only beautiful in appearance, but also functional. They are all equipped with automatic feeding system, automatic drinking system, automatic egg collection system, automatic manure cleaning system and automatic climate control system, ensuring a high degree of automation and efficiency in the breeding process. Whether you are engaged in layer farming or broiler farming, we can customize according to your actual situation to ensure the best farming results.

H type broiler chicken cage for sale in Nigeria

H-type broiler cages is a new type of poultry farming equipment, and it is an innovation leading the future of farming. On limited land, the H-shaped design cleverly maximizes the space. Keeping more broilers in your farm creates unprecedented profit opportunities.

There is no longer the need for laborious manual feeding, and the systematic automatic feeding and fresh drinking water system provides a guarantee for the healthy growth of broilers. The automatic manure cleaning system reduces the tedious cleaning work and saves your time and energy. The intelligent temperature and humidity control keeps the chicken house in the most suitable environment at all times, so that each broiler can fully release its productivity.

In Nigeria’s chicken industry, broiler chicken cages represent technological progress and a guarantee of sustainable profitability. It not only meets the high demands of the farming owners for efficiency, productivity and hygiene, but also changes the whole industry.

poultry farming broiler chicken cage system for sale

Chicken Farming Equipment H Type Broiler Cage For Sale In Nigeria

Are you ready to revolutionize your broiler farming experience? Look no further than our cutting-edge H-Type broiler cage system. Engineered to perfection, this system is a game-changer for broiler rearing, offering unparalleled efficiency and ease of management.

Effortless Growth: The broiler chicken cage is designed to accommodate broilers from day-old chicks to 45 days old, eliminating the need for frequent cage changes during their growth period. This seamless transition guarantees stress-free rearing and optimal weight gain.

Durable Construction: Crafted from hot-dip galvanized steel, both the cage and frame exhibit superior durability. This ensures longevity, with materials resistant to corrosion, wear, and tear, allowing for consistent performance over time.

Simplicity in Management: Say goodbye to complex management routines. The H-type broiler cages  is designed for easy control and efficient operation. Spend less time on labor-intensive tasks and more time focusing on the growth and well-being of your broilers.

High Returns: Catering to large-scale farming, our system maximizes your profits. The seamless design allows for high-density rearing, optimizing space utilization without compromising on broiler comfort and health.

Unmatched Efficiency: Witness a transformation in labor efficiency. With streamlined features and automated systems, the H-Type Broiler Cage minimizes the need for manual intervention, thereby reducing labor costs.

Accessories of broiler chicken cage

Advanced PVC Trough: Featuring a new white PVC material, the trough is compression-resistant, heat-resistant, and virtually indestructible. Expect a lifespan of over 15 years with a 100kg load-bearing capacity.

Robust Steel Frame: The 3mm U-Type galvanized steel frame leg is engineered for strength, designed to withstand heavy loads of up to 350kg. The double-DIP galvanization extends its lifespan beyond 15 years.

Automatic Water Nipples: Our 360-degree rotating water nipple system, available in both ball and spring types, ensures a consistent water supply. Choose between stainless steel and plastic options for your convenience.

High-Quality PVC Water Pipe: Resistant to deformation and high temperatures, the PVC water pipe guarantees clean and healthy water supply. With a useful lifespan of over 15 years, your broilers will enjoy optimal hydration.

Precision Regulator: Equipped with a fully enclosed design, voltage regulator, and filter, our system ensures a reliable and controlled environment for your broilers.

Experience the Future of Broiler Rearing with the H-type broiler cages. Elevate your farm’s efficiency, profitability, and overall success. Choose innovation. Choose excellence. Choose the broiler chicken cage.

broiler farm equipment

Nigeria custom broiler chicken cage project

In the thriving development of the farming industry, Livi Machinery is honored to design a future-leading chicken raising project for a valued customer in Nigeria. According to the client’s request, this project aims to install advanced automated H-type broiler chicken cages in open houses, bringing a new cutting-edge solution to broiler chicken farming in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s savannah climate creates an ideal environment for broiler growth. The average annual temperature is suitable for raising broilers in an open environment. This provides a natural advantage for poultry farming in the region. The client’s wish was to realize stable and efficient farming by fully utilizing the potential of the chicken farming industry in such an environment.

In order to meet the high quality requirements of customers, we tailor-made advanced H-type broiler cages for them. The cage net, frame and trough are all hot-dip galvanized to ensure durability and corrosion resistance. The support legs are also made of galvanized steel, adding to the overall solidity and reliability. The customer chose 2 rows and 3 layers of H-type broiler cages, which provide a spacious growth space for broilers. Allow the birds to grow comfortably and maximize their potential.

In the selection of chicken farming equipment, customers are very considerate. They are equipped with an advanced automatic drinking water feeding system to provide stable and reliable water and feed supply for broilers. In addition, the introduction of automatic chicken manual removal equipment has greatly reduced the burden on manpower and improved the efficiency of breeding.

To sum up, this customized project represents the future trend of the farming industry. Livi Machinery is committed to providing innovative chicken farming solutions and creating an excellent farming experience for customers. Whether it is high-quality equipment and materials or advanced automation systems, this project pays attention to details to help Nigerian customers achieve continuous growth and success in the chicken industry.

Automatic A type layer chicken cages for sale

The automatic A-type layer cages is a high-efficiency equipment specially designed for poultry farming. Its unique shape and refined materials make it ideal for modern farms. This chicken cage adopts an A-shaped design, which can make full use of the space of the chicken house and maximize the number of chickens.

The A-type chicken cage design makes full use of the chicken house space and provides a reasonable activity area. At the same time, Q235 international steel wire rod and hot-dip galvanizing process are adopted. It ensures the stability, durability and corrosion resistance of the chicken cage, providing long-lasting value for the farm. Through such design and material selection, the automatic A-type layer cage provides a comfortable and stable living environment for the chickens, and at the same time provides farmers with a convenient management and maintenance experience. Its simple and practical structure makes installation and maintenance more convenient, providing farms with a reliable service life of up to 20 years.

The automatic A-type layer cage is suitable for a wide range of applications, whether it is a large farm or a small and medium-sized poultry farmer, it can benefit from its compact design. Whatever the size of your farming needs, this cage will provide you with a reliable, efficient and durable farming solution.

chicken cage for laying eggs

Advantages of LIVI poultry farming equipment layer chicken cages

LIVI poultry farming equipment is proud to launch layer chicken cages, providing more comprehensive and reliable choices for poultry farmers.

Intelligent farming experience. LIVI layer cage equipment introduces intelligent feeding and automatic egg collection system. Through precise feeding and automated egg collection, the breeding efficiency is improved and labor costs are reduced. As a poultry equipment manufacturer, we know that modern farming needs intelligent support. Therefore, we are committed to providing farmers with more intelligent solutions.

Comfortable living environment. The A-shaped design of the layer cage ensures the movement space and comfort of the chickens. A high-quality environmental control system maintains proper temperature, humidity and ventilation. Create a stress-free living environment for chickens. As a poultry equipment manufacturer, we know the importance of chicken health to the success of farming. Therefore, we strive to provide equipment that can optimize the living environment.

automatic poultry egg collection system in layer chicken farm

Long-lasting and durable material. High-quality Q235 international steel wire and hot-dip galvanizing process are selecte to ensure the corrosion resistance and stability of the laying hen cage. As a poultry equipment manufacturer, we put quality first. Ensure that each piece of equipment has excellent durability to meet the long-term needs of farming.

Compact and efficient space utilization. The A-type design realizes the full use of the chicken house space, and at the same time provides a suitable activity area for the chickens. Regardless of the scale of farming, efficient and orderly farming layout can be achieve. As a poultry equipment manufacturer, we not only pay attention to equipment performance, but also pay attention to the overall efficiency of the farm.

Easy installation and maintenance. The simple and practical structure of the design makes the installation and maintenance of the laying hen cage more convenient. As a poultry equipment manufacturer, we consider the actual needs of farmers, and strive to reduce the difficulty of equipment operation and improve breeding efficiency.

By combining the unique advantages of LIVI poultry farming equipment layer chicken cages with the professional advantages of poultry equipment manufacturers. We are committed to providing you with an integrated solution. We believe in taking advantage of these advantages. You will be able to achieve greater success and sustainable returns in the field of poultry farming. Whatever the size of your farming, we look forward to working with you.

Specifications of type A layer chicken cage

According to the actual situation of different farms, we provide A-type chicken cage of various sizes to meet the needs of various scales of farming. This flexibility makes our cages perfectly adaptable to various farming scenarios. The following are the specifications of our A-type layer cages:

A Type layer cages is made of high-quality Q235 international steel wire rod, which is processed by hot-dip galvanizing process. Ensure that the cages are excellent in terms of stability, durability and corrosion resistance. Its unique A-shaped design not only makes full use of the chicken coop space. It also provides a comfortable environment for the chickens to create a solid foundation for efficient farming.

types of battery layer chicken cage specification

Chicken house layout for A type layer cage

Layout of 4-Tier A Type Layer Cage for 10,000 Layers

Number of Layers: 10,000

Chicken Cage Type: A Type, 4 Tiers

Chicken Cage Layout: 160 Chickens per Set

Chicken House Size: L × W × H = 236.22ft × 26.25ft × 13.12ft (72m × 8m × 4m)

Cage Capacity and Calculation:

Each A Type 4-tier cage accommodates 160 layers.

Total number of cages needed: 11,200 layers / 160 layers per cage = 68 sets of cages needed.

Chicken Cage Layout:

Number of sets per row: 34 sets/row

Number of rows per house: 2 rows/house

Total Capacity:

Total number of sets in the chicken house: 2 rows × 34 sets/row = 68 sets

Total capacity of the chicken house: 68 sets × 160 layers/set = 11,200 layers/house

This layout configuration would allow you to effectively house and manage 11,200 layers in your poultry house using the specified A type 4-tier layer cages.

10000 birds battery chicken cage project in Philippines

Potential and Opportunities in the Philippine Poultry Farming Market

The Philippine poultry farming market holds enormous potential and compelling opportunities. With population growth and improved living standards, the demand for high-quality poultry meat continues to rise. In this context, traditional farming methods face challenges such as limited land and environmental problems. As an innovative model, battery chicken cages in Philippines have become a solution to these problems.

This brand-new farming method has natural advantages in the Philippines. Through the vertical design, it can maximize the use of limited land and realize large-scale farming. Advanced management technology and intelligent equipment effectively reduce costs and increase production capacity. The optimized feeding environment ensures the healthy growth of poultry and produces high-quality poultry meat.

For investors and farmers, battery cages are the key to success. It not only meets market demand, but also provides high-yield, low-cost, and environmentally friendly solutions. This is an era full of opportunities. Seizing the opportunities of battery chicken cages will promote the vigorous development of the poultry farming industry in the Philippines and obtain rich economic returns.

layers cages for sale

The case of 10,000 battery chicken cages in Philippines

In the Philippine breeding farm, a typical case of 10,000 battery chicken cages provides exciting opportunities for farmers and investors.

The farm is based on a chicken house with a length of 68 meters, a width of 7 meters and a height of 3.5 meters, and adopts modern A-type chicken cages. Each set of cages accommodates 160 chickens, maximizing land use efficiency. This vivid practice demonstrates the extraordinary achievements of stacked chicken cages in optimizing space utilization.

Battery chicken cage offer an astounding number of advantages on the farm. First of all, high-density breeding has greatly increased production capacity and met the growing market demand. Secondly, the intelligent design of the A-type chicken cage ensures the comfortable life of the chickens, thus ensuring high-quality output. What’s more worth mentioning is that the application of automated feeding and excretion systems has greatly reduced labor costs and brought huge economic returns to the farm.

Farmer Fredreich, one of the pioneers of battery cages, is grateful for the innovation. He not only experienced the improvement of production efficiency, but also felt the increase of economic benefits. He believes that this technology has not only brought a leap forward in agriculture, but also made positive contributions to the food security and sustainable economic development of the Philippines.

chicken cage for sale

Return on investment brought by battery cages

In the Philippines, the return on investment for raising 10,000 chickens using battery chicken cages is an amazing figure. As a typical example, assume that each chicken can lay 250 eggs per year. One unit per lay. Each unit of eggs is sold at PHP 1. In this scenario, let us calculate the specific return on investment.

First, each chicken produces 250 eggs per year, for a total of 2.5 million eggs for 10,000 chickens. Selling at 1 peso per unit egg. This will bring you 2.5 million pesos in sales.

Secondly, considering the cost of feeding, battery chicken cages can effectively reduce labor costs and energy costs. Compared with traditional breeding methods, automated feeding and environmental control systems reduce human input, and efficient use of space reduces energy consumption. These cost reductions will directly increase your return on investment.

Plus, the high throughput of battery cages means faster turnover. Increased egg production will speed up your sales cycle, further boosting your revenue.

Comprehensive calculation, the battery cage poultry farming of 10,000 chickens can not only ensure stable sales revenue, but also bring significant return on investment in reducing costs and increasing turnover. If you want to succeed in the farming industry in the Philippines and obtain sustainable economic benefits, stacked chicken cages are definitely worth your deep consideration.

Why Battery Chicken Cages Are Suitable For The Philippine Poultry Industry?

In the Philippine poultry farming industry, the battery chicken cage has become a model for the future farming model with its innovative design. First of all, the Philippines has limited land resources, so the rational use of space is particularly critical. Chicken cages maximize the limited land area. It provides high-efficiency space solutions for farms.

The battery cage not only increases the breeding density, but also optimizes the breeding environment. There is a growing demand for poultry meat in the Philippines and high yields are the key to success. The cage design allows more birds to grow in the same space, allowing for higher breeding densities. At the same time, the modern environmental control system of the stacked cages can also maintain stable temperature, humidity and ventilation. Creating a suitable housing environment helps to improve the health and growth rate of poultry.

Most importantly, the cost savings and sustainability brought about by battery chicken cages provide reliable support for the development of poultry farming in the Philippines. The automated management system reduces labor costs, and precise resource allocation reduces waste and further improves efficiency. This sustainable farming model is also in line with the Philippines’ growing environmental awareness and sustainable development goals.

To sum up, battery chicken cages in Philippines have become the future choice for the poultry farming industry. Whether it is to reduce costs or pursue sustainable development, stacked chicken cages have brought broad opportunities and economic returns to farmers. In this promising market, cages are leading the Philippine poultry farming industry forward.

Zambia poultry farm layer chicken cages for sale

Zambia’s poultry farming industry has ushered in a high-profile impetus –  high-quality layer chicken cages for sale. These purpose-built poultry cages are designed to provide a more comfortable and productive environment for laying hens. This eye-catching move has attracted widespread attention in the industry and is expected to bring new development opportunities for Zambia’s poultry industry.

Layer chicken cage in Zambia poultry farm

In poultry farms in Zambia, layer cages have become a highly respected practice. This advanced way of raising chickens has brought many benefits to farmers. The chicken industry in Zambia has entered a new stage of development.

Layer cages increase chicken production efficiency on Zambian farms. The scientific layout and rational planning of the chicken coop make full use of the limited space. Each bird gets enough space to move around freely, which helps reduce stress and competition and improves living conditions for the birds. In addition, the chicken house is also equipped with modern drinking water and feed facilities. Effectively reduce the waste of resources, improve feeding efficiency, and then increase egg production.

This way of raising chickens also brings convenience to the management of Zambian farms. The design of layer cages makes it easier for farmers to observe and monitor the health and performance of the chickens. The intelligent temperature and humidity control system allows farmers to better control the chicken raising environment. Create more suitable growth conditions for chickens and improve the management efficiency of chicken farms.

realiable poultry cage supplier in zambia

Layer cages have brought more stable economic returns to Zambian farms. By improving egg production and feeding efficiency, farmers can obtain more high-quality eggs, which improves the market competitiveness of products. This steady economic return helps support the sustainable development of the farm and increases farmers’ income.

Layer cages in Zambia poultry farm is an innovation of great significance to the poultry farming industry in Zambia. Its advantages are that it improves feeding efficiency, facilitates management and brings stable economic benefits. With the popularity of this advanced chicken farming method, Zambian farms are expected to usher in a more prosperous and sustainable chicken industry development.

Why choose the battery cage for layers?

When it comes to why choose battery layer cages for egg production. Zambian farmers often view the benefits as unique and significant. This cage design offers the farmer a unique set of advantages that have important implications for egg production and farm economics.

Increased production and economic efficiency. battery chicken cages can accommodate more chickens in a limited space, thereby significantly increasing egg production. In a country like Zambia, where the population is growing rapidly and demand for eggs is increasing, this is of great significance to farmers, resulting in stable economic returns.

The battery cage for layers in Zambia are designed reasonably, which can reduce the waste of feed and water. As a developing country in Zambia, efficient use of resources is particularly important for farmers, which can reduce production costs and increase profits.

Battery layer cages reduce the direct contact of chickens with manure, helping to reduce the risk of disease transmission. In places like Zambia, where disease poses a high threat to the poultry industry, improving sanitation is critical for farmers.

The design of cages makes it easier to manage and monitor the chickens. Farmers can more easily observe the health status of the chickens, control the supply of feed and water, detect problems in time and take measures to ensure the health and productivity of the flock.

Zambia has limited land resources. The chicken cages can be stacked vertically to minimize the footprint. This helps farmers expand the scale of raising chickens on limited land, increase output, and achieve higher economic benefits.

poultry equipment of layer chicken cage for sale

Best Price Zambia Poultry farm layer chicken cage

When farmers in Zambia buy poultry farm layer chicken cage, finding battery cages at the right price is often an important consideration. In this regard, factory prices of layer chicken cage can often be obtained by cooperating with poultry equipment manufacturers. This will help them save costs and get more cost-effective products. It is worth mentioning that Livi Machinery is an experienced poultry equipment manufacturer. Not only is LIVI able to offer competitive prices, but it also brings other unique advantages to farmers.

In addition to reasonable prices, Livi machinery equipment manufacturers are also able to provide high quality poultry farming equipment. They have extensive experience in poultry farming. This enables them to provide farmers with professional advice and customized solutions. These chicken coops are carefully designed and manufactured with high-quality materials. So it has excellent durability and long life. It can bring stable return on investment to farmers.

In addition, Livi machinery poultry equipment manufacturers provide comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services, including assisting in the installation and commissioning of chicken cage equipment, providing training and technical support. This provides convenience for farmers to solve problems and maintain equipment during use, ensuring the normal operation of poultry farm layer chicken cage, thereby helping them achieve efficient poultry farming and egg production.


Choosing the right poultry equipment, especially high-quality battery layer cages, is critical to a farmer’s success and productivity. In this regard, cooperate with experienced poultry equipment manufacturers. For example, Livi machinery poultry equipment manufacturers can bring unique advantages to Zambian farmers.

The purchase of chicken cages at the right price is the primary goal of farmers. Because it helps control costs and improve return on investment. At the same time, high-quality poultry equipment can ensure long-term stable production.

As a manufacturer that has been deeply involved in poultry farming for many years, Livi machinery poultry equipment manufacturer not only provides competitive prices, but also devotes itself to providing farmers with professional technical support and after-sales service. High-quality layer chicken cage design and reliability enable Zambian farmers to stand out and succeed in the fierce market competition.

Egg production is an important part of Zambian agriculture. The support of excellent poultry equipment manufacturers is the key for farmers to achieve increased production and economic prosperity.

If you also want to become a modern poultry farmer, please contact us

Suitable broiler cages for your poultry house

The Advantages of Utilizing Broiler Cages

Battery cages for broilers are essential for successful broiler rearing, offering numerous advantages that contribute to the efficiency and profitability of poultry farming. Here are the key benefits of utilizing broiler cages

High standard automation. Broiler chicken cages are equipped with advanced automation systems for feed delivery, drinking water and manure disposal. This ensures precise and consistent allocation of resources, reduces manual labor, and promotes optimal growing conditions for the chicken.

Save labor costs. By using chicken cages, farmers can greatly reduce labor input. The automated system simplifies the feeding and drinking process, minimizing the need for constant monitoring and intervention. This frees up time and resources so farmers can focus on other key aspects of their operations.

High stocking density and space efficiency. Battery broiler cages can achieve high-density feeding and maximize the use of land in poultry farms. By battery cages vertically, farmers can accommodate more chicken in a smaller area. This efficient use of space translates into higher productivity and increased profitability.

Chicken manure is completely separated. Broiler hicken cages are designed with features that effectively separate chicken manure from birds. This reduces the risk of disease and improves overall hygiene. The collected chicken manure can be easily managed and disposed of, reducing odor and environmental pollution.

Easy maintenance. broiler cages are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. Its corrosion-resistant material requires less maintenance. A regular maintenance routine will help keep your chicken in a clean and hygienic environment.

poultry farming broiler chicken cage system for sale

Introduction to the Broiler Cage System

The broiler cage system revolutionizes the way poultry farmers rear broilers by incorporating automated components for enhanced efficiency. Here’s an overview of the key elements:

  1. Automatic Feeding System: This system ensures accurate and consistent feed distribution to broilers, minimizing labor and reducing feed wastage. It provides a balanced diet for optimal growth.
  2. Automatic Drinking System: Broilers have continuous access to clean water through nipple drinkers or water cups. This system ensures adequate hydration and promotes their overall well-being.
  3. Automatic Manure Removal System: Waste accumulation is minimized with this system, which removes manure from the cages using belts, scrapers, or conveyors. It improves hygiene and reduces disease transmission risks.
  4. Automatic Poultry Ventilation System: Maintaining optimal environmental conditions, this system regulates air circulation, temperature, humidity, and air quality. It prevents heat stress and respiratory issues in broilers.

The integration of these automated components brings numerous benefits. It enhances operational efficiency, reduces labor requirements, improves resource utilization, and creates a healthier environment for broilers. By implementing the broiler cage system, farmers can optimize production processes, increase profitability, and ensure optimal care for their broilers.

In brief, the broiler cage system in poultry farming includes automated feeding, drinking, manure removal, and ventilation systems. This comprehensive setup transforms broiler rearing, improving productivity and promoting broiler well-being. By adopting this system, farmers can establish sustainable and successful broiler farming operations.

Automatic broiler chicken cage

Why Livi’s Broiler Cage System Stands Out

If you’re considering purchasing broiler cages for sale to ensure the success of your broiler-rearing business, look no further than Livi’s broiler poultry farming equipment. Here are the reasons why Livi stands out in the industry:

  1. Durable Construction: Our broiler cages are built to last, using high-quality International Q235 steel. This ensures durability and resilience, even in demanding farming conditions.
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About poultry battery cages you should know

Poultry battery cages are an innovative chicken raising facility. It has created a wave in the chicken industry with its high efficiency and space-saving features. The ingenious design of poultry stacked chicken cages allows farms to use limited space more flexibly. And battery cage systems can maximize output and profitability.

We’ll take an in-depth look at the design and function of poultry battery cages, and the advantages it offers over traditional rearing methods. We will also pay attention to the environmental protection and sustainability features of battery chicken cages, and how to choose and purchase high-quality chicken cages suitable for your own chicken farm.

Let us embark on this journey of understanding and exploring poultry cages together. To discuss how to bring new development opportunities and prospects to the breeding industry through modern chicken raising methods. Whether you are an experienced chicken farmer or just new to poultry farming, we believe this article will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Automatic battery chicken cage system

What is poultry battery cage?

Poultry chicken cages are a modern poultry breeding facility. It usually consists of multi-tier platforms, and battery chicken cages are installed on each platform. To accommodate different chicken sizes and behaviors, chicken cages vary in size and shape. This vertical design makes full use of the space above and can achieve high-density farming.

Each cage usually has feed boxes, drinking fountains and manure cleaning equipment, which is convenient for managers to carry out feeding and cleaning. The ventilation system of poultry battery cages is also very important to ensure that the chickens live in good ventilation conditions and reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Tips of chicken battery cage in poultry farm

As a modern poultry farming method, poultry battery chicken cages have many advantages. Making it an increasingly popular chicken raising facility.

1. Increase chicken density and save space.

Traditional flat chicken farms often need to occupy a large area of land to raise a large number of poultry. The poultry battery cage adopts a three-dimensional design. More chickens can be accommodated on a limited space. Through multi-tier stacking, the chicken density is greatly increased and precious site resources are saved.

2. It is convenient to manage and monitor the health status of chickens.

The vertical design of the poultry tiered cage allows the birds to be distributed on different levels. It is convenient for managers to monitor and observe the chickens. Chicken farms can set up surveillance cameras and other facilities. Monitor the activity and health of chickens in real time. This convenient monitoring capability facilitates early detection of anomalies and targeted management. Improve the operational efficiency of chicken farms and the health of chickens.

Poultry Farming Equipments

3. Promote feeding efficiency and increase production:

The design of poultry cages allows chickens to live in a relatively closed environment. It is convenient for centralized management and centralized feeding. Breeders can more precisely control feed supply and water intake, reducing waste. In addition, chickens move in relatively small spaces. It also reduces unnecessary energy consumption and makes feed conversion more efficient, thereby increasing production.

4. Reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission.

The vertical design of chicken battery cages helps reduce contact between poultry. Reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission. Infectious diseases spread more easily in traditional farms when the density of chickens is too high. The design of the battery chicken cage makes the distance between the chickens relatively far. Reduces the possibility of disease transmission.

5. Reduce feed waste.

The feeding system of poultry battery cages is usually automated. Can precisely control the supply of feed. Feed waste by chickens is reduced. Traditional feeding methods may lead to feed scatter and waste. The design of poultry battery chicken cages can minimize this waste. Feed cost is saved.

Design and functional characteristics of poultry cages

The design and functional characteristics of the poultry battery cages comprehensively consider the living needs of chickens and the actual situation of artificial breeding. High-quality materials and structures ensure the stability and durability of the cages, and the ventilation and drainage systems maintain the health of the chickens and the cleanliness of the house environment. And automatic feeding and drinking facilities have improved feeding efficiency and economic benefits. These features make poultry battery chicken cages an important part of the modern poultry farming industry. Provide farmers with more convenient and efficient chicken raising solutions.

Chicken cage material and structure. Poultry battery cages are usually made of high quality steel or galvanized wire. The construction of the cage is strong and durable, able to withstand the weight and movement of the birds.

Automated poultry ventilation and removal systems. Well-designed battery poultry cages take ventilation and drainage into account. A reasonable ventilation system ensures air circulation, which is conducive to maintaining chicken health. At the same time, the disposal of excreta is also very important. An effective drainage system can quickly remove manure from the house. Prevent infection and disease spread.

Automatic  poultry feeding and drinking systems. Modern poultry chicken cages are usually equipped with automated feeding and drinking facilities. These facilities can automatically supply the appropriate feed and water according to the preset time and number of birds. Automated feeding and watering can improve husbandry efficiency. Reduce labor input and ensure chickens get enough feed and water to promote healthy growth.

Economic benefits and return on investment of adopting poultry cages

The economic benefits of adopting poultry chicken cages are very significant. First of all, centralized feeding and management reduces labor costs and improves chicken management efficiency. Secondly, the automatic feeding system precisely controls the feed supply, saving the cost of feed. At the same time, the designed high-density breeding method saves land use costs. In addition, reducing the contact between chickens reduces the risk of disease transmission and saves the cost of disease prevention and control. Finally, the operation of automated equipment enables effective savings in energy costs.

Centralized feeding and management of poultry chicken cages. And the advantage of easy monitoring of chicken health helps to improve chicken efficiency and production. Farmers can more precisely control feed supply and health management, promote healthy growth of chickens, and increase egg production rate or broiler slaughter rate.

Although the initial investment of poultry battery chicken cages is relatively high. But the economic benefits and return on investment are often significant. Save land cost and feed cost, and increase production. Shorten the payback period of investment. Also, modern chicken cage designs usually feature high-quality materials. The service life of the equipment is increase, and the long-term return on investment is more considerable.

battery chicken cage system for layer

How to choose the best battery chicken cage?

When choosing and buying battery chicken cages in the market. Here are some suggestions to help poultry farmers make informed choices.

1. Determine the appropriate size. According to your own chicken scale and needs, choose the appropriate chicken cage size. Make sure the size of the cage can accommodate the desired number of birds. At the same time, provide enough space for the chickens to move and rest.

2. Compare brands and quality. Look at different brands of poultry battery cages on the market and compare their quality and functionality. Understand the reputation and reputation of the manufacturer, and choose a popular and reliable brand. Make sure the cages you buy are durable and meet safety standards.

3. Consider price and value for money. The battery cages price of different brands and models may vary, and the cost performance must be consider comprehensively. It is not necessary to choose the cheapest one, but to find a chicken cage whose performance and price match. Make sure you get your money’s worth.

4. Understand the terms of after-sales service and warranty. Understand the after-sales service and warranty terms provided by the manufacturer before purchasing. Make sure that the buy poultry battery cages have comprehensive after-sales support. In order to get timely maintenance and support in case of problems during use.

5. Refer to user reviews and comments. Check out other user reviews and opinions before buying. Learn about their experience and opinions on using this chicken cage. This can help you gain a more complete understanding of the product’s strengths and weaknesses for better decision-making.

Poultry battery chicken cages have many advantages as a modern poultry farming method. The importance of this chicken breeding facility is to bring more benefits and development opportunities to the farming industry. Through modern management methods, the efficiency of chicken raising can be improved, the waste of resources can be reduced, and the sustainable development of the chicken industry can be promoted.

If you are interested in poultry battery cages or need more information. Please email: We will provide you with professional consultation and answers to help you better understand battery chicken cages.

Excellence of LIVI Layer Chicken Cages – A Special Email

A special email to LIVI Machinery

In July 2023, LIVI poultry equipment supplier received a special letter. We are proud and honored to receive this letter.

Dear LIVI Team,

I hope this email lets you know how grateful and content I am. I am your loyal customer from Nigeria. A few months ago, I purchased 188 sets of 4-tier A-type layer cages to raising 30,000 birds. I am happy to tell you that these layer chicken cages are already in use. Advanced automatic layer cages create a comfortable and clean environment for my chicken farm. I am writing this letter to express my thanks.

Firstly, your team served me kindly and responded promptly when I contacted LIVI. Then, LIVI provided me with professional advice and a purchase plan for layer chicken cages. High yields and quality products allowed me to start my laying hen farming business right away. Finally, I am very satisfied with your after-sales service.

It is a wise choice to choose LIVI poultry farming equipment. I look forward to further cooperation with U.

Thank you very much!                                             

Your customer


We are also quite excited to receive this letter from the customer, because it has been recognized by the customer. We sincerely thank you for your company and support along the way! LIVI’s business covers more than 80 countries and regions around the world, with annual sales exceeding 10 million sets. The sales market of layer chicken cages is vast and has been continuously recognized by everyone.

layer chicken farm project in NIgeria
4 Tiers A Type Layer Chicken Cages In Anderson’s Farm

LIVI company has been committed to providing high-quality layer chicekn cage products and excellent service. Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation and glory. His letter touched us deeply and further strengthened our determination to continue improving and innovating.

Whether it is with our customers around the world or with each partner, we always maintain a friendly, professional attitude and strive to provide the best solution for every need. Choosing LIVI layer cages means choosing high-quality, durable and efficient chicken farming equipment, which will bring long-term value and returns to your farming business.

Reasons for recommending customers to use A-type layer cages

The reason why customers like the 4-tier A-type layer cages so much. Mainly because they have many advantages and features that can bring many benefits to the customer’s chicken farming business.

1. The chicken cage design is simple and practical. The 4-tier A-type layer cage is simple in design, easy to operate and easy to maintain. They provide customers with a high-efficiency feeding method and reduce the tedious operations in the process of raising chickens.

2. Economical. The 4-tier A-type layer cage has a lower investment cost and a faster return on investment. This is an ideal option for customers who are just starting a chicken business or have a limited budget.

3. High output. A Type chicken cages can achieve a high degree of automation, equipped with automatic feeding and drinking systems, which greatly improves the feeding efficiency and enables customers to obtain higher output.

poultry cage for layers
Hot Sell A Type Layer Chicken Cage

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4. Meet the needs of chickens. The design of the inclination angle of the bottom net is 7°, which is more suitable for raising laying hens, effectively reducing the egg breaking rate and improving the quality of eggs.

5. Durable and reliable. The mesh of the layer chicken cage is made of high-hardness Q235 international steel wire, and it is hot-dip galvanized, which makes it have excellent durability and has a service life of up to 15-20 years.

6. Safe and comfortable. The welding process ensures the firmness and safety of the cage without harming the chickens. A comfortable and clean housing environment helps to improve the performance of laying hens.

The 4-tier A-type chicken cage is a high-quality, high-efficiency, durable and reliable chicken breeding equipment, which perfectly meets the needs of customers for chicken farming business. Therefore, customers have a soft spot for this layer cages and have started a successful chicken farming business based on them.

Why do they trust and buy layer chicken cage?

  1. Lifetime of up to 15-20 years: The layer chicken cage mesh is Q235 international steel wire with high hardness. Cages mesh uses high tensile strength and the material of cage mesh adopts a hot dip galvanizing process that is generally 3-4 times the service life of could galvanizing, and have a lifetime of up to 15-20 years.
  2. Creating a strong and safe layer cage: the cage mesh welding process adopts automatic welder welding which can reach 500N tension without peeling. Meanwhile, welding is clean without welding slag. High welding strength and no solder joints, will not scratch the chicken.
  3. Automatic system: Our layer chicken cages are equipped with automatic drinking and feeding systems. High automation makes the farm labor-saving and easy to operate.
  4. Low broken egg rate: After a lot of experiments and breeding experience, our bottom mesh tilt Angle is 7° which is more suitable for layer breeding and greatly reduces the broken egg rate.
poultry cage manufacture
LIVI Poultry Equipment Supplier

After-sale serve and great poultry equipment supplier

  1. Installation and maintenance: LIVI offers installation and maintenance except for the installation, we will also offer your workers more guidance on the use and maintenance of the equipment.
  2. Customized service: LIVI will provide customers with the most reasonable solution according to their budget and land size. Giving the most suitable solution for customers, and it is free.
  3. Rich experience: As an excellent poultry equipment supplier we have more than twenty years of experience and improvement in the poultry farming equipment field. You can trust us. 

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