Layer cage equipment is being successfully installed in Zimbabwe

In May 2022, a Zimbabwean customer ordered a complete set of automatic poultry equipment for 2 standardized chicken houses from our company. Including layer chicken cages in Zimbabwe, automatic egg collection equipment, automatic chicken feeding equipment, automatic chicken drinking water equipment, ventilation and cooling equipment, environmental control equipment, etc. Recently, it has successfully arrived in Zimbabwe and is in the process of orderly installation and commissioning.


The Zimbabwean customer purchased layer cage equipment this time. Just a few of the many farms. This cooperation has been successfully reached, and the customer is very satisfied with our company’s equipment. And said that the complete equipment of other chicken houses will continue to cooperate with us. Thank customers for their trust in us.



LIVI Machinery has extensive experience in producing high-quality farming equipment. It has won the trust and praise of foreign customers for many times. Every year orders from abroad are deliver in a timely and smooth manner.


If you are also interest in our poultry equipment, please do not hesitate to leave a message to contact me. I will communicate with you within 24 hours.