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Layer battery chicken coop in Livi has the standard and special layout which is similar to shape of the layer. The leading purpose of the layer battery cage design is to provide a comfortable environment for the layer, and during the poultry layer farming process, major advantages of the layer battery cage design mainly expressed in the front net, cage door, farming density and the angle of the eggs.

Layer Battery Chicken Cage

a type battery chciken cage system for sale


Type: A-Type and H-Type
Size: A-Type: 1950mm*350mm*380mm
H-Type: 1800mm*600mm*430mm
Tiers: A-Type ( 3 – 4 Tiers ); H-Type ( 3 – 8 Tiers )
Raw material: International Q235 steel
Cage frame: U-shaped steel bar
Anti-corrosion treatment process: Electrostatic spraying


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With so much “eggsperience” in foreign trade, Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd specializes in producing layer cages for egg production. The automatic layer cage provides a very clean circumstance for laying chickens. Considering the trait of layer, we also offer an efficient egg collection equipment to ensure eggs complete. Both A type layer and H type layer cages for pullet layers, breeding layers and growing layers are available on the basis of customers’ demands.

Layer battery cage system consist of two types, A type and vertical H type, which is applicable to various kinds of chicken house ( opened type, half-opened type, closed type ).

layer cage type

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A type layer battery chicken cages has advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and operation, lower input costs and fast earnings. At the same time, this kind of chicken house has high selectivity for its automatic equipment. According to different demands, you can choose different cages like semi-automatic cage, lower configuration cage or higher configuration chicken layer cage. Customers also could choose the poultry layer cages only for their needs.

A-Type-and-H-Type-Battery-Layer-Cage--with-Autoamtic-Feeding,-Egg-Collection-System Price List

H type  layer battery chicken cages for sale has features of high automation and density. This chicken cages could increase the usage of house and land effectively, reduce feeding costs and improve labor productivity. Compared to A type ladder layer chicken cage which has high costs in its device hardware, H type chicken equipment possesses higher cost benefit ration in the long term.

Features of Layer Battery Chicken Cages:

1) Easy cleaning, installation and maintenance
2) Simple structure but solid.
3) Hot galvanized and non-toxic
4) Full-automatic, high efficient
5) Lower density to protect the poultry
6) Good ventilation, lower disease rate
7) Long lifespan

Best chicken farming supplies are suitable for your poultry farming industry.

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What’s superiorities of layer battery chicken cages in Livi?

1. Flexibility in layer battery chicken cages design can meet customers’ different needs on decks.
2. Reasonable structure can increase egg production.
3. Smooth welding mesh prevents chickens from foot infection.
4. Dipped galvanized treatment develops an anti-corrosion surface and long time usage.
5. The unique design of the egg collection system makes minimized egg damage rate.
6. The automatic manure removal system creates a clean and comfortable environment for chickens.
7. Each tier has its own feeding trough which can be adjusted flexibly.
8. The nipple drinker meets the trait of chickens and reduces leakage.

Livi layer battery chicken cages is made by Q235 steel and hot galvanized, with its scientific design, reasonable angle rollout of the egg and lower egg breakage, we have passed ISO9001 quality certification system, and we were also deeply trusted by our clients. 3-8 decks is available in our factory depending on your order. If you have questions, please contact us and sincerely welcome to our factory!

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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