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Layer Cages

Automatic Poultry Chicken Farm Layer Battery Cages for Sale

Poultry battery cages are used to raise various breeds of chickens, especially for egg laying chicken. The battery cage gets its name from the rows and columns of identical chicken cages connected together. Using layer battery chicken cages to raise poultry can achieve efficient and scientific breeding, and can also ensure the quality of life of poultry, and you can also obtain higher income through poultry farming. With layer battery chicken cages, farmers can raise poultry easily and efficiently. It can save labor, reduce the cost of space and input. LIVI Machinery is a professional poultry cage manufacturer. In the laying hen breeding project, we mainly provide A-type manual layer chicken cages, automatic A-type layer battery cages and automatic H type layer battery cage. Automatic Poultry Chicken Farm Layer Battery Cages For Sale

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Chicken Layer Cages for Sale

The layer battery cages are also known as the egg layer cages. Poultry battery cage for layer features high automation and high density. It can effectively save land and cost. It is more suitable for 5000-50000 laying hens in a single house. LIVI machinery layer battery cages and frames are made of Q235 mild steel, which is strong and durable. Our battery chicken cage for layer are heavy duty galvanized for excellent corrosion resistance. The system has passed ISO9001:2008 certification, with scientific design, solid work, efficient structure and perfect installation services.
A type manual poultry battery cage for sale

A Type Manual Layer Chicken Cage

A type manual poultry battery cage for sale, with high quality and proper price. The manual layer chicken cage has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance,  low input cost and fast earnings. You can choose to use only chicken cages, semi-automatic or fully automatic equipment according to your different choices. This layer poultry battery cage is more suitable for medium-sized poultry chicken farms.

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Automatic A Type Layer Battery Cage for Sale

Automatic A Type Chicken Layer Cage

The automatic A-type chicken layer  cage has a trapezoidal structure, and the structure is stable and generally has 3 or 4 tiers. The fully automatic layer cage system includes battery cage system, automatic feeding, drinking water, manure cleaning, egg collection, and environmental control system. LIVI machinery poultry farming equipment automatic layer battery cage system is suitable for medium and large poultry farms with 10,000 chickens and above. It can greatly reduce the labor intensity of farmers and save time and cost.

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H type layer battery chicken cages for sale

Automatic H Type Laying Hen Cage

H type laying hen cages for sale has features of high automation and density. This chicken cages could increase the usage of house and land effectively, reduce feeding costs and improve labor productivity. Compared to A type laying hen cage which has high costs in its device hardware, H type chicken equipment possesses higher cost benefit ration in the long term.

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Layer Chicken Cage Specifications

types of battery layer chicken cage specification LIVI poultry cage manufacturers sell different types and sizes of layer battery cage equipment. Our equipment quality and the price of layer battery cages will not let you down. If you have any ideas for chicken cages in your poultry farm, we can provide customized services for your chicken farm.

Advantages Of Layer Battery Cage

advantage of battery layer  chicken cage system

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> Durable hot-dip galvanized material with a lifespan of 15-20 years. > Intensive management and automated control. > Provide adequate and well-distributed feed to each layer.
> less than 0.3% egg broken rate。 > Well ventilated and comfortable environment. > Suitable for manual or semi-automatic, open house feeding.

Automatic Poultry Equipment System in Chicken Farm

Automatic poultry equipment can realize automatic feeding, manure cleaning, egg collection, environmental control, etc. Poultry can have a comfortable growing environment, and it also improves the efficiency of poultry farming for poultry farming friends, so as to obtain profits faster.
Automatic Poultry Egg Collection System and Automatic Poultry Feeding System
  • Automatic Egg Collection System-Reduce Egg Broken Rate. Automatic egg collection system is used to collect eggs. It saves time and labor and reduces egg breakage to 0.3%.
  • Automatic Poultry Feeding System-Feed Chickens Evenly. The automatic feeding system has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient maintenance. It can reduce artificial feeding and waste caused by artificial feeding.
Automatic Poultry Manure Cleaning System and Automatic Environmental Control System
  • Automatic Poultry Manure Cleaning System-Give Comfortable Living Environment. The automatic manure removal system can clean up chicken manure in time, reduce chicken sickness and reduce mortality.
  • Automatic Environmental Control System-Give Chickens Best Living Environment. Automatic environmental control equipment can discharge high indoor temperature, reduce indoor temperature, and improve indoor air.

Layer Battery Chicken Cages Manufacturers

LIVI is a layer battery chicken cage manufacturer and supplier with 30 years of experience, mainly providing battery cage systems (layer cage for sale, broiler cage for sale, and baby chick cage for sale) and automated auxiliary equipment. Currently, our company exports battery cage systems to more than 80 countries around the world. We not only provide customers with first-class poultry breeding equipment, but also provide customers with professional breeding solutions and chicken farm/house design solutions according to their actual needs.

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