Poultry Egg Production Equipment | Layer Farming Cages in Philippines

Poultry egg Production Equipment (Layer Cages for sale)

Egg production farming in the Philippines is becoming increasingly mechanized as the industry’s poultry equipment is increasingly modernized and automated. And from the point of poultry equipment view, a capable poultry farmers knows clearly that a great deal of egg production depend upon many factors such as quality of layer cages for sale and reasonable configuration of your egg layer cages for sale in Philippines poultry market.Livi has organized a team that focus on researching and develop the technology of poultry egg production equipment of layer farming cages for sale in Philippines. When you are going to set up your chicken farms in Philippines, we believe that we are your reliable partner to supply you reasonable price and best quality of chicken poultry egg layer cage equipment. Let’s look at the detailed information of egg production equipment for layer cages system.

Our layer cages have been used in 1000+ poultry farms, and have been well received by many poultry farmers. First of all, layer farming cages in poultry egg production equipment can reduce the breaking rate of eggs to 0.3%. The quality is well guaranteed, and the use of Q235 international steel wire rods is strong and durable, so that the poultry cage equipment has a life span of about 20 years. The 2mm U-shaped cage net has enough support to allow poultry to live in the cage.

We are a professional egg production equipment for layer cages system manufacturer. And we has been in business for 30 years. Over the years, the company has grown to become an industry leader in the supply of livestock equipment.

Two types of Farming Equipment for sale

poultry egg production equipment of layer farming cages for sale

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A type and H type constitute the majority of layer chicken cage types. A type egg production chicken equipment are suitable for birds quantity about 10,000 to 25,000. And H type layer farming cages for sale are suitable for quantities above 50,000 flocks. All the egg production equipment can realize full automatic performance in your farms according to your demands in Philippines poultry farms.

A Type laying hen cage mainly has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, and low investment cost. It is more suitable for medium-sized poultry farms. The H-type chicken cage has a high degree of automation and can minimize labor costs. It is more of a large poultry farm.

Whether it is A-type or H-type poultry equipment battery cage, layer farming cages for sale in Philippines can realize fully automated poultry control and management. Poultry farmers can choose automatic drinking water, feeding, eggs, manure cleaning, environmental control, etc. to realize automatic farming.

For egg laying birds equipment for sale, we recommend you to equipped with our most representative equipment of automatic egg collection system that matched with your egg layer battery cages system. It can not only uplift your egg production with characteristics of decreasing breakage rate of eggs , but also save your a half of working time than traditional manual ways of collecting eggs.


Another Choice For Your Poultry Farms

The chicken house design scheme is put into use to the poultry raising equipment

In demand of Philippines modern poultry farming market, We can also equip your poultry farm with automatic feeding, drinking water, egg collection, manure cleaning and other equipment. Or you can choose semi-automation poultry farming supplies such as manual poultry feeder barrel to lower cost.

In addition, if you prefer to keep poultry on the floor, we also have deep bedding systems for you to choose from. No matter what types of chicken farming supplies for sale you bought for your farms, it can all be able to promote your poultry farming business in Philippines.

We have a lot of experience in the sale and selection of poultry farming equipment. If you don’t know how to choose a suitable poultry farming program, we have professional staff who can guide you.

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Successful Poultry Projects in the Philippines

In recent years, the poultry farming industry in the Philippines has developed rapidly and has a good market prospect. The Philippines is located in the tropics of Southeast Asia, with abundant sunshine and rainfall, and excellent basic conditions for the development of agriculture. There is no obvious alternation of seasons, nor strong temperature fluctuations.

Therefore, open chicken farm designs are very popular. These poultry houses are designed economically and practically with excellent natural ventilation.

Our Philippine customer Danilo purchased 64 sets of A Type poultry farming  layer cage system. Four floors and five doors, a group of chicken cages can accommodate 160 birds. 64 groups of chicken cages can breed 10,240 laying hens. He wants poultry farms to automate egg collection and manure cleanup. We recommended the automatic A-type layer cage system with automatic egg collection and manure cleaning system to his chicken farm.

Chicken Farm Cases of Our Clients from LIVI

LIVI Machinery provides high-quality egg production equipment layer cage systems for poultry farmers in the Philippines. Using our layer cage system can effectively improve poultry production efficiency compared with flat rearing. And the poultry can also be well taken care of in the layer farming cage.

Choose LIVI machinery, we will make every poultry farming friend feel comfortable. We will help you in chicken house construction size, chicken house design plan, free technical consultation, poultry equipment production, poultry equipment transportation, poultry installation, online guidance and good after-sales service.

If you are interested in us, please leave a message to get in touch with us. Whether your poultry farming project is large or small, you can get the most optimized solution from us.

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