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Chicken Cages for sale in Kenya [ Your Poultry Business Start ]

 Great Prospect for Commercial Poultry Farming

People living in Kenya are familiar with the commercial market for the poultry industry. Poultry is in high demand and it is estimated that 75% of Kenya’s poultry local chicken is processed into different types of chicken and eggs by retailers, supermarkets and restaurants. 37% of meat consumption is chicken, a proportion that will continue to rise with rising income levels and urbanization.

In addition, Kenya’s poultry industry has a weak foundation for development.  And the proportion of poultry industry in the economy is low. In the next 10-20 years, the African poultry industry will be in a period of rapid development.  And the poultry industry will surely become an important economic growth point in Kenya. This shows that the poultry farming industry is booming and has good market prospects.


Advantages of Battery Chicken Cages In Poultry Farming in Kenya

Poultry farming projects are one of the most potential markets in Kenya. The Kenyan government mentioned in its vision plan that agriculture should be listed as an important development area. And with more than 70% of Kenya’s population living in rural areas.   Agricultural development remains the best means of achieving sustainable economic development and ensuring food security.

  •  Selling different types of poultry cages such as layers, broilers and baby cages at affordable prices.
  •  The cage net of the battery cage system in LIVI Machinery ensures the long-term use of your chicken farm. Our company uses high-quality Q 235 international steel wire rods with a service life of up to 20 years.
  • Chicken cages for sale in Kenya will use hot-dip galvanized cage nets to protect chicken feet from injury while being strong and durable.
  • The way to reduce poultry farm staff and automate operations can greatly improve the profitability of your poultry farm.
  • The battery cage system makes garbage removal easy, improves efficiency and saves time.
  • Battery cages for sale in Kenya will enjoy our free poultry farms layout of project design and installation on live when you are going to introduce chicken cages from LIVI Machinery.

Chicken Cages for Sale in Kenya

Many poultry farmers are engaged in poultry farms of different poultry breeds. Native chickens, broilers and layers are the main poultry producers in Kenya. It’s time to keep your poultry in a modern poultry battery cage system for maximum productivity.

LIVI Machinery is equipped with automated poultry farming equipment such as battery cages for laying hens, battery cages for broilers and chick rearing systems. In order to meet your different needs. we can also provide automatic equipment for your poultry farm, such as automatic drinking equipment, automatic feeding equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, automatic egg collection equipment, automatic environmental control system, etc.

You can make matching selections according to the size of the poultry farming project. Our chicken cages for sale in Kenya have earned the best reputation and credibility for our client who purchased a complete layer cage system for his poultry farm.


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Battery Cage Prices in Kenya

Affordable chicken cages with reasonable design imported from China. The cost of the chicken layer cage is about 100-200USD. LIVI Machinery Poultry Equipment Manufacturer has 30 years of experience and is well receive by customers through high-quality poultry equipment and services. Our poultry cages are generally designe for maximum profit in space, providing comfort, quietness, and total care and care for the birds.

Our chicken battery cage has been engineer from the ground up to manufacture a commercial battery cage system for Kenya. Our poultry equipment not only provides efficient space for poultry to feed comfortably and get the amount of food they need for a steady supply of high-quality eggs without the stress of overcrowding.

Successful Poultry Farming Project in Kenya

During its 30 years of establishment, LIVI Machinery has provided high-quality poultry equipment to poultry farmers around the world, such as layer cages, broiler cages, brooding chicken cages, etc. And it is widely praise by customers.

One of our Kenyan clients, Mr. K, is a retired worker who has no experience in poultry farming, but is very interested in poultry farming. He learned about the automated poultry farm from the website and contacted the poultry cage manufacturer. He plans to breed 20,000 birds. Mr. K is more concerned about the price of chicken cages. We gave him the most affordable price and free chicken house design. He ordered 125 sets of 4-tier layer cages and automation equipment from them. Below are pictures of our factory shipments as well as pictures of the equipment in good working order.

电池 chikcen 笼系统运往肯尼亚

The dream of LIVI Mechanical poultry farming equipment is to make farming profitable and sustainable. We are more willing to develop friendly cooperative relations with poultry farming friends all over the world.

Chickens are one of the important types of poultry raising in Kenya. The commercial market for poultry is large and objective. We believe that the poultry farming business has good prospects. Therefore, we can offer the best chicken cages for poultry farming in Kenya for sale. We look forward to your inquiries and visits to our manufacturers.