poultry farm climate control system

Poultry Climate Control System

Perfect Environmental Control Equipment

Now if poultry farmers wants to farming chickens in a large-scale, the poultry climate control system is a necessary part. Because for most chickens, their immunity is not very good and then of course try to remain the poultry temperature stable is vital. Like our air conditioner in hot summer, comfort environment of chicken’s house needs a suitable climate control system to ensure they can grow up healthily.

poultry farm climate control system
ventilation system

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As the change of seasons and different ages of chickens have different traits and endurance capabilities, a flexible, practical and proper poultry climate control system is crucially demanded. In summer, when the temperature is higher than usual, this system can help you to cooling the chicken house and in winter it can help you to keep the chicken house warm. Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd provides advanced poultry farming equipment and best service from the reality for our clients.

The poultry climate control system of Livi mainly provide two parts: one is the poultry exhaust fan and the other one is the cooling pad. Livi poultry exhaust fan mainly designed for greater air flow capacity with reduction up to 35% in energy and then supply fresh air condition for the poultry house. The cooling pad is made of the cellulose paper and it is special designed for the poultry house to offer maximum cooling and also lowering the temperature and keep a stable temperature. This is conducive to the poultry growth.

Automatic poultry farming equipment climate control system

Poultry are very susceptible to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is important to install a poultry climate control system to regulate the temperature and humidity in the house. Farmers can automatically manage the temperature in chicken house, improving the quality of life for their livestock. Our air inlet windows, poultry cooling pad, and poultry fans can be used to provide maximum benefits: regulate temperature, regulate humidity, control light intensity, etc.

Poultry Fan in chicken farming

Poultry Fan of chicken farming

Our negative pressure fan is composed of 1.4mm thick stainless steel blades, pulleys, imported bearings, and shutters. High-performance 380V three-proof international all-copper negative pressure fan dedicated motor. High strength, low noise and long service life.

The new twisted stamping-formed fan blade has a reasonable fan angle to achieve the best level of air flow.

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Poultry Cooling Pad in chicken farming

Poultry Cooling Pad in chicken farming

Poultry cooling pads combined with negative pressure fans can be used in poultry farming, which can cool and humidify the poultry house.

The poultry cooling pad has the advantages of high water absorption, high water resistance, environmental protection, and long service life. Moreover, the evaporation area is large and the cooling efficiency is high.

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Air Inlet Window in chicken farming

Air Inlet Window in chicken farming

The air intake window has an opening angle of 108°, and adopts small plastic wheels for rolling friction, which has low resistance and long service life. The intake window is made of stainless steel, which is strong and durable.

The air intake window can discharge the dirty space in the chicken house to the outside, and evolve the fresh air into the room to maintain the air quality of the chicken house.

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Features of Livi Poultry Climate Control System

A suitable climate in the house is conducive to the growth and health of poultry and saves feed, water and energy costs. Choosing a poultry climate control system allows you to precisely adjust the house climate to meet the needs of your animals. LIVI’s automatic climate control systems for poultry equipment are unsurpassed in quality and functionality, yet extremely simple to use.

1) Huge air volume, Low noise, Good energy saving, Little fault
2) Alarming system, ensure you know the details inside the poultry house.
3) Reduce the indoor temperature to less than 30, no matter how high the original temperature is, and then keep the birds healthy.
4) The combination of exhaust fan and cooling pad make a great benefit for the clients.
5) Our ventilation fan can be used in almost all places which need ventilation and cooling

Automatic climate control system in poultry farm

LIVI mechanical poultry farming equipment has successfully won the praise of many poultry friends. In the communication with the customer, I learned that the project location has a lot of rainy weather. We recommend customers hot-dip galvanized poultry layer cages. Strong and durable, anti-rust and moisture-proof.

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Enclosed chicken house with a capacity of 10,000 birds. After the layer chicken battery cages is installed, the chicken house is closed, and the poultry climate control system is installed to automatically control the temperature and humidity, save labor and ensure the health of the chickens.


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