poultry equipment supplies

Poultry Equipment Supplies

Chicken battery cages Supplies-For layer and broiler

Livi provides excellent poultry equipment supplies to farmers all over the world. For example, the following two parts: broiler cage and layer cage. Broiler breeding equipment and layer breeding equipment are the two most necessary equipment for farmers to open a breeding farm, which can make your poultry breeding more effective and convenient. The equipment not only has high breeding efficiency per unit area, automatic control, but also has a long service life and simple operation, which greatly reduces the cost of chicken breeding.

With over 30 years equipment producing experience, Zhengzhou Livi Machiney Manufacturing Co., Ltd created a set of mature managing technology, and experience for automatic layers and broilers raising through establishing our own demonstration farm. We not only can provide superior equipment for customers, but also offer scientific and reasonable poultry house design.

Device Configuration:

Cages, the first aircraft, the tailstoch, automatic feeding system, automatic egg collection systems, sutomatic manure removal system, sutomatic drinking system.

Broiler breeding cages

Layer chicken cages

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H type layer raising equipment can meet the basic biological behavior requirements of poultry birds. Now it is the most automatic layer and broiler raising equipment with highest-level scientific technology and it represents the development orientation of large-scale and intensity for the poultry farming in China.

The A type layer chicken raising equioment has automatic feeding, egg collecting, and manure cleaning systems. Because of its easy operation and high labor productivity, it is suitable for large-scale poultry farm.

Each detailed part is designed by our R&D team and created by our worker elaborately. And we have already passed the ISO9001 quality control system.

A-type layer battery cages

H-type battery cages

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Because the surface of the chicken cage is smooth, bright, clean and free of burrs, it will not harm the chickens. And it is very durable and has excellent carrying capacity. It greatly improves labor productivity, reduces the use cost of artificial feeding, and provides a clean and comfortable growth environment for broilers, which greatly advances the time for its slaughter.

The layered broiler cage developed by Levy is equipped with high-quality troughs. Because of the use of high-quality PVC materials, its silver-white galvanized surface treatment has the effects of anti-falling, anti-compression and anti-aging. The unique large opening design of the large anti-slope trough can effectively prevent the chickens from throwing the feed out of the trough to save feed. Due to the scientific design of the trough, the chickens are easy to eat, corrosion resistant and easy to install.

Features of our poultry farming equipment supplies:

1) Automatic feeding, egg collecting and manure cleaning can save energy and labor costs.
2) Egg collecting system can save labor cost and increase working efficiency.
3) The munure cleaning system is easy to use and maintain.
4) The egg conveying belt is abrasion resistant and has long service life.
5) Stable structure and hot-dip galvanization technology can ensure service life of 15-20 years.

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