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Catering to the specific expectations of poultry farming users, the poultry farm feeding system is highly reliable for long-lasting performance. LIVI Machinery’s H-type chain feeding cage system and A-type automatic feeding system, the entire automation series are manufactured with high-grade raw materials that meet international quality standards. Thanks to its automatic functions, the system is very easy and convenient to operate.

automatic chicken feeding system for chicken cages

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The feeding system can ensure that all chickens are fed in a short time, and each chicken can get sufficient feed and nutrition every day. Therefore, each chicken has an equal chance of eating the same amount of feed at the same time. The main goal of a poultry feeding system is to achieve flock uniformity throughout the flock’s life cycle to ensure maximum consistency. So that it can be sold better later.

Types of chicken Feeding Systems

The feeding system includes H frame chain feeding cage system and A type automatic feeding system which can meet needs to both laying chickens and broilers. This kind of feeding machine can realize feeding evenly and nowadays it is more and more popular. We design all holes and angles with more scientific and professional technique to ensure they are accurately to assemble.

Now because its scientific design can protect chicken head while they eating fodder from the feed troughs, Livi H-frame chain feeding cage system is getting more and more popular, and become safer than A-type. The chain can delivery average feed in every part of inside of feed trough and then make sure every birds can fill in their stomach. H Frame Chain Feeding Cage System can protect chicken head when they are eating feed from the feed troughs, and the chain can deliver average feed in every part of inside of feed trough; this system also can be designed for H frame cage system for chicken layer cages for sale.

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A type automatic feeding system mainly means hoppers application. The material is galvanized steel sheet with thickness of 2.2 mm. All the hoppers are fixed on the feeding machine and deliver fodder to the feeding trough symmetrically.

Livi equipment can be applied to the free-range poultry and also the caged poultry. In one hand, our feeding system involves the Hopper which play an important role in the system. It was made from galvanized steel sheet with thickness of 2.2 mm. And all the hoppers are fixed on the feeding machine and disperse fodder to the feeding trough equally. It also involves the Fodder flatten system which constituted by nuts and bolts, spring and capacity control plate. This system ensure all the chicken can have enough fodder which means healthier and higher rate for laying.

Features of the poultry feeding system

The LIVI Machinery automatic chicken feeding system is easy to operate and can greatly improve the feeding efficiency of the chicken farm. Costs are saved in terms of labor, time, and feed. More specifically, design, materials, and construction all contribute to extraordinary performance.

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1. Fully automatic feeding machine saves more labor and time to operate;
2. The anti-corrosion and anti-aging material makes more durable;
3. Low noise when operating reduces chickens irritability;
4. The automatic equipment reduces chickens leg injuries without affection of the chain’s moving;
5. The flexible machine can be adjusted height depending on the situation;
6. It is very efficiency because we can feed several decks at the same time; deliver average feed inside of feeding trough with average speed, lower the injury rate to the chickens;
7. Every hole and hopper is smooth to make fodder fall completely without polluted fodder.
8. Save more space and raise greater number of birds per unit of area, it helps in identifying poor producers and prompt culling.

Poultry Feeding Systems in chicken farm

As far as poultry farming is concerned, the most important convenience is the feeding work. With the popularization of automated poultry equipment, automated feeding equipment has been favored by many poultry farmers. It has an automated operating system, which saves labor costs, saves unnecessary labor, and can complete the entire thinking process without any human operation during the feeding process. According to statistics, the use of automatic feeders instead of manual feeding can generally save more than 15% of feed. More and more farmers choose automatic chicken feeding system for chicken cages.

automatic feeding equipment in poultry farm

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The Nigerian customer’s farm has been using our poultry battery cages and automatic feeding equipment for many years. Let’s see what he said: LIVI has given me a lot of help in developing poultry farming projects. The free chicken house design allows me to build a suitable size chicken coop. And help me install the design. It is also worth mentioning that the use of automatic feeding equipment for poultry equipment has helped me feed these 20,000 birds a lot. Not only does it not need to hire personnel, but it also improves feeding efficiency.

With application of technology and scientific design, the poultry feeding system in Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is developed into a collection with scientific research, design, manufacture, marketing and service. To produce a more clean and rational feeding place, we designed the unique automatic feed machine and transportation to chickens. Welcome to come China to visit us.

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