poultry management system

Poultry Management System

You Should Know More About The Central Control System

The poultry management system for sale in Livi is full-automatic and it is really suitable for poultry farming industry in a large-scaleand high density. You can control the feeding system, watering system, manure removal system and climate system by the self-service terminals without going to operate the system one by one personally and thus it can lower the cost on labor.

poultry management system
poultry management system

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Livi poultry management system mainly refers to the electrical cabinet which specially used in standard poultry house. Livi electrical cabinet can be set to control the exhaust fans, cooling pads, lights, manure removal system and so on, it can also automatically lowering temperature, insulating and alarming. With the scientific design, we can promise you the security of our system. And it is really easy to install and operate.

poultry management equipment
poultry management equipment

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As a leading producer in the field of poultry management system, Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd takes the “Clients First” as our policy. Your satisfaction is our best contentment.

poultry management
poultry management machine

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Features of the Full-automatic Poultry Management System:

1) Full-automatic, lower cost, high efficient
2) Artificial light, rapid growth and breed rate.
3) Adjust the temperature and lower the death rate.
4) Balance the quantity of feed and water rate.
5) Lower the frequency of disturb and prolong the life-span
6) Easy to install and operate.
7) Ensure you to know the details inside the chicken house.

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