poultry manure cleaning for A type battery cage

Poultry Manure Removal System

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automatic poultry cage with manure removal system
Automatic Manure Removal System for A and H Type Poultry Battery Cage

The poultry manure removal system, drinking water system, feeding system, manure cleaning system, egg collection system, and climate control system together form a system of automatic poultry cage systems. They play an important role in environmental protection, saving manpower and material resources, and are also beneficial to the health of chickens.

In modern poultry farms, automated poultry manure removal systems play an important role in battery chicken cage poultry houses. The most common manure removal methods are automatic scraper manure removal and automatic flat belt manure removal.

automatic scraper manure removal for sale

The automatic scraper poultry manure removal system is suitable for A type battery cages. This system is a perfect choice for poultry farming projects with a smaller budget. It is only necessary to set up a manure channel at the bottom of the chicken battery cage to let the manure fall to the ground naturally. Then the towed manure cleaner at the end of the chicken cage starts to work, scraping the manure together.

manure cleaning for A type battery cage

poultry manure scraper system

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The poultry manure scraper system is composed of the main base, corner wheels, traction rope, scraper board and so on. She has the advantages of simple structure and cheap price. And it can also clean up the chicken farm to create a good and comfortable growth environment for poultry.

 automatic scraper poultry manure removal system

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poultry manure belt system for sale

Poultry manure belt system is suitable for different types of poultry battery cages. For A-type battery cages, it is installed at the bottom of the cage. For H-type poultry cages, poultry manure removal belts are installed under each tier of cages.

The manure belt of the automatic poultry flat belt manure removal system is made of 0.1mm HDPP, with a service life of up to 15 years. And it is equipped with special anti-snake device and rubber roller to ensure smooth operation and reduce wear. The running speed of the manure belt is 5 meters per hour, which can effectively remove chicken manure in a short time.

poultry manure cleaning for A type battery cage
poultry manure cleaning for H type battery cage

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Features of the Poultry Manure Removal System:

Cleaning up manure has always been a difficult problem for many poultry farmers. In fact, automatic manure cleaning equipment for poultry farming equipment can make manure cleaning easier and more efficient.

1) Full-automatic, lower cost on labor and easy to operate by control panel.

2) Remove the manure with highest speed and the cleaning percentage is higher than before, and then to reduce the disease rate.

3) Manure belts made in Italy, high quality and durable.

4) All support frame are made of aluminum zinc plate and hot dipped galvanized board, durable and strong.

5) Improved living conditions and fewer diseases for chickens.

6) There are scraper manure removal and flat belt manure removal equipment to choose from.

We Can Guarantee You a Effective, Clean Chicken Farm

With the lager and lager scale in poultry farms nowadays, a perfect poultry manure removal system is more and more necessary. Removing manure by people spends much manpower, costs and management for the poor working environment, high intensity of labor. Livi is offering different range of Poultry Removal System which offers high resistance to corrosion and east to operate according to the clients’ special request. Our product is known for its attributes such as unique designs, solid structure, corrosion resistance and longer life span. Livi poultry manure removal system is designed according to the international quality standards, and we have passed the ISO9001 in 2008.

Types of poultry manure removal equipment

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With this kind of equipment help, after the dry excrement does the material content to be possible to enhance to 90% and has created the ideal condition for the excrement safe memory or the later sale. Because the width of our equipment is 1.75m, so the capacity really keeps large. Now we are mainly provide you two kinds of manure removal equipment: The first one is the H-type manure removal system with manure belt and the other one is the manure removal system with scrapper.

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