High Quality A Type Layer Chicken Cage for sale

What is A Type Layer Cage?

Layer chicken cages are equipment used to raise laying hens around 16 weeks old. Whether it is an open house or a closed house, layer cages are suitable. Like its name, the layer battery chicken cage looks like a capital A. With the prevalence of intensive poultry farming, laying hen cages are popular all over the world, especially in tropical countries such as Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia where farmers are large. They also have enough land to raise poultry of all kinds.

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Our A-type layer cages for sale can be divided into two types: manual layer cages and automatic layer cages. The manual laying hen cage includes an automatic drinking water system and a trough. Breeding friends can match the automatic equipment according to the breeding requirements. The main configuration of a complete set of A-type laying hen cages includes feeding system, drinking water system, egg collector, manure cleaning machine, and temperature control system. Usually, a 3-4 layer layer cage, 1 set can raise 90/120/160 chickens.

A Type layer cages can be made into semi-automatic or fully automatic cage systems according to the special requirements of customers. If you need a custom cage, our technicians can help design A-type layer cages for free.Why Choose A Type Battery Chicken Cage?

Why Choose A Type Layer Chicken Battery Cage?

Poultry farm a type egg cage equipment is generated to meet the huge demand for poultry meat and egg products in the market. It meets the requirements of poultry farming friends to develop intensive poultry farming projects. Improve the efficiency of poultry breeding and make full use of the space of the chicken cages.

  1. Our A type layer cage system equipment only has the hot-dip galvanizing process, which is smooth and durable, and does not hurt chicken feet.
  2. Only the strong Q235 international steel wire rod makes the service life of the poultry layer cage about 20 years.
  3. The use of laying hen cage system has a high degree of automation, which can realize the management of 1-3 people in a chicken house with 20,000 birds.
  4. The chickens in the poultry cage are cared for, which can effectively increase the egg production.
  5. Chickens live in battery cages. Facilitate centralized management, reduce labor and labor costs,
  6. The battery cage is generally 3 or 4 tiers chicken layer cage. Save land area and improve production efficiency.
advantage of battery layer chicken cage

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A Type Chicken Cage Specification

Our layer cage equipment adopts narrow bottom and large slope groove. Conducive to poultry feeding, saving feed. The area of each chicken is about 440 square centimeters, the space is larger, and the chicken life is more comfortable. Conducive to the healthy growth of chickens.

chicken layer cage specafication

The number of units in a layer cage can vary according to your needs. Poultry farming friends need to pay attention that the interval between each row of cages is preferably 1 meter. It is beneficial to maintain good ventilation and temperature and humidity.

How to Choose the Poultry Equipment Suitable for Chicken Farm?

Choosing the right poultry equipment for your chicken farm needs to be based on the number of poultry you are raising.

If you have 5,000 – 15,000 chickens, we recommend purchasing a manure cleaner as well as a poultry battery layer cage. By removing manure in a timely manner, you will reduce the likelihood of disease and increase egg production while saving more time and labor costs. Scraper cleaners are the most economical type. For this number of chickens, a semi-automatic chicken feeder is also require. It’s small and costs less than a fully automatic chicken feeder, and since it uses a poultry battery cage system, you’ll avoid the inconvenience of power outages. It only takes half an hour to feed 10,000 chickens, saving a lot of labor.

If you have more than 15,000 laying hens, you may need fully automated poultry equipment including battery cage systems, automatic feeders and drinkers, automatic egg collectors, and poultry manure scrapers (automatic manure removal systems).

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If your operation is larger than 50,000 chickens, you will need feed silos. For fewer than 50,000 chickens, you only need one screw conveyor to deliver the food to the hopper. If you want to build a closed coop design, you need to know that exhaust fans and cooling pads are necessary items of environmental control equipment. If you have an open house system and the weather is hot, you can use an atomizer.

Reliable Poultry Cage Manufacturer and Supplier

LIVI Machinery As one of the most professional layer cage manufacturers and suppliers, we always use high-quality materials. The wire we use for layer cages is very tough and hard, and is malleable and malleable so it won’t be damag under pressure.

chicken battery layer cage test

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We have more than 30 years of experience in the production and sale of poultry farming equipment. Our layer cages, broiler cages, brooder cages and automatic poultry farming are exporting to more than 80 countries. Widely praised by customers.

We will deliver satisfactory products to you with the best quality, and solve the problems you encounter in the process of using poultry breeding chicken battery cage system with the best solutions and the most warm and thoughtful after-sales service.

You can contact us directly by leaving a message and tell us how many chickens you would like to feed, if you have built a chicken house, or how big your chicken house needs to be. We will arrange for our professional team to contact you to provide you with the best solution.

Commercial Chicken Layer Cages for Sale From Poultry Cage Manufacturers

Commercial Chicken Layer cages develop modern poultry farming projects. With the rapid development of modern animal husbandry, fully automatic battery cages have been widely used by chicken farmers at home and abroad. And you can get involved with or without poultry farming experience and expertise.

What is Chicken Layer Cages?

The battery cages is like a tier of cages stacked on top of each other. It is suitable for use in chicken cage systems, but is mainly used for laying hens. With this method, a large number of hens can be kept in a very limited space, thus reducing costs and obtaining the same level of eggs.

LIVI Poultry Equipment Manufacturer is one of the famous manufacturers in China. There are hundreds of professionals in the design and production of poultry equipment. With a thorough understanding of all aspects of poultry equipment in the market, we can provide A-type layer cages, H-type layer chicken cages, broiler cages, brooding chicken cages and related equipment for poultry farming friends from all over the world. You can also provide the shape and size you want, and we provide you with a customized service

A Type Layer Cage 

A Type layer cage is also called A frame laying hen cage. It mainly consists of cage nets, cage racks, drinking water equipment, food troughs, manure cleaning equipment, and egg collection equipment. Suitable for laying hens around 12-16 weeks.

A frame chicken cages are generally 3 or 4 tiers. The structure is simple and easy to operate. And poultry farming friends can learn and operate quickly. And the selectivity of automation equipment is relatively high, and poultry farming friends can combine them according to their own requirements for poultry farms. And the input cost is lower than the cost of the H frame chicken cage. A Type laying hen cage is suitable for poultry farms with 5000-30000 birds.

battery layer chicken cage system

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H Type Layer Chicken Cage

The H-type battery chicken cage for commercial laying hens has the characteristics of high degree of automation and high breeding density. It can save labor costs, land, and reduce construction investment and management costs. She is ideal for intensive large poultry farms. Our LIVI Machinery is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized material, which has excellent corrosion resistance, and the service life of the cage can reach 20 years.

One automated house with automated feeding system, automated drinking water system, automated egg collection system, automated manure removal system, automated environmental control system, etc., each house can accommodate 50,000 chickens. Only 1 worker is required for management.

Advantages of Battery Cage System for Layers

The automated poultry equipment layer cage system optimizes the limited space of the chicken house, making poultry farming more convenient and efficient. Not only does it save labor costs, but also poultry farming friends can make huge profits on this project.

Poultry can receive warm attention. By using the battery cage system, feed, water can be easily transported to the laying hens at any time. You no longer have to worry about the environment of the chicken house, the automatic manure removal system will clean the chicken manure outside the chicken house at any time. Eggs can also be easily collected. thereby increasing egg production in poultry.

Poultry feeding systems can provide the right amount of food and water to each bird. Their use can reduce food waste and increase feed conversion. The automated egg collection system transports the eggs to the designated location, and then workers collect them centrally.

The automatic manure removal system is equipped with two sets of manure removal devices to ensure that the chicken house is clean and pollution-free. The stool belt is made of high-strength PP composite material, which is resistant to friction and has a long service life.

How Many Chickens are in Layer Cage?

There are many sizes and specifications of chicken cages on the market, and you should choose a battery cage based on the type of chicken you raise and the climate of your project. Egg laying is suitable for laying hens, meat-eating broiler cages, and their specifications are all different.

LIVI Machinery provides high quality battery cage systems for poultry farming equipment to poultry farmers everywhere. Our layer cage system is loved by the majority of farming friends all over the world, and is well received. Below are our battery layer cage specifications.

If your breeding volume is more than 5,000, we will reasonably suggest that you choose a 4-tier 5-door tier cage equipment and be equipped with manure cleaning equipment. The chicken manure can be removed in time to reduce disease and improve egg production rate.      

What is The Cost of Battery Cage for Poultry?

Once your poultry farming business plan is in place, it’s time to take the plunge – purchasing poultry equipment. First choose a trusted poultry equipment manufacturer. Once again I will introduce LIVI Machinery, a trusted poultry equipment manufacturer. Provide auxiliary equipment such as layer cages, broiler cages, and brooding chicken cages for poultry farmers around the world.

We offer affordable battery cage prices for everyone. LIVI chicken coops typically hold 90-160 birds. The price of laying hen cages is between 100-200 US dollars. The price will be a little higher if you want to have automated equipment that comes out to drink water and out of the trough. With us you will get the best price. If you are interested in our battery cages, please leave a message. We will contact you within 24 hours.

How Much Space Do You Need for 10000 Layer Chickens?

If you are planning a poultry farming business plan for 10,000 birds, but don’t know how much land you need to accommodate the chickens. You can also find us. We can not only provide you with affordable chicken layer cage for poultry but also provide customized services for your chicken farm.

Suppose you own a piece of land with a length and width of 72m*8m. He can hold 10,000 birds entirely. Specifically, it can be:

Cage Type: A type, 4 tier, 5 door, 160 birds/unit.

Chicken Cage Layout: 2 rows/house, 34 units/row, 68 units/house.

Chicken House Size: 72M*8M*3M.

Total Capacity of One Chicken House: 10880 birds/house.

You can add automation to your house. For example: manure cleaning equipment, feeding equipment, etc. More time and labor costs can be saved.

Chicken Layer Battery Cage of Poultry Management

Now poultry farming has also moved towards modernization and scale. Raising chickens in battery layer cages has become a trend. At the same time, the quantity and efficiency of poultry farming are effectively commissioned. Poultry management also needs to be improved.

Allow enough time for chickens that have just been moved to the new environment. In addition, the ambient temperature of the chicken house is best controlled at about 20 °C.

The second point is that poultry farming needs to control the hygiene of drinking water. Farmers must provide adequate and clean water. Drinking water systems are also frequently disinfected.

Feed is an important guarantee for the healthy growth of poultry. Farmers should provide fresh, safe and hygienic feed in a timely manner. And we must carefully manage and use the feed well, eliminate waste, and reduce the cost of raising chickens.

When immunizing chickens, farmers must strictly follow the scientific and reasonable immunization procedures set by the regulations, and do a good job in vaccinating the flocks.

How Much Battery Cages for Layer in South Africa?

The battery cages in South Africa are suitable for laying hens, broilers, chicks, etc. Battery layer cages are popular in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and other countries. More and more farmers are also more willing to develop intensive poultry farming projects.

Description for battery chicken cage from poultry equipment manufactures

LIVI Mechanical Poultry Equipment Manufacturer produces quality poultry battery cage systems. Using Q235 international steel wire rod. The chicken cage can be used for up to 20 years without rusting.

Chicken cages are divided into A-type and H-type battery cages. A Type chicken cages are generally 3 or 4 tiers. It is suitable for chicken houses with a breeding capacity of 5000-30000 birds. The degree of automation can be free in principle. H-type chicken cages are suitable for chicken houses with more than 30,000 chickens. High degree of automation.

A complete cage contains: cage net, frame, drinking nipple drinker, trough, fixing accessories and installation tools. The following is the detailed size of the chicken battery cages we produce.

A-Type-and-H-Type-Battery-Layer-Cage--with-Autoamtic-Feeding,-Egg-Collection-System Price List

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Commercial Chicken Cage for Sale in LIVI Machinery

LIVI Machinery has 30 years of experience in designing and producing battery cage systems. Products are exported to more than 80 countries including South Africa, Ghana, the United States, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.

Our company provides affordable battery cage prices for poultry farming friends. And the quality is guaranteed. Allowing you to develop your poultry farming project with confidence for 20 years.

The reference price of the battery cage is 100~250USD/set (excluding automation equipment). Different chicken cage materials, different quality, different capacities, and different prices. If you want to know the latest chicken cage prices, please contact us.

Battery Cage for Layer– The Best Rearing System

Taking the following points into consideration, you can decide whether a battery cage system is right for your poultry farming project.

  1. Egg production

If you are troubled by the production of laying hens, then choosing battery cages for laying hens is a good way. Because the hens get better care in the cages. And the bottom of the chicken layer cage has a 9° inclination to ensure that the eggs can roll out of the cage net.

In addition, the layer cage equipment provided by our company can make the laying rate reach 98%.

  1. Improve feed conversion ratio

In the battery cage system, the feed is converted to the greatest extent possible. The movement of the chickens is restricted and the feed eaten is more absorbed. This will translate into more frequent conversions.

  1. Collecting eggs, cleaning up manure becomes easy

Battery cage system in South Africa are easier to collect eggs and clean up manure. Without automatic manure removal systems and automatic egg collection systems, laying hen poultry farmers would need to employ 6-10 people to do these jobs in a 10,000-bird chicken farm.

Our factory is strict in the selection of raw materials for battery cage equipment. Use Q235 as the most raw material. Every process is of strict standards. In addition, we can also provide professional design solutions for your chicken house. If you need it, please leave a message and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Commercial Poultry Battery Cages for Egg Production in Zambia

Egg production is one of the most popular industries in the agricultural industry in Zambia right now. Eggs are one of the most common foods in the world. The market attractiveness of eggs continues to grow, thereby driving the demand for egg production equipment in poultry farms. LIVI Machinery offers state-of-the-art poultry farming equipment in Zambia for any production volume.

Poultry battery cages are chicken cages specially designed for poultry raising chickens. Chickens can usually be placed in battery cages after 15 weeks. Layer battery cages price also provide a healthy, clean and comfortable environment for laying hens. The main difference between different chicken coops is the design and structure. Scientific design and sturdy network cable make the laying hens play the highest production efficiency.


battery chicken cage system for layer hen
A-Type Battery Chicken Cage


A-Type Battery Chicken Cage

A type layer cages are one of the very popular poultry farming equipment in the market. Its price is relatively cheap. Usually 3 or 4 tiers. It is more suitable for chicken farms with less than 30,000 chickens. Battery chicken cage system can also achieve intensive farming. It can automate drinking, feeding, egg collection, manure cleaning, environmental control, etc.

Commercial poultry battery cages supplied by LIVI Machinery in Zambia. Adopt strong and durable hot-dip galvanizing process.  It Can use for up to 20 years. Poultry farming friends don’t have to worry about replacing poultry equipment in a short time.


battery chicken cage system for sale
H-Type Battery Chicken Cage


H-Type Battery Chicken Cage

H-type layer cages are more suitable for large poultry farms. It is more recommended to house chicken farms that can accommodate more than 30,000 chickens. As one of the necessary equipment for the development of intensive poultry farming. H-shape chicken cages are accept by more and more farms.

Vertically battery cages save more floor space, increase the number of feeders, reduce labor and management costs, and ultimately bring substantial profits to chicken farmers.


LIVI Machinery is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. We are a poultry equipment manufacturer and supplier with 30 years of experience. Also provides the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of egg farm equipment. If you are interested, please leave your needs and your plan, we will design the best solution for you.

Layer cage equipment is being successfully installed in Zimbabwe

In May 2022, a Zimbabwean customer ordered a complete set of automatic poultry equipment for 2 standardized chicken houses from our company. Including layer chicken cages in Zimbabwe, automatic egg collection equipment, automatic chicken feeding equipment, automatic chicken drinking water equipment, ventilation and cooling equipment, environmental control equipment, etc. Recently, it has successfully arrived in Zimbabwe and is in the process of orderly installation and commissioning.


The Zimbabwean customer purchased layer cage equipment this time. Just a few of the many farms. This cooperation has been successfully reached, and the customer is very satisfied with our company’s equipment. And said that the complete equipment of other chicken houses will continue to cooperate with us. Thank customers for their trust in us.



LIVI Machinery has extensive experience in producing high-quality farming equipment. It has won the trust and praise of foreign customers for many times. Every year orders from abroad are deliver in a timely and smooth manner.


If you are also interest in our poultry equipment, please do not hesitate to leave a message to contact me. I will communicate with you within 24 hours.

Battery layer chicken cages Shipped to Zimbabwe

Our client, Mr. A. 5 years experience in poultry projects. When we contacted him, he had 20,000 laying hens in production. Then he saw that the battery cages for sale. They were interested in it, so they contacted us.

I was informed that the customer still has a piece of land 120 meters long and 15 meters wide. Wanted to build a chicken house on the land. We provide customers with free chicken house design scheme. Sincere attitude, get customer recognition.

Finally, the customer purchased the egg cage system to realize intensive breeding. The customer’s poultry equipment is now on its way to Zimbabwe. It will arrive in about a month.


Chicken layer cages for poultry farm delivered to Nigerian customer

Livi poultry equipment manufacturer loaded 95 sets of chicken cages on June 5, 2022.

95 sets of 3-tier 160-bird hot-dip galvanized chicken layer cages. And them equipped with automatic manure cleaning system and egg collection system.

95 sets of chicken cage systems can raise 15,200 birds. This requires a 42M × 17M × 3M poultry farm.

If you are interested in Livi poultry farming equipment. Please feel free to contact us and we will provide the best solution for your poultry farm.


battery chicken cages in NIgercia


Automatic battery chicken cage for layer shipped in Ghana

May 7th, ’22. Livi Machinery poultry Equipment manufacturer has delivered 72 sets of layer cages to customers in Ghana. It has four floors and five doors and is equippe with automatic drinking water system, automatic manure removal system, automatic feeding system and so on. One set of egg cages can hold 160 birds. The poultry farmer can use an automated laying cage for 11,000 chickens.

Livi machinery, poultry equipment manufacturers strong technical force. Advanced equipment. Has more than 20 sets of large advanced automation equipment. Annual output of chicken farming equipment 100,000 groups. Has more than 30 professional technical research and development team. Can provide customers with free technical consulting services in chicken farm planning, chicken house design, chicken house installation and many other aspects.

Below are our shipping pictures. If you are interested in automatic battery chicken cage systems, please leave a message. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Battery layer cages in Ghana are recommended for large-scale farms 

Why is it said that battery cage in Ghana is suitable for large scale farms?

With the development of industrial technology, battery cages for sale in Ghana has also been upgraded. They become more convenient and more suitable for farming users. More widely used are automatic layer cages in Ghana. It has been used by many users in Ghana and around the world and has received critical acclaim.

Now the living standard of the Ghanaian people is gradually improving, and people’s pursuit of nutrients such as poultry meat, eggs and milk is getting higher and higher. Although there is a huge market demand, it cannot supply. It is necessary to choose battery chicken cages for large-scale poultry farming, and it is also profitable for farmers.

battery layer cages for sale in Ghana

There are good prospects for the development of large-scale poultry farming in Ghana. Coupled with the use of battery chicken cages on farms, it helps farmers better manage poultry. This is an opportunity for farmers who want to develop large-scale poultry farming projects.

Battery cages in Ghana are also commonly used in laying hen farming. Its structure is relatively simple, easy to maintain, and has a high degree of automation. When raising chickens in layer cages, the ventilation performance of the flock is better, and the light intensity is relatively uniform, so it is deeply loved by farmers in Ghana.

Battery layer cages in Ghana enable unified management of poultry. Farmers don’t need to worry about poultry drinking water, feeding, manure cleaning, egg collection and the temperature and humidity of the chicken house. Because there are automated devices that do this kind of work. This is unmatched by employing personnel to raise poultry. So it is necessary to use battery cages in large farms.

How to choose the right layer cages for large farms in Ghana?

battery cage system in poultry

The frame of the layer chicken cage is usually welded from Angle iron by hot-dip galvanizing process. It uses a special welding tooling, do not worry about the size of the inconsistent. Additional support can be added to the bottom of the frame to ensure that the overall cage has a high straightness. At the same time, the stability of the equipment has been greatly improved.

Livi machinery poultry equipment manufacturers for the majority of farmers to choose PVC plastic steel trough. The material is corrosion-resistant, and the height of the trough can be adjusted according to the size and height of laying hens. The characteristics of the trough is made of bevel design, no residual material, nor waste, layer eating is convenient.

The layer cages for sale in Ghana is zinc-aluminum alloy wire produced using automatic welding. The cages is smooth and will not scratch the laying hens. And made of net type, can effectively prevent the injury of chicken feet. And the separate network and the bottom network are encrypted. Prevent pecking feathers between layers from pecking the anus. It can reduce the broken egg rate and fatigue syndrome of laying hens.

Other equipments needed to carry out large-scale farming projects

To start large-scale poultry farming in Ghana, it is not enough to just buy battery cages. Because many people need to be hired to work on other projects. At this time, it is necessary to equip with automatic auxiliary equipment.

Automatic Poultry Chicken Farm Layer Battery Cages For Sale

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  1. The automatic feeding system has mobile hopper type and chain type feeding system to choose from. The feeding trolley connected with the silo by the horizontal feeding auger is suitable for large farms. In this system, the feed is automatically distributed to the feed in the silo through an auger located in a pipe with a diameter of 90-150 mm. With the automatic feeding system, a chicken house with 20,000 birds can be fed in half an hour.
  2. The drinking water system consists of square pipe (thickness 2.5mm) or round pipe (thickness 2.0mm), nipple drinker with 360-degree flow, drip cup and water pressure regulator, terminal, diverter, water filter to ensure water clean and harmless to layers. Two drinking water equipment are installe in a chicken coop, which can supply sufficient water source.
  3. The automatic egg collection system consists of an egg collection machine, an egg collection belt and an egg collection belt hook. Machines can be from 2 floors to 8 floors. Frame cages can also be equipped with an egg delivery system that can transport all the eggs from the different houses to the egg storage room.
  4. The automatic manure cleaning system can realize unmanned management through continuous improvement, automatic timed manure cleaning, time can be set arbitrarily, automatic temporary manure cleaning, simple and fast operation. There is a manure cleaning belt at the bottom of each layer of cages, which is clean and hygienic to ensure the health of the chickens. The chicken manure is clean in layers, which is easy to collect and then processed in a centralized manner. The utilization rate of chicken manure is high and the pollution to the environment is minimal.

Farmers praise poultry cages for sale in Ghana

Frimpong, 30, and his wife Efia have been running a chicken farm in a town in Kumasi, Ghana for five years. The chicken farm currently has about 40,000 laying hens in stock, and the farm delivers tens of thousands of eggs to the capital market every week.

poultry battery cage for sale

Today, the size of the chicken farm has doubled compared to the initial period. Frimpong pointed to a long row of bungalows in front of her, and said proudly: “This is a newly built chicken house this year, and I still plan to install layer cages in it.” Full of confidence, Frimpong went on to say: “poultry cages are precious. one’s gift.”

There are many farmers like Frimpong in Ghana, who have expanded their poultry farming projects step by step by purchasing and installing poultry cages. Choosing poultry cages requires farmers to choose carefully, and don’t buy low-quality poultry cages for cheap prices. This is not good for poultry farming.

Livi poultry equipment manufacturers is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the production and installation of automatic poultry farming equipment. We have more than 30 years of experience in the production of poultry equipment. Over the years has always been committed to the revitalization of livestock and poultry development equipment innovation research and development, production and manufacturing, marketing and after-sales installation in one of the model enterprises.

Automatic battery chicken cages in Ghana are gaining popularity

In fact, it is not difficult to find that automated battery chicken coops are welcome everywhere. The first battery cage is a confinement system used for different animal production, especially poultry for laying eggs. Chicken coops consist of metal sheets arranged in rows and columns.

Automatic battery chicken cages in Ghana allow for better ventilation of the coop and solve the problem of manure removal. Laying cage is the first popularized chicken cage in the transition from free-range farming to intensive farming. It is also the most commonly used equipment in chicken production. So why are automated layer cages  in Ghana so popular?

The poultry industry, especially egg production, is a very profitable business in Ghana, especially when festivals are approaching. Intensive farmers must find ways to bring in a decent profit.

poultry equipment of battery layer cage system

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Advantages of automatic battery cage systems:

  1. The batterycage for layers is easy to operate and durable. According to different production materials, the common battery chicken cages on the market mainly include galvanized and steel cages. The service life is as long as 15-20 years. Poultry equipment manufacturers generally galvanize to prevent rust, so that the chicken cage can be used for a longer period of time.
  2. The chicken cage is separated from the net, and the bottom net is encrypted. It can effectively prevent anal pecking phenomenon. Reduced egg breaking rate and fatigue syndrome of laying hens. Feed and water sources are less likely to be contaminated in automated battery cage systems. The excrement collected from the household falls onto the excrement cleaning belt through the cage net. So the poultry cannot touch the manure. This reduces health problems and the spread of disease in the poultry.
  3. Automatic drinking and feeding equipment provide nutrients and water for birds in cages. Instead of being bombarded with hungry, impatient birds, you can easily feed the birds through the feed trough usually located at the front of the cage. And the birds can drink clean water and food at any time.
  4. Battery cages in poultry farm can accommodate more birds in a limited space. Poultry farmers can save on infrastructure costs and maximize the limited space available. Poultry farmers can use A-type and H-type chicken cages. Choose a different number of tiers.
  5. Unique cage door design, cage door space is larger. Effectively solve the chicken feeding crowding, to ensure that the chicken feeding more evenly.
  6. The automated battery chicken cagesraises chickens, and the chickens are kept in cages for easy care and supervision. It is also easier to spot sick birds faster and prevent them from pecking at the ground. The cage door of the stepped chicken cage is a push-pull design. If the chickens fight or develop disease, the staff can easily catch and manage the chickens in time. When free-range, one worker can only manage 900 chickens. Now, each worker can manage 2000-2500 chickens when raising chickens in cages. This greatly improves work efficiency.
  1. Automated poultry cages For chickens with low productivity, the feed can be adjusted to maintain a good production level. At the same time, there is no competition for food in the cage, and the chickens have a balanced nutritional intake and normal development, which can ensure the stable and high yield of the chickens. Another thing is that good ventilation conditions can make full use of natural conditions and create conditions for improving the feeding environment of chickens. In the end the poultry farmer gets more eggs for a reasonable profit.
  2. poultry farm battery chickencage enable automatic feeding and drinking systems. Clean, fresh water can be provided to birds through nipple drinkers, preventing water pollution and waste. Clean eggs can be collected at any time, reducing the occurrence of cracked or eaten eggs. Farmers who incorporate battery cages into their farms under proper management should be more profitable.

Automatic battery chicken cages

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Successful use of battery cage systems in Ghana.

In 2018, we established a new project in Ghana. H-type automatic layer cages can accommodate 50,000 birds.

When the customer contacted us, he had bought the land, but the chicken coop had not been built yet, and hoped that we could provide guiding opinions. Our professionals provided free chicken house design and construction plans for customers in Ghana.

Due to climate reasons, coupled with a large amount of breeding. We recommend customers to adopt closed chicken houses. In this way, large-scale automation equipment such as automatic egg collection, ventilation, and feeding can be equipped. Reduce labor. And the closed chicken house is not affected by the outside climate, and the microclimate of the chicken house can be adjusted to be the most suitable for poultry.

At present, the customer contacted us and said that he wants to continue to expand poultry farming. He plans to build a chicken house with 50,000 birds and still use our battery layer cage equipment.

Chicken Farm Cases of Our Clients from LIVI

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Poultry equipment manufacturer in China

Our company LIVI Machinery is an excellent poultry equipment manufacturer. It can provide a comfortable and clean environment for the growth of laying hens, broilers, chicks and other types of chickens, reduce mortality, increase egg production rate, and realize the maximum value of investment. And we have a professional technical team and service personnel. Since the establishment of the company more than 20 years ago, our poultry farming equipment has been exported to more than 80 countries in Asia, Africa, and America.

We have helped poultry farmers develop successful projects and our automatic battery cages are well received in Ghana. As a poultry equipment manufacturer, the recognition and trust of customers is a great encouragement to us. If you are interested in developing poultry farming projects, we sincerely welcome you to come to consult.