The impact of automatic chicken farm equipment in Kenya on poultry farming.

Remarkable progress has been made in the development of automatic chicken farm equipment in Kenya. On the one hand, with the widespread adoption of automated breeding methods, many small chicken farms have gradually expanded their breeding scale. On the other hand, industry leaders are improving profit sharing. At the same time, the epidemic prevention work has carriy out smoothly, the concept of epidemic prevention has been continuously enhance. Ability to deal with risks has been continuously enhance. it has also increased the awareness of epidemic prevention among poultry farmers.

At present, with the development of modern industry, some countries are experiencing labor shortages or high prices. Artificial breeding is labor-intensive and the cost of breeding continues to rise. Therefore, the use of modernpoultry cage system for layer has become the first choice for many breeders.

chicken layer cage for sale

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Automatic chicken equipment system in Kenya farms

Automatic chicken farm equipment in Kenya includes automatic chicken cages, drinking water equipment, feeding equipment, manure cleaning equipment, egg collection equipment, environmental control equipment, etc.

Cage equipment in Kenya can be divided into chicken layer cages, broiler cages and pullet cages. Various types of cages can designed and developed according to the variety and quantity of chickens, and the number of layers can be up to 8. It improves the breeding density. At the same time, the chickens do not come into direct contact with the litter, which helps fight disease.

The automatic egg collection system is use in laying hen farms. And plays a very important role in feeding and the development of the entire laying hen farming industry. The equipment can save labor, improve production efficiency, and realize breeding automation.

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The environmental management system can intelligently control the temperature, humidity, light, ventilation and other factors in the chicken house. Them can make the environment more suitable for the growth requirements of chickens and stimulating production. Significant progress has made in energy saving and emission reduction, reducing equipment capital and operation and maintenance costs. Then reduce noise, and improving the indoor and outdoor environment of chicken houses. At present, the environmental control system needs to be further improve and optimize, combine with production management technology. It truly realize automatic control.

The role of fully automated equipment in poultry farms is becoming more and more important, and medium and large poultry houses need more fully automated equipment. While reducing manpower and material resources, improve the efficiency of poultry farming. It can also help poultry farmers to obtain higher income.

The development of large-scale farming requires modern farming equipment. It should be note that modern equipment should be adapted to production practices. And reasonable planning and improvement should be carries out according to different production methods and breeding scales.

impact of automatic chicken farm equipment in Kenya

Poultry cage equipment is also ubiquitous in Kenyan farms as the demand for poultry products increases. It is very popular with poultry farmers due to its significant influence on the farm.

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  1. Chicken raising equipment allows farmers to raise more chickens in the same space in Kenyan farms. This means they can earn higher profit margins.
  2. The use of poultry cage equipment in farms can reduce feeding costs, because poultry can be managed centrally and control waste.
  3. Poultry layer cages allow chickens to lay their eggs in cages without having to traverse dirty floors. This eliminates potential contamination of the ground with manure and allows eggs to be collected in a cleaner and more efficient manner.
  4. Cleaning up poop made easy. If the feces in the chicken house are not cleaned up in time, a large amount of harmful gas will be produced and affect poultry egg production. Automatic manure cleaning equipment solves this problem and solves it. The chicken manure falls from the bottom of the cage on the manure cleaning board, and then it is cleaned out of the chicken house uniformly, which is convenient and quick.
  5. It is convenient for cleaning and disinfection of poultry farms. This is very important, and the disinfection of poultry farming equipment is an effective way to ensure the hygiene of the chicken house. Proper and reasonable disinfection can kill pathogenic microorganisms in the house in time and reduce the costs associated with cleaning and disinfection work.

Now many poultry farmers will choose to rely on automated chicken raising equipment to raise laying hens to improve work efficiency. It can improve the technology and method of raising chickens, and help poultry farmers get good benefits. So if you want to start a poultry farm or expand your farm, and want to take your chicken farming business to the next level, I strongly recommend you to try this new way of raising chickens in Battery cages. We are more than happy to share more information about this battery cage system with you.

LIVI machinery chicken farm equipment manufacturers have been welcomed by Kenyan customers for many years, because we are familiar with the Kenyan market and can provide poultry farmers with farm transformation and chicken equipment upgrades and have achieved success. With more than 30 years of experience, we can design and manufacture poultry cage equipment according to your needs.

We can provide customers with automatic layer cages, broiler cages, layer brooder cages, broiler brooder cages and automatic drinking water, feeding, egg collection, manure cleaning, climate control and other automation equipment. If you don’t know how to build a chicken house, we can discuss where to put a custom farm for you.

Advantages of using battery chicken cages for layers in Ghana

Why are poultry farmers now more willing to use battery chicken cages for layer in Ghana? The demand for chicken products and chicken meat is high in Ghana. People’s traditional way of raising chickens has been unable to meet the needs of society. The emergence of automatic poultry farming equipment has broken the barriers of traditional chicken farming, making chicken farming more scientific and professional.


Brief Introduction of Automatic Chicken Cages in Ghana

There are two main types of automatic chicken cage systems: A-type layer cages and H-type layer chicken cages.

A-type chicken raising equipment is more suitable for farms with a breeding volume of 5,000 to 30,000. Farmers can buy automatic poultry equipment according to their needs. Realize automatic fertilizer, egg collection, drinking water, manure cleaning, environmental control, etc.

H-type chicken raising equipment is suitable for poultry farms with more than 30,000 birds. High degree of automation. The use of automatic drinking water equipment, automatic feeding equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, automatic egg collecting equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, automatic ventilation equipment, etc. can realize 2 people to manage a modern poultry farm with 30,000 birds.


battery chicken cage system for layer hen

The Advantages of Automatic Layer Chicken Cages in Ghana

  1. Using hot-dip galvanizing process, it is corrosion-resistant, no rust, and has a service life of up to 20 years.
  2. The use of Q235 international steel has high elasticity and is not easy to bend.
  3. Easy to assemble, easy to manage, easy to feed
  4. Generally 3 or 4 layers, easy to collect eggs.
  5. Both the separator net and the bottom net are encrypted.Them can effectively prevent feather pecking and anus pecking and broiler fatigue syndrome.
  6. The mesh is relatively smooth, which can prevent chicken feet from being infected.
  7. The unique large opening design of the large reverse slope trough can effectively prevent the chickens from throwing the feed out of the trough to save the feed
  8. High-quality chicken cage steel wire is not prone to deformation and cracking of solder joints


Successful Ghanaian Farmers Using Livi Machinery Poultry Equipment

Our client Mr. Obeng plans to raise 50,000 laying hens. He left a message on the website and found our chicken coop equipment manufacturer. He wanted a fully automated layer cage system for intensive farming. And  he wanted to get a design for the house. As a professional poultry equipment manufacturers, we can meet the requirements of customers, we designed a poultry farm for Mr. Obeng for free.



In 2019, when there was no COVID-19, our enthusiastic Mr. Obeng. We toured the factory together and learned about the equipment. We hope that the epidemic will subside as soon as possible, and we are more willing to accept friends from all over the world to visit. When the epidemic disappears, that is the day we meet.

Powerful battery layer cage system for sale in Ghana

Modern poultry farming is evident in housing systems for raising birds. On intensive farms, the use of powerful battery layer cages  in Ghana is very common. The use of poultry breeding equipment can basically achieve the purpose of laying eggs and broilers eating meat efficiently.

And the battery cage system in Ghana has become an essential equipment in poultry farms. Because the chicken cage equipment can help greatly improve the survival rate and egg production rate of chickens.

Why use battery cage system for layers in Ghana?

The chicken layer cage for sale in Ghana with the advantages of long service life, automation system saving labor costs and improving work efficiency. Chicken cages in poultry farm are a very good choice for poultry breeding.

  1. The battery cage system in poultry can retain the purpose of broiler and laying hens, especially commercial purpose, can provide your poultry farm with the best production results of meat and eggs.
  2. The use of battery layer cages in Ghana allows the poultry to be well cared for and contributes to the production of high quality eggs.
  3. Automatic battery cage system for feeding laying hens increases egg production. The market for chicken and egg products is increasing day by day as poultry provides our body with essential protein. Therefore, the development of poultry farming is very promising.

battery chicken cage system for layer

Battery cage system in automatic poultry farms

So far, the large-scale and intensive development of chicken farming has led to more chicken farmers buying battery cage systems. The fully automatic battery cage system can realize automatic feeding, drinking, egg collection, defecation and environmental control. It not only makes the living environment of poultry clean and comfortable, but also saves energy and improves the efficiency of poultry breeding.

Automatic feeding equipment. In the feeding system with feed truck, a specially designed feed regulator is used. The feed can be mixed and evenly sprinkled in the trough.

Automatic drinking water equipment. PVC pipes have 2 drinking nipples in each cage door. There is a pressure reducing valve in each layer and row of the cage. It can control the water and transport the precipitation to the pipeline. This ensures that the water the chickens drink is clean.

Automatic egg collecting equipment. The eggs roll down from the cage to the egg picking belt, and the eggs can be collected to the designated place by gently pressing the button. Reduce the egg breaking rate.

Automatic A Type Layer Cage is equipped with automatic egg collection, feeding, manure cleaning, drinking water, environmental control and other equipment

Automatic manual cleaning system. In the middle of each battery layer cage, there will be a 1.1 cm polypropylene cleaning belt. Dragged by the drive reducer engine, the excrement is cleaned in a flawless way. This sturdy and durable structure can run without problem even in a very long chicken house.

The automatic environmental control system can keep the temperature and humidity of the chicken cage within a certain range. At the same time, the automatic control system can reduce the power consumption of the communication system.

Price of layer chicken cage in Ghana

The battery cage in Ghana has good feedback. Our chicken cage equipment for layers has modern features. The cage has enough space for poultry to move, drink and lay eggs. The living environment and quality of poultry are better, and the egg production rate can be increased to 98%.

Our battery egg cage has been warmly welcomed by Ghanaian customers. And as a poultry equipment manufacturer, we can directly give you the factory price of battery cage equipment. The price of layer cage is determined by the quality of raw materials. We will develop poultry farming and select high-quality cage equipment to avoid replacing equipment every 2-3 years in the future.

successful poultry farming jroject in Kenya

Ghanaian customers using poultry equipment provided by Livi

Our Ghanaian customers contacted us without any poultry farming experience. But tell us that we want to develop 10,000 chickens.

Sales manager explained the product to him very carefully, and helped our customers design the chicken house for free. After knowing the size of the customer’s chicken house, we became the optimal solution designed by the customer.

Below are our chicken house design drawings.

With the shed 46m X 13m , the max capacity of birds with cage is 10.000pcs layers. Bellow equipment price for reference:

Item: layer chicken cage system

Cage size: 1950mm*450mm*410mm (one piece), one set cage have 160 brids

The shed can put 63 sets cage, each 21 sets cage per row, total 3 rows.

automatic chicken farm for 10000 birds

Customer Visit

In 2019 our customers came to visit our company. We take them to taste Chinese food, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and visit the factory together. Show him the equipment in action. We had a wonderful 7 days together.

Recently we worked again with a poultry farm of 50,000 birds. This time the client intends to build a fully automated chicken house.  H-type layer cage systems can be equipped with automatic drinking water, feeding, manure cleaning, egg collection, ventilation, etc. Very much in line with customer requirements.

poultry farming system

Livi Machinery as poultry equipment suppliers has more than 20 years of experience and precipitation. We have supplied high quality and powerful battery layer cage system to more than 80 countries. Committed to delivering high-quality chicken raising equipment to all over the world.

We have professional chicken house design, chicken cage design team, factory and installation team. It can provide the best solution for poultry production. All our products have passed the national ISO 9001 Quality Certificate. The quality of chicken cage products is guaranteed.If you are also interested, please leave a message to contact us. I will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

    If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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    How to buy quality battery layer cage systems and prices for poultry farming equipment in Ghana?

    Battery  chicken cage system refers to poultry cages, chicken cages. Suitable for layers, broilers and chicks. In Africa, many poultry farmers are running holiday farms. For example, the layer cage system in Ghana and the poultry cage equipment in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and other countries have been widely used and welcomed.

    How to Buy Battery Layer Cage System

    African locally made cage suppliers own shop and simple factory, cut wire mesh and buy feeding troughs to assemble battery cages. Usually 2 or 3 years. The disadvantage is that the barbed wire is of low quality and easy to rust.

    It is recommended to choose made in China. Although prices vary widely according to quality, more and more farmers now prefer Chinese chicken cages, which are more economical and cost-effective.


    layer cages
    battery layer cages

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    Poultry Cage Systems for All Poultry Businesses

    1. Egg production in poultry battery cages, commercial egg production in chicken farms is much higher because the movement of laying hens is limite. Therefore, the hens can only absorb more food material, which will translate into more frequent laying of eggs. This is the opposite of what you get with floor rearing or other open space rearing systems.
    2. In the layer battery cage system in Ghana, feed waste is minimized as there is no direct contact with the cage. In addition, because there is no direct contact with the egg carrier, egg losses due to hens breaking are also reduce to zero.
    3. Inventory of chicken farms Inventory and count is easier in battery chicken cages  than other poultry positioning. Even with 10,000 chickens in poultry with battery layer cage system in Ghana, the owner can easily count his birds, which can become more difficult in a deep litter system where birds are constantly and frequently moving.
    4. Waste removal function of chicken farms. Feed waste and manure are easier to remove with battery cages. In the case of a battery cage, you can simply remove the shaving layer on the lower part of the battery cage.

    Battery Chicken Cage Features

    1. Sturdy and durable – high-strength welded mesh, solid solder joints;
    2. Anti-corrosion – electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized optional;
    3. Long service life – up to 10 to 30 years of service life;
    4. Increase the density of the base cloth – to prevent the chicken feet from being deform or fatigued;
    5. Unique cage door design – up and down sliding doors, or left and right sliding doors;
    6. Easy to assemble and use – no need for professional technicians;
    7. Excellent natural ventilation environment – the air at each layer is fresher;
    8. Provincial land and land – centralized management, saving land resources;
    9. Don’t put chicken manure on the eggs – keep the eggs away from dirt;
    10. Eggs won’t crack or fall off – raise battery hens
    11. Reduce feed waste – save your money.


    Livi Machinery is a professional poultry equipment manufacturer and supplier. We have more than 20 years of experience and automated poultry equipment has been widely using in more than 60 countries and loved by farmers. If you are also interested, please contact me. I will get in touch with you within 24 hours and can provide a free design for your house.


      If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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      Why are battery cage systems in Ghana more recommended for use ?

      The market of poultry farming in Ghana

      High population growth and rising incomes have led to increased demand for poultry products in Ghana. The poultry industry has become the most commercialize and fastest-expanding segment of the livestock sub-sector.  And it is propose to use battery cage systems in Ghana to help intensify farming and meet market demand for chicken as well as eggs.

      The popularity of laying hen production can be explained by the many advantages that poultry has over other livestock. Chickens are good converters of feed into usable protein in meat and eggs. The unit production cost is relatively low and the return on investment is high. Therefore, farmers need relatively little capital to start a poultry farm. This also gives more people the opportunity to join the poultry industry.

      In addition, regardless of their religious beliefs, poultry meat is tender, highly acceptable to consumers, and has a market. In addition, due to the use of automatic poultry farming equipment, the laying hens are taken care of, and the production cycle of poultry is very short, so it will not occupy funds for a long time. Finally, eggs are one of the main products of poultry production and are more affordable to the average person than other sources of animal protein. Therefore, it is very promising to use the battery cage system to develop the poultry farming industry.

      And the battery cage system has been mature after decades of development, which can fully realize the free hands of poultry farmers to develop poultry breeding projects. A layer farm with 30000 birds has a fully automated battery cage system, which only requires two people to manage. Because just click the Anton control button, you can realize automatic feeding, egg collection, dung cleaning, temperature and humidity control of the chicken house, etc.

      battery chicken cage system for layer hen

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      Choose to use layer chicken cage for egg production in Ghana

      Most producers in Ghana still use traditional rural poultry farming systems – despite the observed increasing demand for poultry raised in modern and more hygienic conditions. Traditionally, rural poultry farming is a subsistence system involving non-standard breeds or populations of mixed strains, types and ages. Most farmers operate in these traditional small-scale structures. Often, these farming systems are characterize by outdated barn equipment and production techniques and inadequate sanitation management. In addition, producers are affecte by a weak feed industry and poor market access due to insufficient infrastructure

      In contrast, commercial poultry equipment for laying hens  is very promising. And it is characterize by higher requirements for capital and labor, as well as input and technology. Improvements in breeding, feeding and management are need to increase chicken production efficiency and thus reduce production costs.

      And now, with the improvement of people’s living standards, eggs have become one of the most common foods on the table. This also shows that layer breeding is a business with a market. In addition, commercial poultry breeding has become a trend. The most obvious effect of using battery egg cage in the farm is to improve the egg production rate and make the farm’s income higher.

      Experienced poultry farmers know that scattered chicken feed on the ground, sundries on the ground, eggs that are difficult to collect, and chickens that are easy to get sick due to poor ventilation, and the application of the battery cage system completely solves these problems. Therefore, adopting modern management and scientific breeding is the long-term way for the development of aquaculture farms in Ghana.

      Poultry farming cages for layers farming are in large supply in Tanzania poultry market.

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      Which battery chicken cage is suitable for poultry farms in Ghana?

      The battery cage system is generally 3 or 4 layers. The investment cost of these two battery cages in Ghana is low, and they can also make better use of the dragon sword in the chicken house to accommodate more chickens and save land.

      Generally, A-type egg cage is the most popular. It has excellent natural ventilation environment, and fresh air can found at every level. What’ s more, the upper and lower cost of battery cage in Ghana are not completely overlappe, and chicken manure can fall directly on the ground, which is very easy to handle. This can reduce the spread of disease, ensure the health of chickens, and finally increase the egg production rate of chickens

      If the breeding quantity is large, automatic drinking water system, automatic poultry feeding system, automatic poultry manure cleaning system, automatic poultry egg collection system, automatic poultry environment control system, etc. can be selected. In this way, poultry farmers can easily manage the chicken house with 30000 birds.

      Battery cage in Ghana of poultry cage manufacture

      The chicken house design scheme is put into use to the poultry raising equipment

      Our battery cages with factory prices in Ghana, as well as other automation equipment such as egg cage, broiler cage, and brooding cage. We provide technical support for pre-sales and after-sales service of egg laying cages sold in Ghana. We sincerely hope to have business cooperation with more Ghanaian farmers and poultry farmers around the world.

      We have been exporting to Ghana for more than 20 years. Every city in Ghana has our old customers’ farms, whether you start small farms or large automated farms. We all have typical local farms for you to visit, impart experience, and exchange chicken farming expertise. Farm questions can be timely communicated and get the answers you want.

      LIVI Machinery Poultry Equipment Co., Ltd. was establishe in 2003. The battery cage systems in Ghana and anywhere we produce strictly implement the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system from raw materials to finished products. We have customers in more than 60 countries all over the world, such as Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, the United States, Zambia and other countries. Won the support and love of customers. If you are also intereste, please contact:

      Type selection of broiler cages

      There are many types of broiler cages. So how should you choose?


      Battery broiler cages: Battery chicken cages are stacked on top of each other. There are manure-bearing board broiler cages made of bamboo, wood and other materials between each layer, and every two cages are installed back-to-back. Several or dozens of cages form a row, with aisles between each row. With different equipment conditions, multiple layers of cages can be stacked together, generally three layers are appropriate. This kind of layout occupies less area, and the number of chickens per unit area is large. However, when there are many rows in the chicken house, the chickens in the center of the chicken house will have a low production level due to poor ventilation and lighting. Rural scattered chicken farmers use the roof to raise chickens, which is an ideal layout.

      Single-layer chicken cage: This method is fully mechanized. It is to place all chicken cages on a shelf about 2 meters above the ground. Every two chicken cages are installed back-to-back into a row, and there is no aisle between the rows, but there are special conveyor belts for water supply and egg collection. Feeding, water supply and egg collection are all mechanically operated. Chicken droppings fall directly to the ground.



      Although this kind of broiler cage only needs one layer, because there is no aisle, there are many chickens per unit area. It is convenient to remove manure together, the air quality in the house is good, and the environmental conditions are consistent. However, the investment cost is relatively high, and if the breeder is not responsible, it is not easy to be found when a mechanical accident occurs and the chicken is in poor health. This kind of broiler cage production is rarely use.

      Full-step cage: This is one of the main breeding cages when artificial insemination is used in the production of high-quality broiler breeders. The layers of this broiler cage are all staggered, and the manure falls directly into the manure pit or the ground, without the need for a manure bearing board. The three-layer structure is often used. Artificial feeding and egg collection can also adopt a two-layer structure, but the number of chickens per unit area is reduced.

      Half-step cage: The difference between this method and the full-step cage is that there are half stacks between the upper and lower broiler cages, and the stacking part is provided with a sloping manure bearing plate, and the manure passes through the manure bearing plate and falls into the manure pit or the ground. Because half of them are stacked, the ground is saved and the number of chickens per unit area is increased by 1/3 compared with the full ladder type, and the construction investment of the chicken house is also reduced, and the production effects are basically similar.

      How to use automated breeding equipment to raise 50,000 chickens

      Many farmers nowadays are generous. Many of them have raised tens of thousands. How to use automated breeding equipment to raise 50,000 chickens? Presumably this is a headache for many farmers. Next, I will give you a plan.


      First of all, the equipment must be prepared. Especially the chicken coop. where is layers chicken cages in kenya? We will give you suggestions in this follow-up. The chicken cage is equipped with a full set of automatic equipment, including automatic feeding, drinking water, manure removal, egg collection, ventilation system and environmental control system.




      Cage type: H type, 4 layers, 4 doors, 192 per set.
      Layout: 52 sets/row, 5 rows/house, 260 sets/house.
      Coop size: 106M*15M*4M.
      The total capacity of a chicken house: 192 birds/set*52 sets/row*5 rows=49,920 birds/chicken.
      Chicken cage: 260 sets.
      Automatic feeder: 5 units, trolley type, each unit in each row.
      Belt type manure removal system: 5 sets, one set per line.
      Automatic egg collection system: 5 sets, one set per row.

      ventilation system:
      1. Cooling fans: 18 units, size: 1.4M*1.4M, installed behind the wall.
      2. Cooling pads: 20, size: 2.5M * 2M, installed on the front and side of the wall.
      3. Small side windows: 70 pieces, size: 600mm*300mm, installed on the side wall.
      Environmental control system: 1 set.


      About the basics of the chicken coop:
      1. For the cage type, we recommend the H type, because the H type is more suitable for large-scale rearing, and 4 levels are recommended for easy management.
      2. Regarding the manure removal system, because the chicken cage you choose is H-type, you must use a belt removal system. There is a pic belt on each layer, equipped with a horizontal and inclined manure removal system, so that the manure can be transported directly .
      3. The feeder, because the chicken cage is H-type, must be equipped with a trolley type, one for each row, and also equipped with a hoist and a horizontal feeder, which can transport the feed from the silo to the trough.
      5. Equipped with a ventilation system to discharge ammonia in time, keep the chicken house fresh, and keep the temperature of the chicken house at 24 to 28 degrees to avoid disease.
      6. Automatic egg collection system, one set per row, can realize egg collection automation.
      7. We will equip you with a control system that can control feeding, defecation, egg collection, and ventilation system.


      Advantages of using this program:
      1. The advantage of the H-type chicken coop is that more chickens can be raised on a certain area of ​​land.
      2. On a certain area of ​​land, the cage system can raise more chickens.
      3. Equipped with a set of control system, which can control all equipment in a chicken house.

      where can you get poultry equipment in nigeria

      In fact, many farmers do not know how to choose equipment. where can you get poultry equipment in nigeria. The equipment should start from the actual direction. Good equipment can bring great effects and benefits to farmers.

      The ventilation of the closed chicken house is mechanical ventilation. Longitudinal ventilation has a better effect. It can eliminate and overcome the dead angles of ventilation in the house and the phenomenon of small and uneven wind speeds in the horizontal ventilation. At the same time, it eliminates the disadvantages of cross-infection among chicken houses caused by horizontal ventilation.

      Drinking water is very important for the growth and development of chickens. So drinking nipples are ideal drinking equipment. Farmers should carefully choose high-quality drinking fountains. Common drinking water equipment has a V-shaped sink. But it’s not convenient enough. You can choose a hanging tower type automatic drinking fountain, which is sanitary and water-saving.


      Livi poultry farm equipment with automatic poultry feeding machine can increase the effective of poultry breeding.



      Feeding troughs are often used in breeding. Most chicken cages use long troughs, and this feeding method can also be used when brooding chicks. The shape of the trough has a great influence on the throwing of feed for the chickens. If the trough is too shallow, there will be more feed waste if there is no guard edge.


      Regarding some chicken farms with a high degree of mechanization of egg collection equipment, conveyor belts are use to automatically collect eggs, which is highly efficient. In the case of manure removal equipment. Small chicken farms can clean manure manually. But if the scale is large, the manure removal belt is used for manure removal.


      Brooding chicks can use a net plate or a three-dimensional multi-layer brooder; in addition to flat net rearing, the brooding chickens are mostly used in overlapping or stepped breeding cages. Farmers usually adopt 60-70 days of age to directly transfer to human layer cages. Laying hens are basically caged.

      Zambian farmers improve chicken coop environment

      Many farmers in Zambia. At the beginning, I didn’t know how to improve the environment of the chicken house. For chickens, the environment in the chicken house is a very important issue. It is also very important for the growth and development of chickens. Especially farmers who use layer poultry farming equipment.

      First, choose a suitable address when constructing the chicken coop. The chicken house must be built in a place with high terrain, convenient drainage and good ventilation. It is not advisable to build a farm in a low-lying and damp place; it is recommended that the ground should be set with a cement surface when the farmer builds a chicken house to facilitate cleaning and disinfection.

      The inside of the chicken house should be kept clean and dry. Prices of poultry equipment in Zambia are not cheap either. So keep the equipment clean. In this way, the use time will be longer. The chicken manure in the chicken coop should be cleaned frequently. Since manure is the key to the production of ammonia in the chicken house, frequent cleaning of the manure can reduce the production of ammonia in the chicken house.


      Great poultry farming of battery cage system in chicken farms palnt.


      The chicken house should be well ventilated. Reasonable and effective ventilation can remove harmful gases from the chicken house. Therefore, the ventilation of the chicken house is very important. Especially in winter, farmers should not just think about heat preservation. They must do well in cold protection and heat preservation, but also pay attention to ventilation. gas.

      The number and density of chicken flocks raised by farmers will also have a great impact on the healthy growth and production of laying broilers. Therefore, the stocking density in the chicken coop should not be too high. Farmers should also pay attention to the placement of chicken coops in the chicken coop not to be too crowded.

      The above are some tips on improving the environment of the chicken house. Hope that farmers can learn. And do a good job in the hygiene management of the chicken coop.

      How Zambian customers prevent heat stress in chickens

      Many Zambian customers raise chickens in the summer. Some do not know how to prevent heat stress in chickens. So is there any small way to prevent it?

      Many laying hens are raised in chicken cages with laying hen breeding equipment. The optimal temperature for laying hens is 13-23°C. When the temperature of the chicken house reaches 30°C, the chicken can still metabolize to maintain the normal temperature. If the ambient temperature is higher than 30°C, the chicken’s feed intake will decrease, and the egg production will decrease and decrease. The temperature of the chicken house reaches 38°C, the quality of eggshells deteriorates, and broken eggs increase. Once it exceeds 40°C, the temperature of the chicken will rise sharply, increasing the risk of sudden death of the chicken.


      The high temperature in summer will make chickens drink more water. The house should be equipped with fans and wet pads at the same time. The cooling effect of the wet mat is related to the initial temperature and humidity of the chicken house. When the humidity is higher than 80%, a wet pad should be used.

      About fighting heat stress. There are the following small methods. The first is to make the feed pan rotate a few more times. Clean the feeder every day so that the chickens can eat the fine particles. It contains vitamins and minerals, mainly to resist heat stress.




      Reasonably control the water temperature: drinking cold water will not reduce the egg production rate. According to related studies, all chickens are at room temperature of 33°C, half of the chickens drink 2°C cold water, and the other half of the chickens drink 33°C warm water.


      Drinking more than 12 grams of cold water every day chicken feed, half of which increases by 12%, the average egg weight is slightly smaller. But mainly due to the increase in egg production frequency, the total egg production has risen sharply.


      Adjust the feeding time: in the heat stress, one meal in the morning and evening, and once at midnight. Don’t feed at noon, it’s best to feed from 5:00 to 6:00 in the morning.


      Feed 40% consumption rate, feed 60% consumption in the afternoon. The feeding ability in the afternoon is mainly to help the intestines more directly absorb calcium for laying eggs, and also to accumulate energy for the chickens to lay eggs in the morning. The chickens need more energy to lay eggs 40 minutes in advance.


      It is also useful to add half an hour or one hour of light from 0: 00 to 1 o’clock, which helps the chickens eat 5 to 10 grams of feed. However, it is necessary to ensure that there is 3 hours of darkness before and after this lamp to ensure that the normal circulation of the chicken is not disturbed.

      The above is the small method that the farming equipment manufacturer tells you. Hope to help farmers.