The impact of battery chicken cages in Kenya on poultry farming.

Remarkable progress has been made in the development of battery chicken cages in Kenya. On the one hand, with the widespread adoption of automated breeding methods, many small chicken farms have gradually expanded their breeding scale. On the other hand, industry leaders are improving profit sharing. At the same time, the epidemic prevention work has been carried out smoothly, the concept of epidemic prevention has been continuously enhanced, and the ability to deal with risks has been continuously enhanced, which has also increased the awareness of epidemic prevention among poultry farmers.


At present, with the development of modern industry, some countries are experiencing labor shortages or high prices. Artificial breeding is labor-intensive and the cost of breeding continues to rise. Therefore, the use of modern poultry cage system for layer has become the first choice for many breeders.


Automatic chicken farm equipment in Kenya includes automatic chicken cages, drinking water equipment, feeding equipment, manure cleaning equipment, egg collection equipment, environmental control equipment, etc.


Cage equipment in Kenya can be divided into chicken layer cages for sale, broiler cages and pullet cages. Various types of cages can be designed and developed according to the variety and quantity of chickens, and the number of layers can be up to 8, which improves the breeding density. At the same time, the chickens do not come into direct contact with the litter, which helps fight disease.


battery chicken cage system for sale


The automatic egg collection system is used in laying hen farms, and plays a very important role in feeding and the development of the entire laying hen farming industry. The equipment can save labor, improve production efficiency, and realize breeding automation.


The environmental management system can intelligently control the temperature, humidity, light, ventilation and other factors in the chicken house, making the environment more suitable for the growth requirements of chickens and stimulating production. Significant progress has been made in energy saving and emission reduction, reducing equipment capital and operation and maintenance costs, reducing noise, and improving the indoor and outdoor environment of chicken houses. At present, the environmental control system needs to be further improved and optimized, combined with production management technology, to truly realize automatic control.


The development of large-scale farming requires modern farming equipment. It should be noted that modern equipment should be adapted to production practices, and reasonable planning and improvement should be carried out according to different production methods and breeding scales.


LIVI Machinery chicken farm equipment manufacturers can design equipment according to the different needs of customers. Make the use of the poultry equipment more scientific and reasonable, and give full play to the role of poultry in the growth process.