The benefits of ueing an automatic poultry feeding system

This paper mainly introduces a kind of automatic poultry feeding machine of the utility model, the machine is used by the automatic feeding system, automatic feeding system and transverse oblique feeding device matching, so as to solve the problems of labor and poor fowlery environment.
The use for the breeding equipment, not only reduces the cost, but also save time and labor, to avoid unnecessary waste, easy maintenance, to ensure that the poultry house environmental health, improve economic efficiency.

poultry farming machinery

Poultry breeding feeding system of the trough material is divided into:iron sheet, hot galvanized sheet, PVC three types.
The feeding device can effectively prevent poultry from throwing feed, and saves feed, sanitation and cleanness, meanwhile, the feeding cost is reduced, and the breeding benefit is improved.
Automatic poultry feed system using the tray is divided into automatic tray and manual barrels, this device avoids the waste caused by the spill of the feed, and prevents the chicken crop from being injured, ensuring safe and comfortable eating.

poultry feeding system
poultry feeding system

Automatic feeding system under the feeding system is divided into gantry loading machine, driving feeder and chain feeder, this type of equipment is conducive to saving manpower, easy to manage, characterized by less waste of feed, long life, greatly improving the efficiency of large-scale farming.
The main function of the transverse infeed device in the automatic feeding system is to transfer the feed in the tower or hopper to the automatic feeder, which facilitates manual management.

Automatic feeding system in the tower device, is suitable for large-scale large or medium-sized farms of a feed storage equipment, in the discharge port with the feeding equipment, can be sent within the feed from time to time. The upper part of the tower is the cylinder, the lower part of the cone, mainly galvanized, glass steel,carbon steel composed of three materials. Different materials and processes of the storage tower, its characteristics and performance of a certain difference, the volume size is also different.

Market situation

In today’s world, the rapid economic development, poultry farming industry requirements for poultry feeding equipment is also increasing, which requires poultry farming machinery company’s technology to become more mature, more sophisticated equipment, closely follow the development trend.