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How to Setup an Egg Laying Poultry Farms Project?

The essential factors for setting up an egg laying birds poultry farms are a clear programming chicken shed farms. Or the basic layout of poultry farms shed, and as well as the most important factor – suitable and great egg laying birds equipment for sale. And you also should consider about the feasibility of starting a chicken farm project in your farmland.

Eggs are one of the important sources of protein in many families and in the market. Because of its daily life and high nutritional value, it is widely used in festivals. In recent years, poultry laying farming project have been favored by more people.

And egg poultry farming can bring you huge profit margins. First they start laying eggs from around 18 weeks and gradually decrease until around 78 weeks. During this period, the eggs produced by the laying hens can bring a certain profit. The manure produced by the chickens during their life can be sold to farmers, and the hens can be sold as they get older.

the outside of large scale chicken house farming.

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Detailed Poultry Farming Project

The Samples of Layer Cage System for sale With Capacity Of 10,000 birds or 15,000 birds give you as a reference. Layer chicken cage system project adopt A-type cage frame, and various rows of chicken cages can hold different egg laying birds.

The first equipment for sale can accommodate about 10,000 birds. Your chicken house dimensions should be in the range of L * W * H = 86m * 8m * 3.5m. And egg layer cage dimensions should be in the range of 195cm * 35cm * 38cm, which are 2 rows, each row have 4 tiers. Each raw have about 40 sets, and so you can get 112 sets in total.

The cage dimension of egg laying birds cage equipment with about 10,000.

The next project for laying birds shed for sale can accommodate about 15,000 birds. Your chicken house dimensions should be in the range of L * W * H = 72m * 12m * 3.8m. And egg layer cage dimensions for sale should be in the range of 195cm * 45cm * 41cm, which are 3 rows, each row have 4 tiers, and each raw have 32 sets. So you can get 96 sets in total.

Chicken birds equipment with about 15,000 birds

What’s more, you can not only choose our present and specific egg laying birds cage system project, but also get cage system project in your own intention, namely we accept customized cage design according to your chicken farms.

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Tips for Running a Successful Poultry Farming Project

The first and very important point is the need to be interested in poultry farming. Due to the increasing demand for eggs, many interested people have turned their careers to laying hen farming.

The second point is to ensure that the laying hens have a healthy living environment. This requires a choice in the house system. A layer cage system can determine 40% of your success in poultry farming. Therefore, a healthy and comfortable living environment is an important condition for a successful laying hen farming project.

The most recommended way to keep poultry is the chicken egg layer cages. Cages are usually divided into different compartments to house a small group of birds. There are also feeding troughs and water tanks in the cages, as well as birthing nests. If the birds have droppings, they are dropped on the floor and cleaned mechanically with a scraper. This process is considered the most efficient way to produce more eggs, but the main disadvantage of this method is that it is more expensive to build and maintain than other forms of poultry house systems.

battery chicken layer cage for 10000 birds

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Our battery cage system for eggs mainly has A type and H type chicken cages. They can maximize the space utilization of the chicken house and provide a healthy and comfortable environment for the laying hens. Layer cages are loved by many poultry farmers.

The last is the epidemic prevention work of poultry farming. A vaccination program is a necessity for laying hens to be protected from various diseases. Being able to vaccinate in time can make laying hens develop disease resistance, help hens stay away from infectious diseases and reduce mortality.

Livi Machinery is one of the most poultry farming equipment manufacturer that exported our equipment to countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Bengal, Somalia etc,. Our whole equipment for sale of egg laying birds cage system are automatically and customers oriented but not our benefits.