Automatic Layer Battery Cages for Sale in South Africa

Great Poultry Farming Equipment of Layer Cages

Automatic chicken cages in South Africa for sale would meet your farms need to a large degree, which is Livi Machinery’s cooperation principle. Our layer battery cages for sale have a great prospects for best-selling and whole process of service for you.
What’s more, our company has allotted the specialized agents of poultry farming equipment to South Africa market. And so, if you buy these equipment from us, any problems among your poultry farms, we are available and happy to give you some advice.

battery chicken cage for sale
layer chicken cage for sale

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What is The Relevant Poultry Supplies for Sale You Can Get?

As we all know, the poultry cage equipment of egg laying chickens are not mere include some cage system frame, Livi Machinery are able to provide you great and used poultry framing supplies to fit for your chicken farms.

Our layer cages for sale are raised for laying hens, and the pullets are transported to the layer battery chicken cages when they grow to about 12 weeks. Breeding with poultry battery cages can increase egg production to 98%, easily handle chicken manure, and reduce disease transmission.

Thus, you will know that features of automated chicken farm equipment for your egg laying birds make your farms more convenient and easier. For instance, automated egg collection machine, poultry waterer and poultry feeder, and poultry manure removal system are all for sale that coordinated with each other.

Layer Cages for Sale in South Africa

battery layer chicken cage for sale

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Price of layer battery cage with factory in South Africa. LIVI Machinery has professional personnel in South Africa, not only can provide high-quality layer cage equipment, but also can provide the best solution for your poultry farm.

Our layer cages are made of sturdy and durable Q235 international steel wire, which makes the life of poultry equipment up to about 20 years. And having a reasonable layer cage design can significantly reduce egg damage to less than 0.2%, which can effectively reduce chicken fatigue.

The Specific Layer Battery Cage For Sale Dimensions That You Should be Familiar With

types of battery layer chicken cage specification

No matter what types of chicken cages you will be introduced from Livi Machinery, we are grateful for your trust. Livi Machinery can give you best quality and lower price of layer battery cage equipment.And automatic layer battery cage of poultry farming for sale would like to serve for your farms continually.

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Professional Poultry Equipment Manufacturer

LIVI Machinery has over 30 years of experience in poultry production. We have a professional design team and production factory. It is guaranteed that the poultry breeding equipment such as layer cages, broiler cages, brooding chicken cages and other poultry farming equipment you purchase have the price and high quality of the factory.

We are striving to deliver the best quality automated poultry farming equipment layer cages to poultry farming friends in South Africa and around the world. As a professional poultry equipment manufacturer and supplier, LIVI Machinery pays attention to high-quality equipment and pays more attention to environmental protection. Our poultry products are pollution-free and environmentally friendly.