layer pullet cages

Layer Baby Chick Cages

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The layer baby chick cages contain cage rack, cage body, feed hopper, water channel and dropping board for chicks aged before 6 weeks. The layer baby chick cages adopt the modern world-class processing of  the Q235 international steel wire, electrostatic spraying, and anti-corrosion treatment of using a layer of epoxy resin powder coating on the surface smoothly, cage net has a long lifespan about 15-20 years and can also reduce the rate of disease and egg brokening of less than 0.5 per thousand, and the smooth surface guarantees the safe and clean protective conditions. As a vital lifetime of layers, baby chick should be taken good care of for their living conditions and fundamental baby chick farming equipment.

Layer Baby Chick Cage

layer pullet cages
layer pullet cages

Type: A-Type and H-Type
Size: A-Type: 1950mm*500mm*350mm
H-Type: 1200mm*600mm*420mm
Tiers: A-Type ( 3-4 Tiers ); H-Type ( 3-4 Tiers )
Raw material: International Q235 bridge-steel
Cage frame: U-shaped steel bar
Anti-corrosion treatment process: Electrostatic spraying
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The scientific design of H type and A type cages follows the trend of time and it’s good for chickens’ growing. The fully automatic operation decreases the manpower and time. This kind of scientific and safe cage can absolutely meet your demands.

H type baby chicken cage

H type Cage for pullet laying chickens
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As for Livi layer pullet cages, quantity of each cage is reasonable design, only in this way will the death rate be reduced. Because the pullet is weak, we should reduce the hurt rate which is generated by themselves. Also the design of Livi pullet cages is easier to clean and disinfect. Our climate control system is reasonable for the layer pullet rearing.

A type baby chicken cage

A type Cage for pullet chickens
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Advantages of Livi layer pullet cages for sale in China

1) High density raising nurse resource and space
2) The centralized management, saves the energy and labor
3) Reduce the birds sickness and death rate
4) Scientific design according to the international standards
5) Certificated by ISO9001

Specifications of Livi baby chicken cages-breeding system

baby chicken house type
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As one of the most prominent poultry cage suppliers in China, Livi constantly works hard to meet different customers’ demands. We offer high quality and low price baby chick cage house for you. Various types cage you can choose. Welcome to inquiry us!

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