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What is Livi Industry?

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is the leader and specialist of Chinese poultry equipment manufacturer. As the largest manufacturer for the poultry cages and coupled automatic equipment, it includes the automatic feeding & drinking system, egg-collection system, chicken manure removal system, and chicken house environmental control system. All of our products are suitable to individual chickens’ traits to make sure the scientific and healthy growing for meat and egg production.

Poultry cage manufacturer in China

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery takes the “producing the highly efficient poultry equipment and excellent service” as our development center principle in the spirit of “seeking truth from fact” since it was established in 1989. The A type chicken cages with scientific design, solid structure and simple installation are very popular with open house in tropics countries in Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia. While the H type system is more popular with close house in South America, CIS countries, and China (Mainland).

Poultry cage factory with large scale

We moved to our new factory in 2012, and the new factory has larger and more advanced designing software for R&D center, manufacturing facilities and production work buildings. Now our factory’s output quantity can be more than 50 million sets annually and we have completed many successful huge projects in China.

Fully automatic poultry cages equipment in factory

We have experienced and innovative engineering team who can select farm location, design the chicken house, install equipment for our customers. We can also provide overall services like product upgrade according to the fact of farm and free technical consultation, etc. With the improvement of living standard in 21st century, the green healthy meat products have become our dietary standard and fashion and the environment protection of farm and poultry equipment in national industrial policy is carried out. In the highly spirit of responsibility to public health, our company develops environment friendly poultry equipment used non polluting surface treatment technology which is the preferred equipment for large farms in domestic at present.

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