Cages for Laying Hens in Poultry Farming Equipment Industry

For the sustainable development of laying hen industry, cages for laying hens have been an important factor for laying hens environment. With the improvement of living standards, people’s demand for the consumption of eggs and chickens is getting higher and higher, and no matter the changes for the price of eggs and chickens. Choose a full set of automatic layer battery cages is an  necessity for laying hens in poultry farming equipment industry. Livi Machinery is proud of its poultry battery cage system with many features to meet your requirements.

While there are also have the problems of the increase costs of feedstuff, raw material and labor, shortage of talented poultry equipment workers and technicians. Combined with market and epidemic situation, laying hens are at the edge of margins or losses. Livi Machinery equip with the full autoamtic poultry farming  equipment including of layer cages, broiler cages, layer baby chick cages and broiler baby chick cages as well as poultry accessories equipment. All those poultry equpment can solve the ordinary problems of short working life of cages, manpower waste and large time consumption.

laying hens cages in poultry farming  equipment industry
Complete sets of laying hens cages

Moreover, two types of layer battery cages can bring you more convinence in your need in any situations. For example, A-type layer cages have advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and operation, lower input costs and fast earnings. At the same time, this kind of chicken house has high selectivity for its automatic equipment. According to different demands, you can choose different cages like semi-automatic cage, lower configuration cage or higher configuration chicken layer cage. Customers also could choose the poultry layer cages only for their needs. H-type layer cages for sale has features of high automation and density. This chicken cages could increase the usage of house and land effectively, reduce feeding costs and improve labor productivity. Compared to A type ladder layer chicken cage, the H-type cage has high costs in its device hardware and possesses higher cost benefit ration in the long term.

Cages for laying hens in Livi Poultry Machinery will give you more interests and profit in the long poultry farming period. Please inquiry us for more information of poultry battery cage system.