Chicken Cages Manufacturers Sell Good Poultry Farming Cages

Be based on the philosophy of pioneering and innovative, honest and trustworthy quality business , service first, Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd for the purpose of the  first credibility, and to provide our clients with good products of our chicken cages manufacturers . Respect customers, understand the customer, continue to provide products and services beyond customer expectations, then customers will always be our partners. This is the service conception that we have always insisted on and advocated. Over the past few years, the company with advanced product performance, improve the quality assurance, quality after-sales service, by domestic and foreign customers alike. Poultry cage system not only sold in the domestic market increased year by year, but also exported to Europe, East Asia, Central Asia, Russia, Africa and other countries in the world.As a successful chicken cages manufacturers, we have many great cases. For instance, our layer chicken cages was  installed successfully in Kazakhstan,  in March, 2017, 10,000 layers cage systems,  and he purchased 56 sets H-type 4-tire 4-door layer cages for 10752 birds, automatic egg collection system, ladder type automatic feeding machine, conveyor type manure removal system and environmental control system, cage diameter is 180cm*60cm*43cm, one set can accommodate 192 layers. Installation projects in Burma,the chicken house is 84 meter long, 14 meter for depth, and the height of the house is 3.6 meter, we had also provided the customized cages system for him. Installation projects in West karma of Kazakhstan, what he purchased is the equipment for 10,000 layers and 10,000 pullets. The equipment for 10,000 layers includes 80 sets of the chicken cage, one set trolley feeding machine, 2 sets belt manure removing, egg collecting and ventilation system. The dismeter of the chicken cage is 1950mm*350mm*380mm, one set could place 128 layers. There are 2 rows in one chicken shed, and each row places 40 sets, size of the chicken shed is 88M*7.5M*3.5M. And there are so many successful on-live installation cases, those customers choose us as the trusted chicken cages manufactures for the long term reliance on our chicken equipment.