Excellent Poultry Farm Feeding System for Poultry Manufacturer


poultry farn feeding system
poultry farm feeding system

With the features of automatic and efficient, poultry farm feeding system has played an important part in poultry farming manufacturers. At the macroscopic perspective, poultry feeding system in poultry industry consists of  H frame feeding cage system and A type automatic feeding cage system, which are all characterized by intensive management and  fully automatic electrostatic spraying process. Automatic ladder type  feeding system are scientifically designed, reasonable structure, durable, easy to operate. Farmers can simply press the button to complete the feeding operation, saving labor, centralized control, easy to disease prevention and control, and to extend the chicken laying period, is the ideal equipment of green ecological farming. Poultry farm feeding system is the ideal chicken battery cages system adopt hot galvanized steel, which is anticorrosive and durable and can be used for about 15-20 years. The centralization of management can save energy and labor cost.

poultry feeding system
poultry feeding system

At the microcosmic level, poultry farm feeding system is comprised of silo, automatic gantry feeding machine, and feeding trolley. The silo has three kinds of material: galvanized material, FRP material and carbon steel tower material, which mainly consists of main body, flip, ladder, column and other components. It has a tonnage of optional 1 to 20t. Feed can be transported through the gantry feeding automatic system in the feeder, and then through the feeding trolley to transmit materials to the next equipment evenly and continuously. Poultry farmars choose it for its features of complete automatic feeding farms, safe and rapid feed without quality loss. In addition, it can adjust the amount of materials and it is suitable for the process of automatic batching, quantitative packaging and automatic control. For example, the transmission system of the walking system adopt chain (chain wheel drive). The wheel adopt high quality cast iron with good quake-resistant and highly anti-corrosive. The guide rail adopt rectangular square steel that makes walking smooth and keep walking 12 meter per minute. Therefore, it can save energy and increase contact area to prevent skidding.